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Becoming a Chartered NAMI State Organization: The Nuts and Bolts

If you are already familiar with NAMI Standards of Excellence and the NAMI State Organization chartering process, check out these resources which have been used by NAMI State Organizations throughout the process to achieve chartered status:

Submit a passed NAMI State Organization Board Resolution, which indicates that a NAMI State Organization intends to pursue a charter agreement with NAMI.

Reread the requirements for chartering

Assemble the Documents Required for Chartering. (View SAMPLES)

 Complete the Gap Analysis as a checklist to help ensure that you have all of the required documents.

Upload required documents into the NAMI Profile Center account. (For more information on accessing and using NAMI Profile Center click here.)

Complete the Capacity-Based Assessment Tool – required by NAMI State Organization Presidents, Executive Directors and a majority of the State Organization Board of Directors

These documents will be reviewed by NAMI Staff and submitted to the NAMI Board of Directors for their final approval.

Approved NAMI State Organizations will sign a NAMI State Organization Charter Agreement