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  1. How do we get started with the NAMI Profile Center?

    Have your NAMI State Organization or executive director contact Bob Scott and he will be in touch to schedule training. Check out this NAMI Profile Center Trainer Scope of Work and Training Agenda in order to help make a decision on who will be the right fit for this task.

  2. Is it acceptable for just one NAMI State Organization contact to be trained for the NAMI Profile Center?

    It is best to have two people trained so that there is some coverage in the event the person trained is not around! Think of it as a “build your bench” expectation. Ideally, one person would serve as primary contact and the second becomes backup to the primary as needed.

  3. Do you think it's advantageous to have the NAMI State Organization executive director in the role of the state Profile Center contact?

    This really depends on the State Organization. The people who are most involved with the re-affiliation effort and overall relationship with Affiliates in the state are likely the best choice to fill this role. A quick review of the job description may help you determine the people who are the right fit.

  4. Is the Profile Center training different from what NAMI State Organizations did to upload their documents to the Profile Center for Chartering?

    Yes. Doing and teaching are different. This training helps make sure you have the tools to explain to the NAMI Affiliates in your state how to upload their documents to the Profile Center – a train the trainer role and responsibility. This timeline will give you a sense of what is covered in the training

  5. When will the NAMI Affiliates be able to begin submitting requirements for affiliation?

    Once your NAMI State Organization trainers have been trained, a NAMI Affiliate will designate a NAMI Profile Center contact and a backup to be trained on using the NAMI Profile Center. The NAMI Affiliate should contact the NAMI State Organization to determine when training can be set up. Once the NAMI Affiliate contacts are trained, the NAMI State Organization will inform Bob Scott to open the Profile Center to the NAMI Affiliate to begin submitting documents.

  6. Where should NAMI Affiliates upload documents (shared vs. secured folders)?

    NAMI Affiliates should upload all documents required for re-affiliation to the Shared Metrics and Shared Documents areas of the Profile Center. Documents and information placed in the secured areas will only be visible to the Affiliate and to NAMI.

  7. Can the NAMI Affiliates see the NAMI State Organization documents in the shared folder?

    No. NAMI Affiliates will be able to access their documents and data, not those of the NAMI State Organization. There is a firewall between to secure that.

  8. Do NAMI Affiliates need to fill out the shared metrics section for the purpose of re-affiliation?

    Shared metrics are a requirement for all NAMI Affiliates. Affiliates should only complete the fields that apply to them. Leaving those that do not apply blank, or adding n/a to them, is fine.

    Secured metrics are optional and the data entered there will only be visible to the Affiliate and to NAMI.

  9. Can smaller NAMI Affiliates send the NAMI State Organization their documents to upload?

    If the NAMI State Organization wishes to do that, it is fine with NAMI. Affiliates should connect with their State Organization to determine if that service is available.

  11. If the designated NAMI Affiliate Profile Center Contact changes does the password change?

    Yes--if we know about it. Notify Bob Scott and he will issue a new password. Keep in mind - we can't change the password if we do not know of the change in contacts!

  13. Will the NAMI State Organization be able to see the documents uploaded by NAMI Affiliates in the Profile Center?

    Yes. The NAMI State Organization and NAMI can see the documents uploaded in the Shared Metrics and Shared Documents libraries by the NAMI Affiliates. NAMI sees both shared and secured documents.

  15. How will the NAMI State Organization know when a NAMI Affiliate adds information or uploads a document to their Profile Center account?

    Options for how to manage this are covered in the Profile Center Train the Trainer session. Contact Bob Scott to schedule your training or to pose questions about using the Profile Center.

  17. Is it permissible for the NAMI State Organization to request all NAMI Affiliates documents come to them first for review before entering them to the NAMI Profile Center?

    NAMI State Organizations can set up a process that works best for them when it comes to the submission and review of documents for re-affiliation.

    However, one of the purposes of building the NAMI Profile Center was to make the flow and review of such documents simpler. By not using the Profile Center for this step in the process there is a risk of confusion and difficulty keeping track of multiple versions of the same document.

  19. How should the NAMI State Organization handle technical issues with NAMI Affiliate accounts?

    We are pleased to be the technical assistance center for NAMI State Organizations related to the Profile Center. You can connect directly with Bob Scott when you need support.

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