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NAMI State Organizations and Re-affiliation

The chartering process has been completed in 45 NAMI State Organizations and people in every state are working on re-affiliation, a process which launched in October 2013. NAMI will offer tools and resources to help you plan for re-affiliation, and NAMI Affiliates in chartered states will be able to access the Profile Center and begin assembling their documentation there. NAMI staff is ready to assist chartered NAMI State Organizations with the Profile Center rollout to NAMI Affiliates.


Short Topic-Specific Modules

  NAMI Affiliate Inventory: A tool for NAMI State Organizations
Listen to and view the module here

  NAMI State Organization Re-Affiliation Endorsement Plan:
What NAMI State Organizations should plan for when planning for re-affiliation
Download the Endorsement Plan Document and then listen to and view our module here

  NAMI Affiliate Models: 
An overview of the organizational structures NAMI State Organizations can choose to support
Download the One Page Models and then listen to and view our module here

Re-affiliation Launch Webinar


 Re-affiliation Analysis: A tool that can be used by State Organizations to determine if an Affiliate has met the requirements for re-affiliation. 
 Use this brochure to help ensure you are meeting the requirements for re-affiliation.