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Revolution Online College Mental Health FairNAMI has been invited by our partner Revolution Health to join with them and 10 other select nonprofit mental health groups to participate in their first Online College Mental Health Fair, running now through September 30.

This innovative event is a showcase of information and resources from NAMI and other organizations, covering the full range of mental health issues facing college students and their parents.

Visit the online health fair now

At the NAMI "booth," you can:

  • Learn how to manage stress on campus;
  • Get tips for evaluating a college's mental health services;
  • Access NAMI's online discussion group for college students and young adults;
  • Read first-person stories of college students who are successfully living with mental illness;
  • Find out how to start a NAMI On Campus club at your school;
  • …and more!

Visit the online health fair now

As an added incentive, Revolution Health will make a donation to NAMI for each daily visitor to the NAMI booth. Here's how it works: for each person who visits the NAMI booth each day, NAMI will receive 25 cents per person, up to a total $10,000 for the length of the health fair.

In order for NAMI to receive credit for your visit, simply use the links on this page.

Visit the online health fair now

Please forward this message to anyone you know who is in college, or is the family member of a college student, and encourage them to visit the health fair and stop by the NAMI booth.

Visit the online health fair now