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University Students Struggle With Depression
At the University of Arizona, students' mental health has become a hot campus topic after a freshman student committed suicide last week. The recent incident, combined with the overall flare-up of suicides on college campuses around the country, has reemphasized the necessity for mental health awareness at the university.

College mental health services under examination
With the many pressures of college life, students are particularly vulnerable to the mental illnesses that can lead to suicide. In the light of rising suicide statistics at colleges across the nation, Northeastern University is one of several schools that has begun to re-examine its mental health services.

Student bringing NAMI to the University of Vermont
After countless hours of hard work publicizing NAMI and the importance of mental health awareness at the University of Vermont, Maria Moore could finally smile after her new student-led group held its first meeting on November 14th.

NAMI Partners with College Students Nationwide
College students face overwhelming stress and anxiety during their college years. It is not uncommon to find college students who struggle with depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses. This has led to the creation of the first NAMI campus affiliates at Arizona State University in 2002 and Louisiana State University in 2003