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Spending Money in all the Wrong Places

In conjunction with the Campaign for the Mind of America, the NAMI Policy Research Institute has created six fact sheets dedicated to pressing social issues. These fact sheets illustrate the enormous financial impact of these issues and the role of mental illness in compounding their economic and social impact. The fact sheets aim to encourage legislators to support solutions that assist people with mental illnesses and decrease the overall economic burden of these social problems.

Specifically, the fact sheets address homelessness, unemployment, school failure, overcrowding in jails and prisons, overcrowding in emergency departments, and the uninsured problem. Many state and federal legislators are not aware that by merely providing effective programs that help mentally ill people access care and social services, long-term success will be achieved by successfully chipping away at these looming social problems plaguing the nation.

A follow-up series to these fact sheets is in the early stages of creation and will be posted upon completion. The new fact sheets will highlight laws and programs that aid in alleviating these social issues and will also illustrate the overall results of their implementation.

For more information about the fact sheets, please contact Elise Resnick, Policy Program Manager, or Joel Miller, Acting Director, NAMI Policy Research Institute at 703-524-7600.