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NAMI National Board of Directors

Gary Mihelish, D.M.D., Treasurer

Gary Mihelish

Dr. Gary L. Mihelish is a member on the NAMI Board of Directors. He retired from the private practice of dentistry in Helena, Mont. after 44 years of active practice in August 2012.

He wants to make the world a better place for individuals who live with serious mental illnesses and their families. He was president of NAMI Montana for eight years. He led the fight for insurance parity for serious mental illnesses in Montana from 1997 until it passed in 1999.

He is a member of the Montana Dental Association.

He was the recipient of the 2013 NAMI Distinguished Service Award and the 2003 NAMI Richard T. Greer Advocacy Award with his wife Sandra. He is also the recipient of the 1993 Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry Alumnus of the Year and Montana Sports Officials Hall of Fame.

Dr. Mihelish earned his B.S. in Pre-Medicine from Montana State University and D.M.D. (Doctor of Dental Medicine) from University of Oregon School of Dentistry. He is a member of NAMI Helena in Montana.