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Model Program: Individualized Mental Health Resource Web Site

Network of Care for Mental Health


To help ensure "No Wrong Door" exists for those who need mental health services.


The user-friendly Web site enables consumers and families to find pertinent mental health information; identify available services, supports, and community resources; and keep personal records on secure servers. Consumers and families can search the site's comprehensive Service Directory - by age group, diagnosis, program or agency name, key word, or by using the 20-category menu-for mental health treatment and supportive services provided by the county and other organizations. The site also offers up-to-date information about diagnoses, insurance, and advocacy, as well as daily news from around the world concerning mental health.

Biggest challenge

Gathering and organizing an enormous amount of information while making it easily accessible to Network of Care for Mental Health Web site users represents the major challenge.

How other organizations can adopt

The Network of Care Web site can be easily and cost-effectively replicated in any location because the entire infrastructure - and many of the data components; e.g., the library and national links - are identical from one region to another. Only certain county-specific data (e.g., available mental health treatment and support services) must be developed for each new site.


The San Diego Network of Care for Mental Health Web site was launched April 30, 2003; another is now being developed for Los Angeles County, California.

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