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Schools Fall Behind in Helping Students with Mental Health Issues - NPR; 2/16/14;

How Colleges Flunk Mental Health - Newsweek; 2/11/14; One night in 2012, alone in his dorm room at Princeton University, Dan downed 20 Trazodone, his prescribed antidepressant. He had recently switched medication and was experiencing rapid mood swings; a fight with his girlfriend and a tense email exchange with a friend led him to overdose, which Dan says he knew was "ridiculous" even as he swallowed the pills. 

Taking Notice of the Hidden Injury - ESPN; 1/26/14; Four-time Academic All-Big 10 honoree and defensive tackle Will Heininger's biggest battle was not waged in the classroom or on the football field. "I had emotional pain that was overwhelming; I would wake up, and from morning until I feel asleep -- when I was able sleep -- I had troubling thoughts that were utterly consuming," said the 2011 Michigan honors graduate. "Not a minute would go by in a day, without my depression on my mind … this, this felt impossible." 

UVa students draft bipartisan mental health bill - The Daily Progress; 1/29/14; Thirteen University of Virginia students have written proposed legislation that would require Virginia’s public universities to create and feature a webpage dedicated solely to mental health resources available to students at each institution. 

Boynton pushes for text-based mental health help - Minnesota Daily; 11/26/13; Boynton Health Service is investigating another way to address the ever-increasing demand for mental health resources on the University of Minnesota campus. This time, it’s catering to what often seems like the crux of college students’ lives — the mobile phone. 

Student Mental Health Initiative at UC Santa Barbara Urges, ‘Say Something’ - Santa Barbara Independent; 11/21/13; Say something. It’s a small message with a big goal: saving lives. UC Santa Barbara’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) center has launched a new suicide prevention outreach effort designed to encourage everyone in the campus community — students, staff and faculty alike — to do just that. Say something. 

Mental health app startup finds traction on college campuses with eating disorder program - MedCity News; 9/25/13; ThriveOn thinks it can cut out some of the stigma, access and cost challenges around seeking help for mental health issues by turning evidence-based treatment programs into mobile platforms that people can use privately on their own time. 

Cirque De-Stress - Minnesota Medicine; 8/13/13; Ladies and gentlemen, students, faculty and staff, prepare to be entertained, amazed and informed! These are not words you would expect to hear from a psychiatrist, nor would you associate them with a public health campaign. Yet these were my opening remarks at an event, Cirque De-Stress, which was held April 3, 2013, on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus to increase awareness among students ofthe stress management and mental health resources available to them.  

On some college campuses, a focus on Asian American mental health - Asian Week; 9/12/13; Moving away from home and going to college can be stressful for anyone, but Asian American students often face culturally related factors–model minority expectations and family pressures, among them–that can affect their mental well-being. 

Counselors see a rise in mental health issues among college students - Borderzine; 9/6/13; With college enrollment constantly increasing, the number of students with mental health issues on college campuses has also gone up. 

College students who exercise with friends are less likely to report poor mental health -; 9/4/13; College students who exercised vigorously for 20 minutes at least three days a week were less likely to report poor mental health and perceived stress, according to a study in the American Journal of Health Promotion. However, socializing--defined in the study as having five or more friends or spending more than 2 hours a day with others--mediates this finding somewhat, revealing that some of the benefits of physical activity may come from its social aspects. 

Training aims to help college police understand mental illness - The Washington Post; 8/20/13; The voices are constant. They fight each other for space in your brain. And while you try to process what they’re saying — “you’re worthless, we hate you” — you can’t believe what you’re seeing: The TV weatherman is talking to you. 

New Training to Promote Mental Health Intervention -; 8/19/13; When Josette Saxton was in high school, she wrote an essay about child abuse that was a red flag for a teacher who reached out to offer her help. 

Create health plan for your college student -; 8/6/13; The angst is over. You've chosen between Binghamton and Boston University, Duke and Hopkins. You're hunting for extra-long twin sheets and working the "college to do" list. One hopes "think about health issues" is on that list. 

Spike in college students seeking mental health services - MZZW; 8/8/13; As you prepare your child for college, consider their mental health. Nationwide, there is a dramatic increase in the number of college students who need counseling for anxiety and depression. 

Mental health strategic guide released to campuses across Canada - The Manitoban; 7/22/13; Hundreds of professionals, as well as students with lived experiences concerning mental health, have put their heads together to produce a systematic guide for mental health strategies on college and university campuses. 

KVCC bringing health campus to downtown Kalamazoo - NEWSCHANNEL 3; 8/2/13; Where there is now just parking lots and fields there will soon be a campus devoted to healthier living, adding to what is becoming a health and medical corridor in Downtown Kalamazoo. 

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