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Personal Perspectives of Diverse NAMI leaders

Recovery for All
December 2011

Multicultural Action Center Highlights of 2011

Building off of the 2010 webinar-based training, Telling Your Story: Sharing Our Perspectives, members of the former NAMI Board of Directors’ Diversity and Inclusion Work Group shared their perspectives as mental health advocates whose lives are enriched with cultural perspectives in honor of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in July. Their personal stories honored the ideals of the special month by highlighting cultural competence implications for mental health recovery:

"Peace and Balance through Integration of Culture in Recovery"  by Jimi Kelley, chair of the NAMI Diversity and Inclusion Work Group
"I am an advocate for the integration of cultural and spiritual practices into recovery and am committed to see native communities return to health and harmony."

"Si Hay Esperanza...Si Se Puede! (Yes, There Is Hope…Yes We Can!)"  by John Fruttero
"My mother is a proud De Persona a Persona de NAMI teacher and coordinator and I have focused my own efforts in Latino faith communities to aid in overcoming stigma to find mental health care that meets cultural and linguistic needs."

"My Story of Recovery" by Ron Morton
"Traditional Native American spirituality has been very important in my recovery from substance abuse and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)." 

"Affirming and Managing My Identity"  by Gareth Fenley
"What has helped me most over the years is the relationships with other people who stayed in touch and kept offering their love during my worst times."

"Diversity and Inclusion in My Hometown" by Julia Ann Tate
"This small community is gradually moving toward inclusion and cultural competency." 


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