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Recovery for All: August 2007

  • Moving from Good to Great: Cultural Competence Self-Assessment
  • Creating a National Action Plan to Eliminate Disparities in Mental Health
  • Breaking New Ground
  • NAMI Inclusion Grantees Make Headway
  • Resources and Upcoming Events

Moving from Good to Great: Cultural Competence Self-Assessment

NAMI’s six-month, cultural competence self-assessment will examine the organization’s capacity to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. NAMI plans to examine key indicators of cultural competence within the organization. These include leadership, vision/mission, staff composition, cultural concepts, training and staff development, work climate, communication, performance evaluation, outcomes management, policies and procedures, collaboration, services, programs, and products. Determining the perceptions, practices, and satisfactions of staff, consumers, family members, and other key participants are an essential component of the assessment.

The assessment will result in a comprehensive report that will identify NAMI’s strengths and provide recommendations.  NAMI will use these findings to build upon its identified strengths and will plan strategies to apply resources and partnerships to meet the needs of diverse communities more effectively. Full article

Creating a National Action Plan to Eliminate Disparities in Mental Health

During the last two years, NAMI hosted two multicultural taskforce meetings to address mental health in communities of color.  More than 30 organizations gathered at these meetings to identify key advocacy priority areas.  The work of these two taskforces will be compiled and released as a National Action Plan to Eliminate Mental Health Disparities. Full article

Breaking New Ground

The 2007 NAMI Convention hosted the first events and sessions focused on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) issues in mental health ever held at a NAMI national gathering. For many, this symbolized a great stride forward for NAMI becoming a truly inclusive organization of all who experience mental illness. Full article

NAMI Inclusion Grantees Make Headway

In February 2007, NAMI National awarded funding to NAMI state organizations and affiliates for use in membership, opportunity, or inclusion grant programs. The Multicultural Action Center has since been working closely with the inclusion grant program sites, assisting them in their efforts to build best practices in reaching out to multicultural populations and consumers to strengthen diversity within the organization. This article offers mid-year highlights of some of our inclusion grant sites. Full article


National Anti-Stigma Campaign Spanish Language TV and Radio PSAs, Brochure Now Available

SAMHSA’s National Anti-Stigma Campaign (NASC), in collaboration with the Spanish language television network Univision, has released new television and radio public service announcements (PSAs) in Spanish. The television PSAs entitled “Friends” and “Door,” and the radio PSA entitled “7:40 Movie”. The NASC- Univision collaboration has also released the Spanish language version of the   What a Difference a Friend Makes campaign brochure entitled "Un Amigo Marca Una Gran Diferencia ." This 17-page brochure gives helpful information on how to support a friend with a mental health problem. Visit  to order.

¡Avanzamos! New Format

NAMI’s Spanish-language newsletter has a new look and now offers a new bilingual format with summaries of each article provided in English. The publication features news from NAMI programs, stories of recovery, family support, and more. Order now at  or subscribe for the electronic version at  Up to ten copies are free of charge. See previous issues here.

Fact Sheets on GLBT Mental Health

The Multicultural Action Center has developed five new fact sheets on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT). The fact sheets focus on issues such as basic tips and resources for families, disparities in treatment, double stigma, and risk factors among GLBT youth. Click here to access these and other resources on GLBT mental health.

more partner resources  more Multicultural Action Center resources

Upcoming Events

Latino Behavioral Health Institute 13th Annual Latino Conference

The LBHI 13th Annual Latino Conference, “Transformation & Recovery in Latino Behavioral Health” will provide education and training for stakeholders in Latino Behavioral Health through 50+ workshops with a broad range of topics. The conference will take place October 2-4 (pre-conference Oct.1) at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. Find information on program, registration, and lodging at

more events

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