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Recovery for All: July 2012

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July is a special month for NAMI and our partners to honor our shared goals of celebrating strengths of diverse communities, increasing awareness of mental illness experiences and the realities of recovery, importance of support and access to treatment. Since 2008, when the U.S. House of Representatives proclaimed this special month in honor of Bebe Moore Campbell, NAMI has rallied around this opportunity to spread the word and encourage activities.

In 2012 we have focused much of this effort in social media and have seen some great multimedia work around the country. The main message:

It does not matter how you get involved. What matters is sharing a message of hope and support with all those who need it.

 On the Web

NAMI’s web portal of information and resourcing for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month received an overhaul in design and creative content.

In simple navigation, you can find background information, highlights of events of previous years, ideas for ways to get involved, events to host and free marketing materials such as logos, flyers and press releases in English and Spanish.

The latest feature of available resources is a collection of videos that creatively share the perspectives of individuals with inspiring messages about their experiences with mental illness. Take a look and pass them on:

 Image   Image   Image

"At the intersection of racism and stigma, there lies a funny thing called hope" --Jessica Gimeno



NAMI Blog contributors Jacquese Armstrong of NAMI New Jersey and Jessica Gimeno, host of Flipswitch podcast series for the Balanced Mind Foundation, shared experiences of building resilience through mental health diagnosis and stigma through cultural lenses to find themselves in positions to inspire and support others with similar experiences:



In partnership with the National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health (NNED), NAMI helped boost social media networking through the Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month page. Facebook users can simply like this page to show their support and follow, share ideas and easily pass along social marketing messages:





Quick sound bites of news, research and creative messaging help drive attention on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month through hashtag #minoritymentalhealth. Available all year as a topic of focus on Twitter, use of this hashtag was particularly encouraged in July by NAMI and NNED and widely used. Some examples:


As you see in the example tweet on the bottom left, Twitter was used to generate participation for possibly the grooviest recognition of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month to date—an attempt of record-breaking Soul Train dance in Harlem to honor its creator, Don Cornelius, who died from suicide earlier this year.









Stay tuned for more to come! Contact us to share news of your local activities to be featured through our multimedia platforms. NAMI will continue to provide updates and opportunities for you to take part through the end of July and beyond. Our attention on diverse communities continues throughout the year.

We thank all of you who join us in ways both big and small to help spread the word about National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and congratulate you on the impact of your efforts.