National Alliance on Mental Illness
page printed from NAMI-Westside, NM is a not-for-profit organization created by Glenn Close, the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF), Fountain House, and Garen and Shari Staglin of IMHRO (International Mental Health Research Organization).  The idea of a national anti-stigma campaign was born of a partnership between Glenn Close and Fountain House, where Glenn volunteered in order to learn about mental illness, which both her sister and nephew suffer from.   - Susan's Legacy - The Mission of Susan's Legacy is to provide services to women with co-occurring mental and addictive disorders. - The Enhancement Center - Behavior Support Consultation for People with Developmental Disabilities

NM Protection and Advocacy System: - is the largest consumer mental health site, providing comprehensive, trusted information on psychological disorders and psychiatric medications from both a consumer and expert point of view. -  a new online community where young adults living with mental health concerns can provide mutual support in navigating unique challenges and opportunities during the critical transition years from ages 18 to 25.

Central New Mexico Information & Referral Services - The United Way of Central New Mexico online service directory. Browse by service category or search by agency or program name below to find community resources 

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NAMI NM's summary of the 2009 legislative bills dealing with mental health issues.

Patient Prescription Drug Assistance Programs - Free or low-cost medications provided by pharmaceutical companies.

Missing Persons Support - Resources for people searching for loved ones with mental illness who are missing persons.

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