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Competent Caring: When Mental Illness Becomes a Traumatic Event is an educational video/DVD that was developed through a collaborative effort between NAMI and the Hospital Corporation of America for continuing education training for healthcare staff. The DVD highlights the experience of an individual living with a mental illness, as well as the staff response when he seeks treatment for a mental health crisis in an Emergency Room setting.

What You Should Expect

  • Developed for people who work directly with individuals living with mental illness in a hospital or healthcare setting.
    • ER doctors, nurses, techs, administrative assistants, medical assistants, executives and other emergency room or healthcare agency staff.
  • Contains a 47-minute full version video and a 15-minute abbreviated version video.
  • Both versions depict two scenarios of the same situation, one performed ineffectively, and one performed effectively by Emergency Room staff.
  • The full version provides the element of a panel discussion throughout the DVD.

Why Hospital/Healthcare Agency Staff Should See the Video

  • Reduce anxiety of healthcare staff by providing tools and strategies to recognize and respond effectively when an individual is experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Improve the patient and family experience through trauma informed care and by reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

How to Order the Competent Caring DVD

Competent Caring: When Mental Illness Becomes a Traumatic Event may be purchased from the NAMI Store.  It can be found in the Education section under NAMI Provider Education.

Handouts which contain additional resources for healthcare staff and are great to provide individuals who watch the video can be found in the Related Files at the bottom of this page.

Additional Information

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