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Schizophrenia from Mind to Molecule

Edited by Nancy Andreason, M.D., Ph.D.

"Schizophrenia from Mind to Molecule" is a collection of thirteen essays--some highly technical--that provides a comprehensive and authoritative picture of the current state of schizophrenia research. It is divided into five sections dealing with human experience, phenomenology, neurobiology, treatment, and the molecular basis for the disease.

Although most of the book will be of primary interest to psychiatrists and brain scientists, the first three chapters are quite accessible to family members. Dr. Martin Willick writes movingly from the perspective of a psychiatrist who is also the parent of a schizophrenic son; Laurie Flynn of NAMI succinctly summarizes the enormous social, economic, and family costs of schizophrenia and proposes policy solutions aimed at providing appropriate care and treatment; and Dr. John Strauss looks at the need for balance between the psychosocial and neurobiological aspects of the disease.

Although most of the remaining ten chapters go into considerable detail about the specialized research underway in the primary areas addressed in the five sections of the book, "Schizophrenia from Mind to Molecule" is recommended as a resource for affiliate libraries.

Note: This book can be purchased through your local bookstore or may be on loan through your public library.

Edited by Nancy Andreason, M.D., Ph.D. American Psychiatric Press Inc., 1994. 278 pp. $31.00.