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School-Based Early Identification Programs

Mental Health Screening in Schools
This article appeared in the Journal of School Health February 2007 issue. It focuses on the value of mental health screening in schools and helps to set the record straight on the components and process of screening programs while stressing the critical role that schools should play in early identification and intervention.

NAMI's Response to Attacks on Mental Health Screening

President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
The report released by the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health includes recomendations designed to improve the mental healthcare system. Goal Four of the report calls for the early identification of mental illness.

Mental Health Screening: Fact vs. Fiction
Learn about the truths, myths and campaigns of misinformation about mental health screening.

NAMI's Mental Health Screening Policy and Guidelines
NAMI supports Goal 4 of President Bush's New Freedom Commission report on mental health, which calls for early mental health screening, but with the following specific guidelines and protections in place.