National Alliance on Mental Illness
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Cohen-Marchiondo Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was established by the Cohen-Marchiondo Charitable Foundation in the fall of 2002. It is to specifically benefit students who are professionally diagnosed with severe mental disorder(s). The illnesses that qualify include schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The students must be enrolled in the University of New Mexicoand currently have and/or maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.0.  The students will need to provide verification from a qualified mental health professional of a diagnosis which fits one or more of the above criteria.  The Scholarship Office will then verify the eligibility of the student.

The students must release certain information to the Scholarship Office. That information includes their full name, as well as their student ID number. This information allows the Scholarship Office to track the student’s grade point average, and enrollment as a full-time, undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico. The diagnosis of illness will be held as confidential information by the Scholarship Office. 

The students receiving the scholarship awards can continue to apply for the scholarship as long as the criteria are met. The scholarship fund provides full, in-state tuition and cost of books each semester. The administration of the fund is facilitated between the Scholarship Office and the University of New Mexico Foundation.

The donor requests that each semester the UNM Foundation submit the first names of the award recipients, their academic areas of interest or majors, and their grade point averages.

The donor would like to encourage communication between the scholarship recipient and the donor, if the student is willing to do so.  The donor is very respectful of patient privacy and believes that the decision to communicate with the donor is an individual, personal decision.  The nature of that communication might be an occasional letter describing how the student is doing and what his/her ambitions are for the future.

For further information on this scholarship fund, contact Alexanna Padilla Johnson, UNM Foundation, 277-9077 or Alex Gonzalez, Manager, Scholarship Office, 277-6090.