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Why the Special Needs Estate Planning Guidance System?

  • To address the overwhelming expression of concern from NAMI members for credible Special Needs Estate Planning information.
  • To provide a resource to help NAMI members identify and select competent legal counsel for Special Needs Estate Planning.
  • To provide in one place, and resources to guide families all the way through to signed and effective documents.

What is the Special Needs Estate Planning Guidance System?

  • A comprehensive orientation to the complexities of Special Needs Estate Planning.
  • A credible source for state specific technical information on the key aspects of SNT’s and relevant statutes and agency regulations.
  • A guide to state-specific resources that enhance the essential support network that is part of good planning.

Objectives of the SNEP Guidance System

  The Guidance system seeks to:

  • Raise awareness of the need for completing future planning.
  • Focus on the enormous benefits of good future planning.
  • Identify and highlight costly losses that could result from poor, or the absence of, long term planning.
  • Break apart the overwhelming components of planning into manageable parts.
  • Promote better future planning by presenting sample plans, creative ideas, and ongoing discussion.
  • Promote more equitable trust treatment by states and other public benefits providers by supplying information on the current differences in state law and practice and identifying a model for states to follow.
  • Promote planning that will provide funding for private case managers, advocates and other key players in the support network, which in turn will enhance more efficient and economical public-private partnerships in the future.

** NAMI extends a special thank you to Austin (Texas) attorney Renee Lovelace for the content on this site.  She is an active author and speaker on the subjects covered in these materials and can be reached at

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