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Get Involved in NAMI on Campus

What is NAMI on Campus?

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. NAMI advocates for access to services, treatment, supports and research and is steadfast in its commitment to raising awareness and building a community of hope for all those in need. To learn more about NAMI visit

NAMI on Campus is an exciting extension of NAMI's mission into the campus community. NAMI on Campus clubs are student-led clubs that tackle mental health issues on campus by raising mental health awareness, educating the campus community, supporting students, promoting services and supports and advocating. NAMI on Campus clubs aim to address the mental health needs of all students so they have positive, successful and fun college experiences. See if there is a NAMI on Campus at your school by checking our NAMI on Campus club list.

Club leaders have access to the staff, programs, resources, opportunities, benefits and support of being part of the larger NAMI cause—even beyond their college years. NAMI on Campus leaders are granted exclusive access to a broad range of online resources and materials to help them start and sustain a successful NAMI on Campus club. They are also provided with various networking opportunities to connect with other leaders.

To learn more about NAMI on Campus, check out the following resources:

NAMI on Campus Promotional Brochure
NAMI on Campus FAQs 

You can also fill out our NAMI on Campus interest form to ask a specific question and get more information.

Starting a NAMI on Campus club

There is a process for starting up NAMI on Campus clubs, but don't worry, NAMI has your back and is here to help! The first step is to complete the NAMI on Campus interest form. This will notify NAMI of your interest and will start the process. NAMI must be notified of your interest before you begin the process of creating a NAMI on Campus club. 

Once you fill out the interest form to let us know you want to start a club, you will receive the NAMI on Campus Startup Packet and access to a NAMI on Campus leaders only web section that includes valuable templates, resources and examples to help you complete the steps of starting a club. NAMI is here to help you every step of the way as you start and run your NAMI on Campus club.

To learn more about the startup process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or fill out our NAMI on Campus interest form to ask a question and get more information.

Want to get started now? We can't wait to work with you!

NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates

Resources for NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates who work closely with NAMI on Campus clubs and work to promote the program to colleges.

Get Involved with NAMI on Campus
A webinar training on how NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates can get involved with NAMI on Campus and what resources are available for them.

Frequently Asked Questions from NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates 

Promoting NAMI on Campus
Ideas for how to promote NAMI on Campus to school administrators, faculty and staff and students.

Starting NAMI on Campus Clubs
Information on what to do when a student approaches you wanting to start a NAMI on Campus club.

Supporting NAMI on Campus Clubs and Leaders
Tips for how you can support, engage and collaborate with existing NAMI on Campus clubs.

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