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NAMI State Presidents' Council

The State Presidents’ Council consists of the current state president of each state organization and the immediate past president of the each state organization. The State Presidents’ Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors.

The NAMI Board of Directors believes it essential that the Board have the full benefit of consultation and advice from the State Presidents' Council. To implement this decision, the following operating policies have been adopted:

a) The Chair of the State Presidents Council (SPC), or designee, shall be invited to attend all regular meetings of the NAMI Board. The board requests that the SPC representative be a sitting president of a NAMI state organization. The SPC Chair may attend and be recognized at NAMI standing committee meetings.

b) The NAMI Board State Relations Committee serves as the main Board point of contact for the state organizations. Accordingly, the SPC Chair will primarily interact with and through this committee. The SPC Chair will attend, participate, and provide a state report on the agenda at each meeting of this committee.

c) The Chair of the State Presidents Council shall be invited to attend and participate in meetings of the NAMI Board Planning Committee in the same manner as in the State Relations Committee.

d) The Chair of the State Presidents Council shall be provided with:

i) Methods ensuring continuous and close communications with the NAMI Board, its Executive Committee, the State Relations and Planning Committees, and the National Staff; and

ii) Routine materials (e.g., NAMI Board Manual) which are supplied to the NAMI Board.

e) The NAMI Board of Directors shall provide the State Presidents Council with appropriate budget resources to execute its functions.