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Hope for Tomorrow (Developed by NAMI Utah)

Hope for Tomorrow is a mental health education program for parents, teachers, students and all who work with children and adolescents. The program is designed to provide information and life skills training to youth by combining the efforts of parents, teachers, and the community to equip children to better deal with life today and tomorrow through mental well being. The program consists of three parts - Part 1 is an introduction to mental health; Part 2 covers eating disorders; and Part 3 discusses addictive disorders. Each part of the program includes a teacher in-service; a parent/community forum; a student assembly and a student lunchtime forum. For more information on the program, please visit NAMI Utah's web site or contact Mindy Clark of NAMI Utah.

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Contact: Mindy Clark of NAMI Utah (ph: 801-323-9900) or your local Utah Office.