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Advocacy Training for MH Providers, Consumers and Families

 A 6-hour Advocacy Training Workshop is available through NAMI-CT to groups of 6 or more.  Each participant will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of how a bill becomes a law, various ways in which people advocate, a list of do's and don'ts, helpful hints and guidelines, a full list of elected officials and legislative reporters, useful references and phone numbers and much more.

 The curriculum includes:

  1. Sample testimonies to the legislature
  2. Keep the Promise (CT's advocacy coalition) meeting minutes and information about the history of the coalition
  3. How a bill becomes a law
  4. Legislative proposals from our Department of Children and Families as well as the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services,   Various Acts and upcoming Bills that will affect these departments
  5. A map of Connecticut divided by region
  6. Facts about Regional Boards and CAC's
  7. A diagram of the legislative department 
  8. 8) Useful references and phone numbers
  9. Connecticut Congressional District
  10. Legislative Terms
  11. Using the web to Access CT State Government Info
  12. Do's and Don't's of Citizen Lobbying
  13. How to write a letter to your legislator, Make a phone call, visit your legislator
  14. Types and Goals of Communications
  15. Who, how, what and why I should testify
  16. Hints and Guidelines about testifying
  17. Working with the press, working with newspapers, broadcast media, press conferences and releases, writing a letter to editor
  18. List of legislative reporters
  19. List of joint committee and room assignments
  20. Working with legislative staff presentation
  21. Directory of CT's Federal and State Elected Officials
  22. A Social Workers Guide to the CT State Capitol and Legislative Office Building
  23. Legislative Directory CT General Assembly
If you have a group of six or more individuals who want to be trained, please contact Tracie Zavatsky, Education Coordinator at 1-800-215-3021 or by email