National Alliance on Mental Illness
page printed from NAMI Idaho

2011 – 2013

Goal 1:  NAMI Idaho will achieve and maintain status as a fully chartered NAMI state organization

            2011:  Complete chartering process under NAMI National Standards of Excellence 
                            Policies required:
                                 Diversity, Inclusion and Nondiscrimination (2011)
                                 Code of Ethics (2011)
                                 Conflict of Interest (2010)
                                 Whistleblower (2011)
                                 Document Retention (2011)
                                 Employee Compensation (2011)

2011 - 2013:  Develop and adopt Board Governance policies (other than those required
                       for chartering)
                            Expense Reimbursement (2010)
                            Committees/Procedures & Charters (2010)
                            Advocacy and Public Policy (2011)
                            Others as needed

2012 - 2013:  Maintain compliance with charter requirements of NAMI National and work
                       towards compliance with all the Standards of Excellence

Goal 2:  NAMI Idaho will ensure its sustainability

2011 - 2013:  Further develop the Board Committee structure, membership and
                            Conduct regular meetings of Board committees (Affiliate Support, CIT,
                            Communications and Outreach, Educational Program,
                            Elections, Finance and Funding, Public Policy and Advocacy)
                            Increase non-Board membership with focus on diversity and inclusion

            2011:  Assign tasks to the Board Committees for compliance with the Standards
                       of Excellence:
                            Formal newsletter
                            Annual conference
                            Strategic plan
                            Cultural competence plan
                            Compliance with the NAMI Identity and Style Guidelines
                            Fundraising practices
                            Others as needed

2011 - 2013:  Recruit qualified candidates for Board of Directors

           2011:  Create Board of Directors Handbook both in hard copy for the Directors and
                       to be posted on the website (2011)

2011 - 2013:  Develop an annual budget with input from affiliates as appropriate

2011 - 2013:  Develop diversified funding sources to support the strategic plan and
                      organizational goals.
                            Secure at least two on-going corporate or other sponsorships to
                            support the organization (2012)
                            Develop a fund raising plan to generate $10,000 annually (2011)
                            Execute first major fund raising campaign/activity (2012)
                            Assist local affiliates in fund raising activities to meet their needs (2013)

           2012:  Fully utilize new NAMI National membership data base to identify new
                      affiliate locations

           2012:  Complete needs assessment for establishment of new affiliates.

           2012:  Increase state membership by 10%

           2013:  Assist in formation of one new affiliate by creating:
                           Affiliate Bylaws template
                           Standard policies templates
                           501(c) (3) status assistance
                           Leadership development assistance
                           Legal/insurance assistance
                           Outreach examples
                           Communications examples

Goal 3:  NAMI Idaho will be an effective advocate in the state of Idaho and appropriately support NAMI National on issues concerning mental illness with an informed, professional presence, a single voice, and representation on key state and national committees/boards.

           2011:  Implement and ensure functionality of Advocacy and Public
                      Policy Committee and policy review process.

2011 - 2013:  Prepare for and present issues statement and position papers to policy
                       makers including legislators on mental health issues and funding.
                            Issue press releases and news reports on matters of significance
                            Make personal appearance, contact with legislators during legislative

2011 - 2013:  Coordinate advocacy efforts in support of NAMI national public policy

2011 - 2013:  Appoint and sustain appropriate representation on state committees
                      and boards with reports to the Board of Directors and membership.

Goal 4:  NAMI Idaho will support and expand education about mental illness to increase awareness and decrease stigma.

2011 - 2013:  Model respectful and dignified treatment of all persons living with
                       mental illness.

           2013:  Plan a NAMI Idaho Annual Conference

           2013:  Provide scholarship aid for attendance at NAMI National Conference.

2011 - 2013:  Provide financial and leadership support for Affiliates’ presentation of
                       Basics, Connection, Family to Family, Peer to Peer, IOOV and Family
                       Support Groups
                           Create an accurate and comprehensive data base of all trained
                           trainers, teachers, and facilitators (2011)
                           Create master calendar of trainings and class offerings (2012)
                           Report educational program data as required by NAMI National (2011 –

           2012:  Organize and sponsor Basics, Connection, Family to Family, Peer to Peer,
                       IOOV and Family Support Groups teacher training as required by the

           2013:  Provide scholarship assistance for Basics, Connection, Family to Family,
                      Peer to Peer, IOOV and Family Support Group Train the Trainer events.

2011 - 2013:  Support implementation and expansion of Memphis Model CIT statewide 
                           Provide financial and leadership support to the Idaho CIT Workgroup  
                           Seek funding to support CIT through grants and in-kind contributions
                           Sponsor training of Idaho CIT Trainers
                           Support regional CIT Academies
                           Support development and implementation of regional Introduction
                           to CIT programs

           2012:  Develop media strategy including printed press, broadcast, website and
                      social networking

Goal 5:  NAMI Idaho will support the expansion and strengthening of community-based mental health services that promote recovery and resiliency.

2011 - 2013:   Attend all meetings of the Behavioral Health Interagency Collaborative and
                       try to influence their decision-making through communications and
                       legislative activity

2011 - 2013:  Be actively involved in Regional Mental Health Boards or their replacement
                      organization and ensure that family and consumers are adequately

           2011:  Be actively involved in the Medicaid Managed Care RFI and RFQ by creating
                      position papers and interacting with Idaho Medicaid and the legislature

2011 - 2013:  Advocate for the collection, analysis and public dissemination of meaningful
                      mental health services data                                                    

2011 - 2013:  Publicly advocate for mental health services and funding            

Goal 6:  NAMI Idaho will communicate with candor and transparency.

2011 - 2013:  Conduct one meeting annually in each Region.

           2011:  Continue to send monthly updates to all affiliates following each Board

           2011:  Acquire NAMI Idaho dedicated cell phone; monitor and document telephone
                      and email inquiries and respond to requests for assistance.

           2012:  Establish, print and circulate a quarterly NAMI Idaho newsletter

           2013:  Research, compile and distribute a state-wide data base of mental health
                      service providers’ directory