National Alliance on Mental Illness
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Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder - NAMI San Diego

Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder is the founder of Mental Health Ministries which provides educational resources to help erase the stigma of mental illness in faith communities. She also educates doctors, therapists and other mental health care providers to understand the important role a person’s spirituality can play in the recovery and healing process.

Susan has been active with NAMI and currently serves on the NAMI FaithNet Advisory Group. She was awarded NAMI California’s Clergyperson of the Year award in 2003. Susan is also a member of the Pathways to Promise Board of Directors and a member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC).

As Coordinator of Mental Health Ministries, Susan has produced media and print resources addressing various mental health issues from a spiritual perspective. The two DVD set, Mental Illness and Families of Faith: How Congregations Can Respond, puts a face to many mental health issues and offers a message of hope.

Susan is also an author. Her best known book is In the Shadow of God’s Wings: Grace in the Midst of Depression. This book shares her very personal story as she has struggled with severe depression.