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Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice Designed by The Panel on the Nonprofit sector to guide board members and staff leaders of every charitable organization as they work to improve their operations.                                                         

Articles of Incorporation

  •  NAMI Articles of Incorporation A legal document that is filed with the state to create a corporation                                                     


  • NAMI Bylaws A set of rules adopted by NAMI in order to govern its affairs and the behavior of its members                                               
  • NAMI State Organization Bylaws Checklist Use to assess NAMI State Organization bylaws                                                                  
  • NAMI Affiliate Bylaws Checklist Use to assess NAMI Affiliate Organization bylaws                                                                              

NAMI Policies

  • Board of Directors Operating Policies and Procedures NAMI’s Policies and Procedures encompass and regulate activities required to run the organization, and are an integral requirement for all properly managed entities                                              
  • Business Supporter Relationship Policy NAMI’s guidelines for entering into business supporter relationships with other corporations, business and professional organizations
  • Compensation Policy A written document that describes the detail of the compensation practices related to pay rates, employee evaluation and pay increases in the organization                            
  • Conflict of Interest Policy This policy helps guide decisions made by a Board of Directors when one of the Directors could benefit personally from the outcome of the decision                         
  • Dispute Policy Dispute and grievance resolution process                    
  • Ethics Policy The purpose for an ethics policy is to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in business practices        
  • Mission and Identity Statement A statement of the purpose of NAMI                                                                                            
  • Record Retention Policy Describes how an organization manages documents that are legally required for organizational health and transparency of operations                                                        
  • Procedures for Termination of Organizations and Affiliates 
  • Values Core values that define the composition, operation and work of every NAMI Affiliate, NAMI State Organization and NAMI 
  • Whistleblower Policy A whistleblower policy encourages the reporting of legal violations as well as protecting against retaliation directed at someone who reports legal misconduct                         

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Board Member Job DescriptionThe following descriptions were adapted from materials from BoardSource                                            
  • Board Responsibilities Primary responsibilities of a governing Board                                                                                                    
  • Core Functions of a Board The core functions of a public service governing Board                                                                                  
  • Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards  Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the board as a corporate or collective entity and summarizes individual board members responsibilities.                  
  • First 90 Days- State Presidents A guide for new Presidents of NAMI State and Affiliate Organizations                                         

Meeting Aids

Board Recruitment and Orientation

  • Board Recruitment Packet-SAMPLE Example of effective Board Recruitment and useful Board job description              
  • Board Member Orientation Outline- SAMPLE Useful document for orienting new Board members                                                                                                                                                           
  • Board Manual Guide Guide for creating a board orientation and resource tool.                                                                                

Assessment Tools