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Standards of Excellence

NAMI Standards of Excellence define the roles and responsibilities of NAMI, NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates, and expresses the necessary requirements for NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates to be chartered and affiliated with NAMI.

  • View the complete Standards of Excellence document
  • Welcome to Standards of Excellence: HandoutVisual Presentation and Audio Recording - Orientation and overview of the NAMI Standards of Excellence                                                                                    
  • Standards of Excellence Glossary - Important terms defined in the NAMI Standards of Excellence

 NAMI State Organizations

 Getting Started

  • Ready, Set, Charter Recording with Powerpoint Presentation Introduction presentation on the NAMI Standards of Excellence and chartering process for NAMI State Organizations                                                                                   
  • Ready, Set, Charter Powerpoint Presentation
  • State Organization Explanatory Letter Letter sent to NAMI State Organization leaders describing the need for the NAMI Standards of Excellence and the chartering process for NAMI State Organization.                                                                                  
  • State Organization Charter Agreement Sample of NAMI State Organization charter agreement to be completed by NAMI BOD                                            
  • State Organization Board Resolution Template Board resolution sample template to be signed by the board of a NAMI State Organization that states their intent to pursue a charter agreement with NAMI.                                                                               
  • Chartering Process: Easy as A-B-C-D Handout Chartering planning template                                                                             
  • NAMI Chartering and Resolutions Map States that have passed resolutions or have been chartered                                                  

Tools and Resources

State Organization Handbook Worksheets

Planning and Progress Worksheets to be used to achieving Standards within your State Organization                                          

NAMI Affiliate Organizations                                                                    

Getting Started

  • Recordings: Introducing Affiliation and The NAMI Standards of Excellence Affiliate Handbook Webinar Series: "Getting Started" Webinar and “NAMI Affiliate Handbook: How-to-Guide” WebinarGives overview of the NAMI Affiliation process and NAMI Affiliate Handbook: Volume I                                                                                            
  • “Getting Started” PowerPoint Presentation
  • NAMI Affiliate Handbook: How-to-Guide” PowerPoint Presentation
  • Affiliate Explanatory Letter Letter sent to NAMI Affiliate Organization leaders describing the need for the NAMI Standards of Excellence and affiliation process               
  • Affiliation Agreement Document that NAMI will invite NAMI Affiliate Organizations to sign once the State Organization chartering process is complete and all required documents have been submitted and reviewed.                                                                             
  • Affiliate Organization Board Resolution Template Resolution signed by the Board of a NAMI Affiliate Organization  that states their intent to pursue affiliation with NAMI                                       
  • Paving Your Way Worksheet Supplemental Worksheet to be filled out while viewing “Getting Started” webinar                                              
  • Requirements for Affiliation These practices reflect the requirements for affiliation and are supported by principles of good governance and ethical practice that are elaborated upon in the NAMI Standards of Excellence                                                             

Tools and Resources                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • NAMI Affiliate Handbook: Volume I  A guidebook for NAMI Affiliates to start on the pathway to Affiliation                                                                            

  • Affiliation ABCDE Affiliation process planning template                                                                         
  • Affiliation Assessment Worksheet Worksheet adapted from the Affiliation Chart in the Standards of Excellence. Completing this tool will help you find your NAMI Affiliate on the spectrum and identify areas you will need to work on to move forward              
  • Gap Analysis: Documentation for Affiliation Document that will help identify any gaps your Affiliate may have in the information required for affiliation                                                                   
  • Affiliate Bylaws Checklist Checklist of what should be included in Affiliate Bylaws                                                                             
  • Affiliate Sample Bylaws Language Sample of language to be used in Affiliate Bylaws