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OK2Talk: You Really Can Get Through It
A reminder that recovery is possible from someone who has been in your shoes.

Book Review: A Mother’s Climb Out of Darkness
Author Jennifer Moyer shares her journey into and out of postpartum psychosis to let others know they are not alone.

Suicide Prevention: Can We Talk?
Suicide is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. But a new study shows that educating the group at risk can produce significant results.

YANA: Keep Fighting
"My best piece of advice for anyone living with mental illness--keep fighting"

When I Stand In Your Shoes: An Open Letter from a Mom to a Teen
Nina lost her daughter to suicide in 2013. This is what she wishes she could have said.

Book Review: Surrounded By Madness
Dr. Rachel Pruchno's personal account of her family's struggles with mental illness highlights the changes that still need to be made in providing mental health care.

NAMI Advocacy Update: January 2015
Improving Veteran mental health care, saving families with mental illness money, and affordable renting housing gets huge investment and.

NAMI's Top 10 Online Stories from 2014
Breakthroughs in research, questions about tattoos, the passing of Robin Williams, and other topics were some of our most read articles this past year.

A New Act Will Help Those Affected by Mental Illness Save Money
The ABLE Act will allow families to set up tax-free savings accounts for qualified expenses such as education and housing.

Mental Health is #Trending
Researchers are using Twitter to track trends in mental illness.

Talking CIT and NAMI on Capitol Hill
Sgt. Paul of the Plano Police Department in Texas spoke before Congress and explained why crisis intervention teams—and partnerships with NAMI Affiliates—can improve interactions between police and people with mental illness.



Looking Forward to 2015
NAMI Executive Director Mary Giliberti reflects on 2014—and plans ahead for the new year.

Gettin’ Back to Our (Grass)Roots with The Wailin’ Jennys
This fall, the Wailin' Jennys toured around the country singing and sharing information about NAMI.

Depression: A Scientific Approach
A 7th grader shows an understanding that many people much older don't even have.

NAMI Honors Dr. Lisa Dixon
NAMI congratulates and thanks Dr. Lisa Dixon for the incredible work she has done displaying NAMI Family-to-Family as an evidence-based practice.

What Makes a Good Companion?
Learning how to set boundaries, how to listen and what to say are all important parts of a good companion.

Congressional Budget Bill a Mixed Bag
This past weekend Congress passed a spending bill that covers the rest of the 2015 fiscal year. Here's how it will impact funding for mental health.

People with Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System: A Cry for Help
Each year 2 million with mental illness are arrested. How can we improve the system?

Emotional Eating: When Food = Love
Food can provide comfort, but it's only a quick fix for situations that may need a longer-term solution.

Stopping the Holidays from Getting You Down
We asked you for a list of things you do to cope with holiday stress. Here's what you said.

Health Insurance and Mental Health Services
What does your health insurance coverage mean for the mental health care you are able to get?

Mental Health Investment By States Slowed in 2014
NAMI just released a report tracking the progress made in each state this year in regards to mental health legislation.

Who is Upstream Pushing Them In?
People in need often turn to their faith leaders and faith community for help. Jewish Child & Family Services is working to identify issues before they become serious.

10 Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues
Many people find that the holidays make symptoms of depression and anxiety worse. Here are some ideas on how to make the season a little better.

NAMI Applauds Stay of Execution in Panetti Case
NAMI and other advocates won a victory—at least temporarily, when the scheduled execution of Scott Panetti was halted with only seven hours to spare.

Inspiring Innovation through Connect4MentalHealth Partnerships
NAMI recognizes promising mental health practices in your local communities through our Community Innovation Awards.


What I’m Thankful for at NAMI
It's easy to get distracted and forget that there are so many people that help try to make life better.

NAMI Advocacy Update: November 2014
Taking action on supported housing, making the lame duck Congressional session not so lame and how NAMI California is leading the advocacy charge.

The Karen Effect
It was the sense of belonging, of being cared for in this most basic way, that Karen and her family needed most.

Henderson Behavioral Health Advancing Early Intervention
NAMI recognizes Henderson Behavioral Health in south Florida for their efforts in mental health support and treatment.

Medicare Part D Plans Are Changing. Open Enrollment Ends Dec. 7
Are your prescription medications covered by Medicare? You should check your plan to see if you need to make any changes.

Smoking and Mental Health: Why Is It Harder for People with Mental Illness to Quit Smoking?
Examining research about effective strategies for people living with mental illness who want to quit smoking.

2015 Health Insurance Open Enrollment Starts Nov. 15
If you don’t have health insurance now is the time to get it.

Putting the Person at the Center of Treatment
Asten Jones, peer support specialist from The Center for Health Care Services talks about the importance of integrated and person-centered care.

The Jim Effect
When you share your story, the NAMI Effect grows.Read Jim's story and share your own. Hope starts with you.

My Time of Service is Over, But My Time to Serve Never Ends
NAMI observes Veterans Day and wants to recognize the sacrifices made by so many members of the military past and present and their families.

The War We Aren't Trained to Fight
A review of The Invisible Front, a story of mental health in the military.

Gratitude and Grit: How Practicing Appreciation Can Help Your Well-Being
Saying thanks and having a bit of determination can go a long way in helping your mental health.

The Price of Silence: A Mom's Perspective on Mental Illness
Author Liza Long is known for her viral blog post, "I am Adam Lanza's Mother" on what it's like to be a parent of a child living with mental illness.


YANA: Storms Make Trees Take Deeper Roots
Finding strength and sharing love in the fight against mental illness.

Stopping Schizophrenia in Its Tracks
When the right supports and services are available, tragedies can be prevented.

NAMI Advocacy Update: October 2014
Helping people who are experiencing homelessness, Medicare Part D enrollment begins, and NAMI Policy team directors take on Twitter.

Is It Worth Getting Worked Up Over Halloween Costumes?
People still think it’s OK to dress up as “psychos” for Halloween. That’s the scary part.

Go Vote. Mental Health Care Depends On It.
Get to know your candidates before you go to the polls. They can have a big impact on health care.

The Village: Opening Doors for Those in Need
By tailoring services for each person, the Village is making a lasting impression on mental health programs across the nation.

Culturally Competent, Clinically Relevant
To give the best care, providers need to understand the person they're talking to.

Trying to Test for Psychosis Risk
Early research has found that a blood test could help identify people who might later go on to develop psychosis.

Book Review: Unhinged: A Memoir of Enduring, Surviving and Overcoming Family Mental Illness
When you have a family legacy riddled with psychosis, paranoia and suicide, the odds of avoiding these symptoms yourself don’t look so promising.

YANA: Living Well with Schizophrenia
Understanding your illness doesn't happen overnight. It takes patience and experience.

Have You Been Screened for Depression Today?
You get checked for cavities and high blood pressure. You should get checked for depression too.

Refusing to Leave Borderline on the Sidelines
Taking the field in green shoes last season was just one step for Brandon Marshall raising awareness for BPD.

Why Punishing Challenging Behavior Doesn’t Work
Working together with your child to solve a problem is beneficial to both of you.

Working Together for Common Ministry
Clergy don't often have the tools necessary to help congregants with mental illness. This is how we can change that.


“Why Do Y’all Have Tattoos?”
A simple question can have a much bigger impact than you'd expect.

NAMI Advocacy Update: September 2014
NAMI advocates work to reform mental health, Senate Judiciary Committee passes legislation to give offenders a second chance, and a webinar teaching you how to advocate for CIT.

YANA: This is Why I Walk
Mental illness is a part of all of our lives in one way or another—it shouldn't have to be a secret.

Please Like Me, a TV Comedy with a Social Action Twist
NAMI held a screening of Please Like Me on Capitol Hill to raise awareness about mental illness.

The CIT Movement: Being More Like MADD
Often, all law enforcement need is to be informed about the issue by advocates.

Art and Craft: A Documentary of Unusual Healing
Mark Landis is a prolific art forger who also just happens to live with schizophrenia.

Change Starts with Us
It's National Suicide Prevention Month. Providing resources and education can help stem the tide of suicides on college campuses.

How is Your Health Insurance Treating You?
Changes in our nation’s health care system should mean that people will have better access to mental health services. But will they?

NAMI’s Convention Was a Colorful Panorama, Energizing People for the Year Ahead
The 2014 NAMI National Convention is in the books. Here are some of the highlights.

Book Review: Shadows in the Sun
In a culture where family reputation is all, and expression of emotional pain is taboo, mental illness is seen as a personal failing.

NAMI Calls on Congress to Act—by the Thousands
NAMI issued a powerful call to action this week as its national convention opened in Washington, D.C. Approximately 1,500 NAMI members descended on Capitol Hill to meet with congressional staff.

Get Ready to #Act4MentalHealth
On Sept. 4, mental health advocates will head to Capitol Hill and take action online to push for comprehensive mental health care.


Technology as a Tool for Recovery—A Promising Practice
In many communities, we see innovative solutions emerging that offer hope to many while providing effective approaches to improving lives.

Voice Awards Honor Advocates, Films and TV Shows
NAMI recognizes the advocates, films and television shows that portray mental illness in a respectful way.

Criminalization of Mental Illness: It’s a Crime
Jails have become the go-to place for the "treatment" of mental illness. Here is how we can change that.

Howie Mandel: No Laughing Matter
Comedian Howie Mandel is determined to make mental health as common as going to the dentist.

YANA: I’m Not Crying For Your Attention
Tammie shares her story about what living with depression is really like for those who don't understand.

Visible Honor for Invisible Wounds
Each day 22 veterans die by suicide. Tom Mahany has gone on two hunger strikes to raise awareness for the issues our military members are facing.

Sacred Creations
After finding a church that understood mental health, AJ French finally received the treatment and support she needed.

YANA: With Help, Things Can Change For The Better
At the age of 17, Jessica's brain appeared to revolt against her. Now she tells how she made it through.

What We Can Do about Depression
Robin Williams' passing reminds us that depression and suicide can affect everyone.

NAMI Statement by Mary Giliberti: Reflecting on the Passing of Robin Williams
NAMI remembers the life Robin Williams and reminds us all how important it is to reach out and help one another.

Laugh a Little with Please Like Me
Sometimes laughter can be a great form of therapy. Creator Josh Thomas draws on his personal experience in his comedy series Please Like Me.

Setting the Record Straight
NAMI calls on Congress to take action on the two presented mental health bills once they return from recess.

Connect 4 Mental Health: Help Spread the Word for Community-based Innovations
Building on the 2013 C4MH initiative, NAMI and others are recognizing local organizations working to support individuals with serious mental illness.


Book Review: 8 Keys to End Bullying Strategies for Parents & Schools
Bullying can lead to emotional instability and potentially serious problems. It's important to stop it early.

Facing a Double Stigma
Melody Moezzi has faced stigma growing up as an Iranian-American and as a woman with bipolar disorder. She's speaking at this year's NAMI National Convention.

NAMI Advocacy Update: July 2014
This month in NAMI advocacy: comprehensive legislation, mental health parity, employment, and NAMI California.

YANA: We Are More Than Just Numbers
Behind every statistic, there is a person who is loved. Allison was an advocate and a role model for the Native community.

A Groundbreaking Commitment to Psychiatric Research
After receiving a $650 million gift The Broad Institute is set to try and find the genetic causes of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.

Helping Young People Share Their Experiences and Find Support
NAMI is thrilled to take over, a platform for young people to share their stories and find support.

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: The Time for Action Is Now
Get inspired and learn about programs NAMI Affiliates across the country are holding to raise awareness for minority mental health.

Promise and Patience in Understanding the Brain
Efforts are underway on both sides of the Atlantic to develop new tools to help address mental illness.

Employment and Mental Illness: Investing in Programs that Work
NAMI just released Road to Recovery: Employment and Mental Illness, a report which explores the current state of mental illness and employment in the United States.

How My Hindu Faith and Family Helped My Recovery
A strong faith and a supportive family has helped Swati Vaidya manage her bipolar disorder and succeed in life.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine on the Rise for Children with Autism
CAM provides a variety of options to assist in the treatment of Autism in children.

What's Love Got to Do with It?
Choosing whether or not to disclose a mental illness in a romantic relationship isn't easy.

Urge Congress to Pass Legislation to Improve Mental Health Care in America
Momentum is building to reach an agreement on two mental health bills introduced by Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., and Rep. Ron Barber, D-Ariz. As concerned Americans, we cannot wait any longer for a solution to the mental health crisis.

Did FDA Black Box Warnings Actually Lead to An Increase in Suicides?
A Harvard Medical School study shows that warning labels on antidepressants may be associated with higher rates of suicide attempts in teens.


Every Voice Matters, Especially in July
Racial or ethnic background impacts whether people seek help. Addressing minority mental health disparities begins with learning about them. Join NAMI in celebrating National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

Early Intervention Programs and Their Role in Recovery
Effective services are available that can improve outcomes of schizophrenia and early episodes of psychosis.

Enough is Enough: Regulate Restraint and Seclusion in Schools
Momentum is building to curb the use of unnecessary force in schools. Contact your Congressional representatives to ask for their support.

NAMI Gets Global Recognition for Building Better Lives
A recent interview of NAMI's Ken Duckworth, M.D., and Keris Jän Myrick in International Innovation shows just how far NAMI's influence reaches.

Hitting the Streets: Engaging People When and Where It’s Needed Most
Engaging people appropriately is vital in promoting recovery. It's important to know the best strategies.

Black Box Star Addresses the Challenges of Portraying Bipolar
Playing a person with a mental illness on a TV needs to be addressed carefully. Kelly Reilly explains how she prepared for her role and what she hopes the show can achieve.

YANA: A Long Journey of Healing
It can take time to find the right course of treatment for you. Thank you Jaimie, for sharing your story of recovery.

How Faith Communities Can Break the Stigma of Mental Illness
Many people seek help from their faith communities before going to a professional. But many don't get the help they are looking for.

Should a Mental Illness Mean You Lose Your Kid?
Mindi has never harmed her daughter and is capably raising a son, but authorities took her daughter under a concept sometimes called “predictive neglect.”

Because of NAMI Programs…
Over 160 NAMI members joined in D.C. to learn how to become state trainers of NAMI education programs.

Handling a Psychiatric Crisis: The Importance of Family and the First 24 Hours
Open Dialogue therapy places value on the individual’s voice but also family and others who care about the person in crisis.

Modeling After Minnesota: Achieving Positive Results for Students
How do we implement mental health services in school? Minnesota's example may lead the way to improving student health around the country.

YANA: I Will Continue to Fight and I Will Win
Leah shares her story of victory and perseverance hoping to inspire others.

The Conversation Continues: A Look Back at the National Dialogue
With the one year anniversary of President Obama's National Dialogue on Mental Health approaching we reflect on how the Dialogue has impacted mental health care in America.


Help Wanted: African American Mental Health Professionals
The shortage of African American psychiatrists and psychologists means that many will not get the help they want.

Teen Sleeplessness Leads to More Sick Days
Recent research highlights the link between sleep habits and illness. Check out some tips for getting a better night's sleep.

NAMI Statement: The Santa Barbara Tragedy
NAMI shares the sadness of other Americans over the Santa Barbara tragedy this past weekend. What can we do to prevent this from happening in the future?

Honoring Our Heros
Memorial Day is about more than just a BBQ. It is important to support our military members in the challenges they face both on and off the battlefield.

Book Review: My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel
Scott Stossel explores the history, biology, psychology and more of what anxiety means while guiding the reader through entertaining narratives of his own experience with anxiety.

Miles for Mental Health
Run. Bike. Walk. All in the name of raising awareness and supporting NAMI.

YANA: When No One Else Understands
Hannah shares her experience of looking for support and guidance in the digital age.

Book Review: The Gospel According to Josh
Josh Rivedel tries to understand his father's suicide and come to terms with his own struggles with mental illness in this moving memoir.

Reaching Out to Those with Mental Illness
Like many others, Karen Ranus was caught off guard when her daughter experienced a mental illness. But with NAMI and her church, she and her family had the support they needed.

Mental Illness Is No Kentucky Derby
"There is no finish line with the cheering fans, flashbulbs or a big check, and since there is no cure for mental illness, we must always be working on recovery."

YANA: A Letter to the World
Jess shares her unique experience as both a treatment provider and an individual living with mental illness.

Black Box: A Work in Progress
ABC's new series Black Box has caused a bit of controversy about its portrayal of mental illness. What did the show's creator have to say about it?

NAMI Affiliates Play a Key Role in the Success of CIT
NAMI members were instrumental in the creation of CIT and still play a pivotal role in the program's success.


Finding Mike: He Saved My Life
After leading a campaign to find the stranger who saved his life, Jonny Benjamin is helping change the way we think about mental illness.

May Is Mental Health Month
This May, join together and show your passion for improving the lives of people affected by mental illness.

On Morality, Love and Schizophrenia
Patrick's Day, a film by Irish director Terry McMahon, explores the effects of a mother's love for her son.

Mental Health Month: Faith Education and Collaboration
Partnerships between faith leaders and communities can help bring much needed support.

NAMI Honors Exemplary Psychiatrists for Inspirational Work in the Mental Health Field
On May 4, NAMI will honor 23 doctors as Exemplary Psychiatrists at the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) annual conference in New York City.

YANA: Recovering from Schizophrenia and OCD
Zach's story proves that with the right treatment and support, recovery is possible.

How You Can Text, Talk and Act for Mental Health
Participate in a National Dialogue on mental health on your cell phone.

10 Tips for Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
Work can play a vital role in recovery—it gives the day purpose. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of every day.

Exploring the World of Human Emotions
Giovanni Frazzetto explores the world of human emotions through the lenses of neuroscience and psychology.

Celebrating Recovery through Work
Elliott and Dianne Steele created Vincent House, a place where individuals with mental illness would be treated as people and not like patients.

Celebrating Recovery Through Work
The story of how Dianne and Elliott Steele built Vincent House, a recovery-through-work Clubhouse.

Understanding What HIPAA Means for Mental Illness
HIPAA protects the privacy of individual health information. But how does it apply to mental health care?

Help for Veterans Involved in the Justice System
Too many veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are facing mental health and substance abuse issues. Many wind up in the criminal justice system instead of getting the help they need.

My Journey with Bipolar
"We have bipolar, it does not have us." Cheryl shares her story

Your Story: A Powerful Advocacy Tool
You can use your personal story to advocate for improvements in the mental health field.

One Week in Washington: Mental Health Care Debate Continues
In the course of week, mental health care has had a high profile in the nation’s capital, including legislative action.


Shared Decision Making: Empowering People Living with Mental Illness
There isn't always enough time to discuss everything you want when you meet with your doctor. Pat Deegan explains how shared decision making can help.

A Gathering on Mental Health and the Church, A Call to Action for All Communities
Saddleback Church, the Catholic Diocese and NAMI Orange County have partnered together to host a daylong event on mental health.

Adapting DBT for Children
Therapists have developed a form of DBT that would help children with mental illness and their parents develop better relationships.

My Battle, My Victory, My Hope
Nick shares his story of hope. "There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how distant it might seem, or how dark the tunnel is."

Why Screening for Diabetes is Important
Individuals living with mental illness are at an increased risk for diabetes. Take a screening test today to see if you should take action.

Working to Improve Wisconsin's Mental Health
NAMI Wisconsin played an integral role in getting legislation passed to improve mental health services in their state.

Service Dogs Help Veterans Still Battling the Effects of War
Shepherds for Lost Sheep, a project started by veterans to help their compatriots, uses dogs to help those who are still battling the effects of war.

Recognizing the Important Role of Social Workers
March is National Social Work Month. Social workers can be found in many fields and many provide needed help to individuals with mental illness.

NAMI Family-to-Family: Evidence Meets Experience
In his blog, Dr. Ken Duckworth explains the significance of the NAMI Family-to-Family program being named an evidence based practice.

Being Diagnosed Bipolar and Going through My First Year of College
"I’m Ali and I am not afraid to tell my story because I hope it will help others like me who may be silently suffering due to fear of being stigmatized like I have been."

What Does the President's Budget Mean for Mental Health?
President Obama's proposed budget for 2015 includes increases for mental illness research and additional funding for early intervention and mental health workforce development.

Supported Housing Can Be the Key to Recovery
For "Owen," a supported housing program helped get him the services he needed to help move him forward in his recovery.

Helping Families in the Juvenile Justice System
For many families, juvenile court had become the first step in attempting to stabilize the youth’s mental health needs and behavior.

Stigma of Mental Health in Sports Remains an Opponent
Physical injuries often have a whole team to address them, but mental health concerns are often left out.

Schizophrenia and Getting Older
Dr. Dilip Jeste points to four types of psychosocial treatments to ensure individuals with schizophrenia age successfully.

Keeping Students Safe in Our Nation's Schools
The use of restraints and seclusion in schools has dire consequences. Sen. Tom Harkin has introduced legislation to limit its use.

Medication Choice Provides Greater Hope
NAMI needs your help now to send a message to the federal government, which has proposed limiting access to psychiatric medications under Medicare Part D.


Conversations on Spirituality and Mental Illness
Faith can be an important part of recovery for some. Nancy Kehoe shares her own personal experience forming a faith support group in her community.

Finding a Way through The Fog of Paranoia
In her captivating and moving memoir, Sarah Rae shares the story of her brother with paranoid schizophrenia.

Trying To Survive But Not Always Understood
"I think unless you experience it, mental illness can be a bit of an enigma to people. I truly believe that education and awareness can make a difference." Mismis' Story.

Living Life On a Scale
Abby Lewis has struggled with eating disorders since age 14. It was the faith in herself that helped her move forward in recovery.

How Housing Can Help Heal
For individuals living with mental illness, finding safe and affordable housing can be a major goal and step forward on the road of recovery.

Successful Advocacy through Relationship Building
Here are 10 tips for forging strong relationships with federal policy makers.

The Power of Sharing Hope
During Black History Month, NAMI acknowledges the remarkable work of African American leaders who fight the stigma of mental illness at the core of their communities.

Exploring DID on the Big Screen
Actress Halle Berry talks about her new movie, Frankie & Alice, mental illness and hope.

Trying to Unlock the Secrets of Schizophrenia
With new technology, scientists are taking a deeper look in the human genome to find the cause of schizophrenia.

2,182 Days
I have made it my passion to reach out to young adults and teenagers who are struggling with mental health issues that cause them to feel as alone as I once did.

Black History Month: A Historic Call for Action
In February, NAMI recognizes the significant contributions that African Americans have made throughout U.S. history but also note the mental health concerns facing the African American community.

The Geometry of Mental Illness
Dr. Geoffrey Phillips is helping fight the stigma of mental illness through his Happy Circle trilogy, written “for all ages and all brains.”

Here's What People Are Saying
In her first month as NAMI's executive director, Mary Giliberti has been listening to and learning from NAMI members and mental health leaders.

Speaking with Former Surgeon General David Satcher, a Leader in Mental Health
Nearly 15 years after his landmark report on mental health, Dr. Satcher's work continues to have an impact on the country's mental health.


Ask a Cop: What Should I Say When I Call 911 for a Loved One?
No one wants to experience a crisis, but it's important to be prepared if one does happen.

Ask the Doctor: Living Well with Bipolar Disorder
Dr. Nierenberg joined NAMI's medical director Ken Duckworth to look at the combination of factors that help ensure wellness.

There Is Hope: Sarah's Story
"I will always struggle with my depression, mania and anxiety, but I have committed to over coming it."

60 Minutes: Here's the Full Story
On Jan. 26, 60 Minutes aired "Nowhere to Go: Mentally Ill Youth in Crisis," to help bring attention to failures in the mental health care system and the effect on youth and families.

Meditation Shows Promise in Relieving Anxiety and Depression
Meditation is a means of developing wellness, an ongoing process of learning how to make choices that support a more successful, healthy life. A new analysis explores the benefits.

Growing Outreach Through Faith
NAMI Wood County in Bowling Green, Ohio is expanding their community of faith for people living with serious mental illness with help from the Kitchner FAMILY Foundation.

60 Minutes Will Focus on Father and Son Tragedy—For Lack of a Bed
On Sunday, Jan. 26, CBS News' 60 Minutes will air a story on former Virginia senator Creigh Deeds, whose son died by suicide, after attacking his father.

Antipsychotics: Taking the Long View
Antipsychotics help people through the crisis of acute psychosis, but the long-term management of chronic mental illness is another matter.

Federal Proposal to Limit Access to Psychiatric Medications Causes Concern
Proposed alterations to Medicare Part D could mean changes in the availability of medication for individuals with mental illness.

I’m New on the Job. So Why NAMI? Why Now?
NAMI's new executive director takes a moment to tell why she decided to come back to NAMI and what the future holds for the organization.

It’s Never Too Late
"I look back on my life with regret, but it's no longer that I was wasting my life, but that I didn’t get help sooner." This is Eric's story.

Let’s Talk about Cats and Mental Illness
What do we make about the connection between cat bites and the risk of depression?

Beyond That Gives a Voice to Recovery
Meg Hutchinson's latest album is a compilation of songs that celebrate overcoming adversity and invites listeners to look beyond difficulties towards the potential of the future.

Mom, Bipolar Disorder and a Confused 9-year-old
"At first I was too scared to tell anyone my mom even lived with bipolar disorder because I didn’t accept it then myself." This is Nicole's story.

Hyperbole and a Half Draws a Unique Picture of Depression
Allie Brosh chronicles many of her difficult days as a child, including living with depression, in her humorous and poignant new book.



New Year's Resolutions: Take Stock, Make Them Stick
Now that we've rung in 2014, it's a good time for self-reflection and goal-setting.

Finding Hope and Helping Others
Stigma and the fear of not being "normal" was enough to keep me from getting treatment for a debilitating mental and physical illness for 23 years.

Making Better Mental Health Treatment a National Priority
NAMI's Ron Honberg recently met with Vice President Joe Biden and the families of the victims of the Newtown, Conn. tragedy.

NAMI Looks Ahead to 35 Years in 2014
This past year NAMI had many great achievements, but next year brings new opportunities and hope.

NAMI Homefront Helps Educate Military Families and Veterans
NAMI has adapted its Family-to-Family program to help address the specific needs facing military service members and veterans.

Visualizing the Road to Recovery
Healing Vision provides a rare visualization of the road to recovery through the photographs of the Athens Photographic Project.

A CNN Story: It’s about NAMI, So Listen Up!
Recently unveiled by CNN is the powerful story of Stephanie Escamilla, her son “Daniel” and his experience living with mental illness.

New Studies Highlight Trends in Child and Youth Mental Health
Two reports released in recent weeks provide updated views of mental health trends among children and youth.

The New is Starting to See Results
If you have had difficulties applying through, NAMI’s best recommendation is to try again now.

NAMI’s Newtown Prayer: Share Reflections on Dec. 14
One year after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., the nation pauses and reflects.

Helping Your Child Stay Organized and Handle Adversity
An interview with Carolyn Dalgliesh, author of The Sensory Child Gets Organized.

Get your smart phone ready and prepare to “Text, Talk, Act on Mental Health”
The Dec. 5 event is an important part of the National Dialogue on Mental Health and is expected to encourage even more participation.

The Healing Power of Faith
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Elder Jeffrey R. Holland discusses the value of hope and faith in living with mental illness.


Black Friday, Cyber Monday… #GivingTuesday!
We have a day for giving thanks and two days for sales and buying presents. Now there is a day for giving back. Help NAMI shine the light on mental illness.

“I Did It. You can too.”
Supported employment programs can help those living with mental illness secure a job, build a career and move forward on the road to recovery.

Beat Back the Holiday Blues
The holidays are a difficult time for many people. However, there are strategies one can follow to minimize the negative aspects of the season.

Ending the Silence of Mental Illness in High School
NAMI's newest signature education program teaches high school students about mental health.

Newtown: Marking the First Anniversary
In observance of the first anniversary of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., NAMI has created a special section of resources for policymakers, news media and the general public.

Let’s Connect for Mental Health
This week, NAMI introduced Connect4MentalHealth, in partnership with the National Council on Behavioral Health, to keep moving the National Dialogue forward to action.

“Coming out” on Mental Health Sunday
On Oct. 20, people in United Church of Christ communities across the country “came out” to their congregations, telling their stories about living with mental illness.

NAMI Honors Professor Patrick McGorry with Scientific Award in Early Intervention for Youth
On Nov. 14, NAMI will be presenting Professor Patrick D. McGorry with NAMI’s annual Scientific Research Award at the House of Sweden in Washington D.C.

New Rule Requires Equal Treatment for Mental Health
While issues remain to be solved, this "final rule" that mental health be covered equal to physical health is something to celebrate.

Remembering Our Veterans and their Families
On Veterans Day, America pauses to honor every service member who has ever worn one of our nation's uniforms and acknowledges the gratitude that it owes its patriots.

Remnants of a Life on Paper
Remnants of a Life on Paper is a moving account of a family’s experience with borderline personality disorder and their appeal for others to reach out and seek help.

NAMI Offers Toolkit to Raise Mental Health Awareness on College Campuses
NAMI has created a special toolkit to raise mental health awareness, educate the college community and help combat stigma.

Bringing Mental Illness to Life as "Real Monsters"
After struggling with his own anxiety, an artist hopes his drawings can help others.


Turn Back the Clock this Weekend, but Watch for Signs of Depression
Daylight saving time will end Sunday at 2 a.m. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep, but be mindful of Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms.

What Has Your State Done to Improve Mental Health Care?
NAMI has prepared a State Legislation Report that surveys legislation in 2013 and summarizes trends, themes and best practices that will continue to be important in 2014.

In San Antonio, Faith Shines in a Candlelight Service
On Oct. 6, congregations across multiple religious denominations came together for a second annual Ecumenical Candlelight Service in observance of MIAW.

Never Again: A Family Confronts Nazi Germany and Mental Illness
A great-granddaughter traces how her family has been affected by mental illness.

Are You Haunted by Halloween Stigma? Here’s What to Do
NAMI loves Halloween as much as anyone else. Unfortunately it is also a holiday that is rife with stigma.

The Latino Paradox: Mental Health Appears to Not Be an Exception
For Latinos in America there seems to be an anomaly: low-income Latino immigrants are often healthier than their U.S. counterparts.

Bringing Mental Illness Awareness to the NFL
Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall will be wearing green shoes tonight to bring mental illness awareness to a national stage.

Importance of Integrated Care Highlighted in International Report
International experts release report on integration of care for people living with schizophrenia.

Making it OK to Talk About Mental Illness
NAMI Minnesota Celebrates Mental Illness Awareness Week with more than eighteen “community conversations” on mental health.

Veterans, NAMI, a Summit and Pizza
It started with pizza. Or rather, it was the pizza that was the true catalyst to forging a support network for and strong relationship with veterans.

Saving Lives, Changing Communities
Following the shooting of a man living with mental illness in 1988, NAMI Memphis leaders' efforts with the Memphis police led to the nation’s first crisis intervention team (CIT).

The NRA’s Rhetoric is No Commitment to Mental Health Care
NRA Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre equates individuals living with mental illness with "violent criminals and the evil-minded."

What Does the Federal Government Shutdown Mean for Social Security?
SSDI and SSI payments will continue during the shutdown but some services have been limited.

Researching the Rare: Childhood Onset Schizophrenia
Dr. Judith Rapoport joined this month’s Meet the Scientist Webinar Series to present on “Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia—The Study and Treatment.”

Taking on the World: Free Global Film Screening on Mental Illness, Oct. 10
In observance of World Mental Health Day, Thurs., Oct. 10, Hidden Pictures is available for free online screening. It explores the global impact of mental illness.


Psychiatrists Pose Five Questions About Antipsychotic Medications
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has released a list of five uses of antipsychotic medications that are “...potentially unnecessary."

2013 Voice Awards Honor Unsung Heroes
On Aug. 25, the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) presented its seventh annual "Voice Awards" to mental health advocates.

Fighting to Prevent Military Suicides
The U.S. Army's Ready and Resilient Campaign aims to prevent suicides and eliminate the stigma of seeking mental health treatment.

Freshman Year: Blues Are the New Black
The transition to college isn't easy. A new environment means new challenges.

Mental Health in the Marketplace
Have you been denied health coverage? Beginning Oct. 1 you might be eligible for quality health insurance.

Suicide Awareness and Resources for Faith Leaders
In recognition of Suicide Awareness Month, NAMI has prepared a list of suicide awareness materials, responses and prevention resources for faith leaders.

Suicide Portrayals and "Suicide Contagion" are not a Frivolous, Comic Concern
There's nothing funny about suicide, so why would DC Comics make a contest about it?

Putting Down the Cigarette
Peers can play a huge role in helping you or someone you know quit smoking.

Suicide Prevention: Supporting Our Troops
September is Suicide Prevention Month. It's a time to remember and provide for our veterans and active-duty personnel.

The Power of Personal Stories
NAMI has been honored with a Platinum Award nomination from PRNews for its outreach and storytelling campaign.

A New Paradigm for Addiction
In Recover to Live, Christopher Lawford Kennedy brings together more than 100 experts on determining whether your bad habit is becoming a dependency.


Long-term Recovery: More Options, Better Treatment Needed
Dr. Thomas Insel, NIMH Director weighs in on study results that, for some, may turn age-old thinking in the mental health field on its head: long-term recovery in schizophrenia may not necessarily include taking antipsychotic mediations.

Treating Apathy in Schizophrenia
In this month’s Ask the Doctor dialogue on adult issues, Dr. Stephen Marder, M.D. discussed treating apathy in schizophrenia.

As School Doors Swing Open, NAMI Stands Ready to Help
Many have called on schools to play a bigger role, but schools cannot do this alone. NAMI stands ready to help and calls for a commitment from schools in five key areas.

Getting Graphic: An Illustrated Memoir Explores the Creative Side of Mental Illness
Ellen Forney's new book is a creative display of the ups and downs of mania and depression.

Climate Change? Here's the Stigma Weather Report
The summer of 2013 was marked by quite a few stormy stigma incidents in the media.

New Trends in Mental Health Treatment
Supplemental treatment options may provide added benefit for those living with mental illness.

Susanna Compassionately Portrays Postpartum Depression
Postpartum depression affects millions of women across the country. Susanna, a Web series starring Anna Paquin and Maggie Grace, mindfully dramatizes one woman's experience.

Yoga Behind Bars: Study Reveals Positive Mental Health Effects
About one-half of all prisoners live with a mental illness. A new study by Oxford University suggests yoga may improve this population's mental well-being.

Mental Illness and the Death Penalty: NAMI Condemns Florida Execution
On Monday, Aug. 5 at 6:17 p.m., John Ferguson, a man living with severe mental illness, was put to death.

Mental Health in Schools: A Role for School Resource Officers
After Newtown, NAMI has been flooded with questions about how to recognize mental health conditions and keep schools safe.

Going Somewhere Over the Rainbow to Learn About Bipolar Disorder
Derek Thompson's book offers a personal look into what it's like to live with a mental illness.


Stress Boosts Good and Bad Habits, Study Finds
New research shows that stress can be a powerful tool for increasing positive behaviors.

Navigating a Bipolar Life
Melody Moezzi's new book chronicles her journey of love, success and faith while living with bipolar disorder

It’s OK2TALK about Mental Illness
This week the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) unveiled it’s OK2Talk campaign that encourages teens and parents to have critical conversations about mental illness.

NAMI Minnesota Creates "Summer Camp" for Teens
Aimed at helping teens living with mental illness feel hopeful, NAMI Minnesota's new weeklong Progression Summer Camp for young adults offers support, education and skills.

Keep the Conversation Going
Take a look at all the great things that have happened during National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month so far.

On Mental Health Awareness in the Muslim Community
The relationship between Melody Moezzi's bipolar disorder and her religion has greatly impacted her identity.

Healthy Emotion Regulation Can Reduce Anxiety, Study Finds
A new study shows that those who approach situations with a more positive outlook experience less anxiety.

Sibling Bullying Linked to Poor Mental Health
Fighting amongst siblings is usually viewed as harmless child's play. But a new study from the University of New Hampshire posits that sibling rivalries may be more harmful than once assumed.

Healing by Helping Others
Bassey Ikpa's own struggles with bipolar disorder have made it possible for her to provide support to others living with mental illness.

Book Review: Taking Charge of ADHD
Being a parent of a child living with ADHD brings its own set of challenges. Russell Barkley offers some advice for parents in his new book.

Naming the Beast: Mental Illness
The loss of a loved one to suicide is devastating, but it's important to remember that they were more than just their illness.

Speaking Out for Minority Mental Health
July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.


Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance
It's important to know all of your options for help when living with a mental illness.

Rescuing American Healthcare
Can American healthcare be saved? The movie Escape Fire takes a look inside the damaged system.

Sharing Hope and Finding Success
NAMI leaders present their successes with African American and Latino community partnership programs at the NAMI National Convention.

Book Review: Coming of Age on Zoloft
A mother reacts to Katherine Sharpe's novel on the impact medication has had on the identity of adolescents and young adults.

PTSD Awareness Month: Educate Yourself
June is PTSD Awareness Month. Take a free self-assessment as a part of PTSD Screening Day.

CDC: One in Five Kids Lives with a Mental Health Issue
A groundbreaking report from the CDC sheds light on children living with mental disorders.

FDA Investigates Two Deaths Following Use of Long-Acting Antipsychotic Zyprexa Relprevv
The long-acting injectable used for the treatment of schizophrenia is under investigation.

Law Enforcement in Small and Rural Communities
How do police address situations in smaller communities when they don't always have the resources? Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) and community partnerships can help.

Inspirational Documentary Fights Stigma of Mental Illness
Individuals living with mental illness share their stories of perseverance in a documentary produced as a part of California’s initiative to fight stigma and raise awareness.

Loving Our Daughter Is Not a Choice, Just Like Who She Truly Is
When Annette's son became her daughter, the amount of love didn't change. Along the way they found NAMI and a place for support.

Autism Research Sheds New Light on Gender Differences
New studies presented at The 2013 International Meeting for Autism Research provide possible explanations behind the skewed gender ratio in autism diagnoses.

Navigating Life After War
The role of faith and community can be important in helping veterans return to everyday life. NAMI recently spoke with Hector Villarreal of the San Antonio Coalition for Veterans about the importance of this outreach effort.

To Peer or Not to Peer
For Livette Porter, finding peers helped her get the support she needed and moving in the right direction.

Mental Illness: Let the Dialogue Begin
On Monday, June 3, President Obama convened the White House Conference on Mental Health. NAMI applauds his efforts for engaging in a national dialogue on mental health.

Providing Hope Through Music
Sisters Kyrsten and Kourtney Roseman have seen their father struggle with mental illness. Music provides them a way to speak out and raise awareness.


NAMI Family-to-Family Gets the Recognition it Deserves
For over 20 years, NAMI Family-to-Family has been providing support and hope to families struggling with mental illness. Now it's been recognized as an evidence-based program.

Trauma Healing and the Importance of Family and Compassion
Treating PTSD in our veterans won't be easy. Approaching treatment from a family perspective might provide some needed help.

Share Your Strength. What Songs Inspire You?
Music can be a source of inspiration and hope. (It can even provide some common ground between a dad and his kids.)

Suicide Rates Rise Significantly Amongst Baby Boomers, Study Finds
A new study conducted by the CDC has shown that suicide rates for adults aged 35 to 64 have increased in the last decade and a half.

Providing Support When It's Needed Most
NAMI Vermont recently teamed up with a local hospital to provide NAMI Connection to individuals right in the psychiatric unit.

Regulating Glutamate May Help Early Detection of Schizophrenia, Study Finds
A recent study has discovered that increased levels of glutamate may play a role in triggering psychosis.

DSM-5 and Psychosis: Hopes and Limitations
What does the release of a new version of the DSM mean for the future of diagnosing mental illness?

A Shared Journey
Max Maddox and his mother Kathy Brandt weave together a beautiful and hopeful narrative describing his experience with bipolar disorder.

NAMI Introduces Early Psychosis and Recovery Podcast Series
Facing psychosis is a difficult challenge. NAMI has developed a podcast series providing key information to help individuals understand the issues.

NFL Players May Be More Likely to Develop Depression as they Age, Study Finds
A recent study shows former professional football players are more likely to develop cognitive impairment and depression as they grow older.

How I Put the Happy in Mother’s Day
It's been over 10 years since her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This is what Mother's Day means to Dawn Brown.

NAMI Has ‘Got You Covered!’
NAMI's new website can help you understand health insurance changes that will be happening in the coming years.

Singing Out for Kid's Mental Health
During National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, Congress and pop culture converged to raise awareness for mental illness.

Helping Someone When They Don't Know How to Get Help
NAMIBikes rider Eric Ward was down and almost out. Then his therapist went above and beyond the call.

Faith and Spirituality Beneficial in Treatment, Study Finds
A new study has found that people who believe in a higher power are more responsive to short-term treatment of depression.

Guns and Mental Health Care: Finding the Right Solutions
With Congress at a standstill, what lies ahead in the relationship between guns and mental health?

Sharing Life through Poetry
NAMI asked its Facebook page followers to submit haikus during National Poetry Month. Here are the winners.


Depression Risk Factor Can Be "Contagious," Study Finds
A new study shows that negative thoughts of students vulnerable to depression can increase the likelihood that their roommates will also experience depression.

Finding the Silver Lining
David O. Russell, the director of Silver Linings Playbook, spoke with NAMI about the film and his personal connection with mental illness for the latest edition of the Advocate.

Putting People in the Bipolar Driver’s Seat
Charles Bowden, M.D., an expert on bipolar disorder, will explore the importance of partnership, self-awareness and treatment strategies at the NAMI National Convention in June.

Depression Runs High Among College Athletes
A new study shows that college athletes may be put at an increased risk for depression.

Finding Yourself 'Far From the Tree'
Andrew Soloman's latest book explores what it's like for parents with children who are different than their peers and often stigmatized.

Becoming a Better Church for Families with Special Needs
Pope Francis' embracing of individuals with disabilities has won a lot of hearts. But what about those with illnesses that are not always so visible?

Big Stars Shine Light on Mental Illness in New TV Movies
On April 20, Call Me Crazy: A Five Film premiered on Lifetime Television. Five short films give viewers a new look at what happens when a loved one struggles with mental illness.

Fifty Years After Her Death, Sylvia Plath's Poetry Lives On
Sylvia Plath didn’t reach her pinnacle of fame until after her death, but her collection of poetry solidifies her as a tremendous poet.

NAMI Honors Vancouver Canucks for Mental Health Awareness Campaign
NAMI has selected the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL to receive one of its highest honors for leadership in raising public awareness of mental illness.

Relationships: Where Treatment and Recovery Begins
NAMI talks to Dr. Xavier Amador about his upcoming NAMI National Convention Special Presentation and his world-renowned LEAP Institute.

Finding the Threads of Strength: Supporting a Sibling with Mental Illness
Ten years ago Molly Wilson's brother started showing signs of schizophrenia. After a long road, he started getting better.

Travelling through the Dark Wood of Depression
Between 2005 and 2007, David Blistein faced a depression that took him through his own inferno, but ultimately a transformation. NAMI spoke with him about his experiences and new memoir.

Insomnia Linked with Increased Thoughts of Suicide, Study Finds
A recent study discovers the connection between insomnia and increased thoughts of suicide. Findings may change the way doctors treat persons living with insomnia in the future.

After An Arrest: Understanding the Courts
The criminal justice system is difficult to navigate. NAMI recently spoke with an expert to provide insight.

White House BRAIN Initiative Calls for $100 Million for Scientific Advancement
President Obama unveiled a bold new plan to increase our understanding of the human brain.

'Killer Bread’ Provides Inspiration
Dave Dahl had been to prison four times but decided to turn his life around and rejoined, and rejuvenated, the family bread business.

Iris the Dragon Helps Kids Cope with Mental Illness
The children’s book series helps kids all across North America understand and cope with their mental illness while fighting stigma and promoting awareness.


One of History’s Best Painters Colored our World while Battling Depression
Vincent van Gogh is of the most famous painters in history. He also may have lived with mental illness.

#ThinkPositive and Make a Difference in the Lives of Young Adults
NAMI has relaunched, an online community designed to inspire young adults living with mental illness.

Never Give Up: A Mother's Story
A mother tells the story of having to turn her son into police after realizing he had participated in a robbery in the latest edition of NAMI's Avanzamos.

Holy Week Can Give Perspective on Mental Illness, Regardless of Religion or Spirituality
The themes of Holy Week can transcend religious boundaries.

Easing the Transition to College for Students with ADHD
Scholarships and coaching available for students with ADHD might help make the transition from high school to college easier for students and parents.

Two Voices Speak Out from among the 26 Percent who Live with Mental Illness
Annmarie Timmons and Lisa Halpern openness about their personal struggles with mental illness is an inspiration.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month
Each year 1.7 million Americans experience a brain injury. Raising awareness about the seriousness of the issue can help improve care.

NAMI Testifies Before U.S. Senate on Veterans, Stigma and Suicide Prevention
On Wed., March 20, Kenny Allred of NAMI and others spoke before Congress and expressed the need for better mental health care for Veterans.

Battling from the Inside: The Devil in Silver by Victor LaValle
Pepper does not have a mental illness but finds himself suddenly placed in a psychiatric ward. He soon joins forces with three other residents to fight monsters outside and within.

Postpartum Depression Affects 1 in 7 Mothers; Bipolar Rate Strikingly High, Study Finds
The largest study to date on postpartum depression has revealed some startling statistics.

Executive Order Calls for New Recommendations on Veterans’ Mental Health Issues
President Obama addresses lack of mental and substance abuse treatment for veterans, service members, and their families in executive order.

Strong Advocacy Effort Needed to Help Smokers with Mental Illness
While public health efforts have reduced smoking rates as a whole, smokers with mental illness have benefited very little.

The Depression Boom: As US Population Ages, Mental Illness Rises
NAMI recently spoke with Dr. Dilip Jeste, a keynote speaker at the 2013 NAMI National Convention and an expert on mental illness in older populations.

My Experience So Far as a NAMI Family Support Group Facilitator
Majorie Antus tries to provide others with something she didn't have after her daughter's suicide: a safe place to be heard.

Experimental Brain Therapy and Antidepressant Combo Could Help Depression
A new research study has found that a brain stimulation therapy paired with antidepressants can reduce symptoms of depression.

Carrie Fisher’s “Bipolar Incident” Shows Progress in Fighting Stigma
News coverage of Carrie Fisher's bipolar episode in late February shows a new and improved tone from the media.

Entry on Mental Illness Added to AP Stylebook
The shooting in Newtown, Conn. helped prompt the Associated Press to change the way they instruct news agencies to talk about mental illness.

Parents of Children with Mental Illness Share their Stories with Congress
On Tuesday, parents and mental health leaders met with members of Congress to discuss how to improve access to mental health care.

The Friend You Forgot: A Book Review
Sometimes an imaginary friend is what you need to help you through difficult situations.

Fallen Riviera: Another World Proposes a Turning Point
Members of the Los Angeles-based band were deeply affected by the suicide of a former band member's brother-in-law and have used the stage to raise awareness for mental health.


The Family Role in Recovery: Understanding the Illness and Embracing the Process
When families engage themselves in the care of family members living with mental illness, outcomes improve dramatically.

Mariel Hemingway Focuses on Family's History of Mental Illness in Running From Crazy
Mariel Hemingway and director Barbara Kopple spoke with NAMI about the new documentary, which chronicles the history of mental illness in the Hemingway family and Mariel’s understanding of her own struggles.

Connecting with Others
Finding peers dealing with same issues can help you understand your own and help you realize that you are not alone. For Emma Volesky, the NAMI National Convention provided her that opportunity.

Everybody Knows Somebody: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Eating disorders specialist Andrea Vazzana spoke with NAMI to provide insight into the illnesses that affect one in 20 Americans.

Top Oscar Awards Connect to Mental Illness
The 85th Annual Academy Awards featured multiple winning films with links to the topic of mental health, including Silver Linings Playbook and Lincoln.

Discovering the Biological Basis of Anorexia
Like other mental illnesses, anorexia nervosa can be the result of both environmental and biological factors.

Another Look at Sandy Hook
More than two months after the shooting in Newtown, Conn., questions still remain unanswered but efforts are being made to prevent future tragedies.

One Word at a Time: A Writer’s Spiritual Journey to Recovery
At the age of 19, Kevin Coyle was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. In the decade following, it has been his faith that has provided him strength.

The National Dialogue: NAMI Minnesota Talks with President Obama
Sue Abderholden, executive director of NAMI Minnesota, and others met with President Barack Obama this month to discuss how to improve mental health in the U.S.

Can Combining Therapies Have a Synergistic Effect?
Researchers are testing to see if utilizing both cognitive adaption training (CAT) and cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBTP) at the same time produces even more salubrious results.

Hockey Talks: Will the Rest of the NHL Listen?
During the month of February, the seven Canadian NHL teams will take part in a campaign to raise awareness for mental health.

How I Found a Home at School
After struggling with depression and isolating herself the first year at school, Megan Rogers found a connection as a sophomore and everything changed.

Disclosure and Relationships
Dating isn't always the easiest thing. When you throw in a mental illness, navigating a relationship can become even more difficult.

Putting a Life Back Together
Bipolar disorder derailed her son's life. Tracing back through his childhood, Charlotte Pierce-Baker tells a necessary story of the difficulty identifying early signs of mental illness.

Fifty Years Ago, John F. Kennedy Called on Congress to Improve Mental Health
In a special message to Congress in 1963, President John F. Kennedy stated his wishes to improve the mental health system of the U.S. Today, President Barack Obama does the same.

You Are Not Alone: Kat's Story
It wasn't a friend or family member who brought Kat's disorder to the attention of someone who could help. It was, and still is, a complete stranger. But she's just as thankful.

Bradley Cooper Speaks Out in National Dialogue on Mental Illness 
Academy Award nominated actor of Silver Linings Playbook Bradley Cooper was in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 1 with Patrick Kennedy, NAMI and others to discuss the state of mental health in America.


Ask a Cop: CIT Changes the Way Law Enforcement Respond in a Crisis
The reasons for joining CIT may be different for everyone, but the results are the same: success.

Finding Truth about Bipolar Disorder through Fiction
In her debut novel, Juliann Garey offers up a moving story with details drawn from her own experience with bipolar disorder.

To Train or Not to Train
NAMI's education programs are vital resources for individuals living with mental illness across the country. Each year new people are trained to help pass on the knowledge.

New Semester, New NAMI on Campus Clubs
As winter break ends and college classes start again, many students are realizing the importance of mental health and creating clubs to raise awareness and bring support.

Suicide Still Major Concern For Teens Even after Treatment, Study Finds
Even after receiving treatment, suicide remains a risk for teens with mental illness. Does this mean current mental health treatments for adolescents need an overhaul?

The Power of Empathy and Non-Violence
Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the most influential civil rights leaders. While he is known for his political strategies, many do not know it was his experiences with depression that helped form his ideas.

Less Sunlight Means More Blues for Some
During the winter, an increased number of people report feeling depressed. The changes in mood are a result of seasonal affective disorder and can be treated.

NAMI Statement: The President’s Mental Health Proposals
Michael J. Fitzpatrick, executive director of NAMI issued the following statement about President Obama’s “Plan to Protect Children and Communities from Gun Violence,” released today.

A Different Kind of Recovery
With humor and wit, Christal Presley provides insight into the impact of PTSD on the entire family through the telling of her own, very personal experience.

Stress and the Brain: Neuroimaging and Hope for New Treatments
Understanding neural pathways in the brain may help reduce the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I’m Just a Dad with a Bicycle
Living with mental illness is often a struggle for Eric Ward, but the love for his children and cycling keep him moving forward.

Another View: More Mental health Care
Improving mental health care is an important first step in preventing tragedies like the one in Newtown, Conn.

Mental Health on the Bench
Judges can change the way the criminal justice system responds to mental illness and substance abuse, but they need training.



My Life Changing Experience with NAMI's Family-to-Family
Enrolling in NAMI's Family-to-Family class allowed Dawn Brown to connect with other families and learn from their experiences dealing with mental illness

A Letter to the President and Vice President
It should not have taken a tragic event to stir up a mental health care debate, but it has and America must act.

Newtown Tragedy: Push for Mental Health Reform
Last week, the shooting in Newtown, Conn. shook the nation. It's now a question of whether Congress and the rest of the country will act together to stop future tragedies from happening.

The Newtown Tragedy; NAMI Statement Includes Trauma Resources
Like other Americans, NAMI is horrified and saddened by today's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We extend our sympathy to their families and to all who knew and loved them.

NAMI Survey Examines Expanded Role of Pharmacists in Mental Health Care
A new survey revealed that individuals want to talk to pharmacists about medication but the lack of private space prohibits it.

In Sandy’s Wake: Managing Mental Illness after a Disaster and Finding Support
After a disaster, individuals who are affected can experience extreme mental distress. It's important to get help, especially for those already living with serious mental illness.

The “Fiscal Cliff:” What Does It Mean for Americans with Mental Illness?
As the deadline for making a budget deal comes closer, the services individuals living with mental illness receive could be affected by the decision.

Honesty: Silver Linings Playbook Delivers
The new film starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence brings an abundant supply of laughs and tears that is sure to leave viewers satisfied.

One Win, One Loss
The U.S. Congress passed a bill to remove the word “lunatic” from federal law, but the U.S. Senate failed to approve an international treaty on the rights of people with disabilities.

Parity: Now an “Essential” Health Benefit
Mental health and substance abuse treatment are no longer optional for health insurance plans and must be covered.

Depression during the Holidays: Helping Family Members
Running into family you haven't seen in a while means there might be some changes. Don't be afraid to reach out and give help.


Cross-Cultural Connection
A NAMI Connection support group in Utah has overcome cultural barriers in providing mental health resources to its members.

Young Adults Find Friendships and Hope through NAMI Peer-to-Peer
Supports group targeted at young adults are integral in inspiring hope for recovery.

A Conversation with My Pastor
Speaking out when you see prejudice is important. Even if it means confronting someone you respect.

Don’t Forget to Share Love and Thanks
Each year brings new questions (and hopefully a few answers). It's important to remember the people in your life and show them how important they are to you.

Using Virtual Reality to Treat PTSD
In his book At War with PTSD Dr. Robert McLay explains how “video games” may be a new frontier in PTSD treatment.

From Shakespeare to Schizophrenia
Research pioneer Nancy Andreasen will be awarded NAMI’s Scientific Research Award for her work on creativity, brain imaging and mental illness.

Mental Health Survey: College Students Speak
Going away to school can be exhilarating but also stressful. Having the right resources available to students can make a difference.

NAMI's Thank You to Veterans
Thank you for your courage and commitment in defense of our nation’s constitution and for preserving our quality and way of life.

Healing Touch with Guided Imagery Shown to Relieve PTSD
A recent study revealed that methods of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) could possibly alleviate symptoms of PTSD in soldiers.

A Family's Journey with Schizophrenia
In her book Ben Behind His Voices, Randye Kaye provides readers with a glimpse into her family and the turmoil that ensued after her son started showing signs of mental illness.

Cante' Wast'e Win: Breaking the Cycle of Historical Trauma
Elicia hopes her daughter's love for taekwondo will break down the walls of oppression and privilege and the cycle of trauma and pain.

I have Bipolar Disorder, I am not Bipolar
For Ellen Krantz, her bipolar disorder does not define her. Speaking out about her experiences allows her to demystify the stigmatizing ideas about the illness.


Besides Voting, Let’s Talk with the Winners
Regardless of who wins on Nov. 6, people across the country need to make sure mental health is a priority.

The Jericho Project: Hope for People Entangled in the Criminal Justice System
Jail diversion programs aim to get people living with mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse disorders the help they need, not just into a prison cell.

Love, Loss and Schizophrenia
Carefully balancing past and present, Karen Winters Schwartz takes readers on the fictional journey of one man's idyllic life turned upside down by mental illness.

What’s at Stake in the 2012 Elections?
The 2012 elections will be here in less than two weeks. What does the outcome mean for mental health? Everything.

Is American Horror Story Stigmatizing or Just Silly?
The new season of American Horror Story is set in a 1964 psychiatric hospital, but is more a commentary on life 50 years ago than anything else.

Making a Difference with Just a Phone Call
Something as simple as a phone call can help in recovery. For Helen Singer, that call just happened to come from Mike Wallace.

Why I Vote for Mental Health Care (and More)
This is Logan Stewart's first chance to vote in a presidential election. She's not going to pass up the opportunity to shape her—and her country's—future.

Living Well with ADHD
Stay informed and educated during ADHD Awareness Week with new resources, podcasts and personal stories about living with ADHD.

What Churches Can Do to Help
Mental illness of a family member can destroy the family's connection with its religious community. Churches across the country can help change that.

Halloween Protests: Haunted Asylums and Mental Illness
In addition to trick-or-treating and the rest of the fun Halloween brings, it can also mean stigmatizing displays about mental illness.

Ask A Cop: Avoiding Arrest During a Mental Health Crisis
Ask a Cop is a new column produced by NAMI’s CIT Center, answering common questions about law enforcement and mental health issues. This column provides advice on avoiding an arrest.

FDA Pulls Generic Version of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg
The FDA issued a press release on Oct. 3 stating that they are removing Budeprion XL 300 mg from the market because it is not bioequivalent.

Baseball and Mental Illness: Something to Cheer About?
For many, October marks the beginning of the Major League Baseball postseason. It also means Mental Illness Awareness Week is here.

Megan's Story
Deanna Adams tells a story of fear, uncertainty, diagnosis and ultimately hope, surrounding her granddaughter's experience with schizoaffective disorder.

The Presidential Debate: Where was Mental Health?
During the presidential debate on Wednesday night, "mental health" and "mental illness" were words never spoken by President Obama or Governor Romney.

Finding "the Clue" to Effective Treatment
Including psychoeducation and stigmatization, there are many variables that must be looked at to promote positive recovery in Latino communities.

Homeland: An Upfront Look at Bipolar Disorder
In the Showtime series Homeland, Claire Danes plays Carrie Mathison, a character living with bipolar disorder. NAMI recently spoke to one of the lead writers. Season two premieres Sept. 30.

Building Awareness: Mental Illness’ Special Week
During MIAW, communities around the country will hold events to raise awareness of mental illness to help promote treatment and eliminate stigma.

Rediscovering Family through Memories
After changing her name to try and hide from her mother, author Mira Bartók found her way back and rediscovered what she had missed.


Are You Registered to Vote for Mental Health?
Election Day is closer than you think, but it's not too late to register. Mental health care needs your vote.

A Compelling Memoir of a Cutter’s Descent and Emergence
David Fitzpatrick provides an intimate, and sometimes horrifying, look into his 20-year struggle with bipolar disorder and self-mutilation and his fight to have a normal life.

Solitary Reform: An Unexpected Leader
Instead of filling solitary cells up with prisoners, Mississippi started emptying them. Prison violence declined and now other states are following suit.

New Study: Benefits of Spirituality Affirmed
For many, spirituality can provide a great benefit in recovery from physical and mental health conditions.

Postpartum Anxiety and Depression: It Happened to Me
Following the birth of her son, Sarah Coon experienced an intense fear that soon turned into terror and panic attacks. But after reaching out to her doctor, she's getting better.

Latinos, Mental Health Care and the American Dream
Latinos have similar rates of mental illness as the rest of the population. However, Latinos often face many cultural obstacles in receiving appropriate health care.

National Strategy Launched for Suicide Prevention
A nationwide plan has been implemented to help stop suicides, especially among U.S. military veterans and younger Americans.

Accommodations at Work: What You Need to Know
Holding down a job can be a difficult task when living with a mental illness. With knowledge and the right strategy, however, the path to staying employed becomes a little easier.

The Continuing Struggle
Cracks in the mental health system are resulting in jails and prisons becoming filled with individuals living with mental illness.

Mental Health: The Importance of Voting
Legislators and politicians can have a large impact on the lives of individuals living with mental illness. Voting can help ensure it's a positive one.


Why You Should Care about Quitting Smoking
People living with mental illness are almost twice as likely to smoke as other persons.

Book Review: The Blue Cascade
After returning from Afghanistan, Lt. Mike Scotti was faced with a creeping depression and contemplating suicide. Through a series of powerful events, he finally found a path to healing.

Take the Stop Bullying Challenge
Bullying is a challenge that children and adolescents still face across the country. A new government program aims to help change that.

“Voice Awards” Honor Movies, TV Shows and Real-Life Stars
Leaders were honored this past Wednesday for their work in the field of mental health and substance abuse.

More than Training, More than a Specialized Police Response
CIT is more than training and more than a specialized police response, it is a transformation of the community’s response to mental illness.

Gun Laws and Mental Health
It's important to discuss how states handle the access of guns to those living with mental illness, but appropriate and accurate language should be used.

The Lives Behind Bipolar
The film Of Two Minds provides an honest and poignant portrayal of lives affected by bipolar disorder.

Honoring the Forgotten
A D.C. memorial garden honors individuals from the past who lost their lives to mental illness.

Opening Doors to Healing
Even in the most progressive congregations, people can be judgmental and ignorant when it comes to the causes of, and recovery from, mental illness.

Speaking Out: A Cheesy Stigma Story
Who would have ever thought that French cheese would stigmatize people living with mental illness?

Understanding Schizophrenia
At the NAMI National Convention this past June, Dr. Jack McClellan, presented the latest findings in the genetics of schizophrenia.

Finding Your Own Way: Learning to Live with Bipolar Disorder
Two new books address living with bipolar disorder. While the covers and authors' voices are quite different, both books address the struggles of living with mental illness.

Letter from a Grateful Parent
A recent story in the The Los Angeles Times on NAMI BOD President Keris Myrick touches the mother of a son living with schizophrenia.

The Proposed DSM-5: Alterations and Altercations
As the diagnostic bible for mental illness gets its latest revision, there is a lot of debate in the mental health community.

On My Mind: Distinguishing Scars
"Coming out" with a mental illness isn't as easy as with a physical disease, but doing so is just as important.

The Colorado Tragedy: Mental Health System Concerns
News developments this week have raised questions about psychiatric care—both in this specific case and our society overall.


Book review: In the Water They Can’t See You Cry
Olympian Amanda Beard shares her struggle with depression and bulimia in this moving memoir.

The Hope for Mental Illness: Research
Dr. Tom Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, spoke at the NAMI National Convention in July and offered a glimpse into what the future holds for mental illness.

Sleep Apnea Treatments Help Reduce Depression Symptoms
Sleep apnea can be the cause or consequence of a mental illness. New research shows the importance of treating it and getting a good night's rest.

Tracking Symptoms of Mental Illness? There’s an App for That
With more and more people always on the move, a new app makes monitoring symptoms of mental illness easier.

The Colorado Tragedy: What Families Are Asking
As investigations continue into last week's events, NAMI’s executive director offers perspective on questions that are difficult to answer.

Stigma Stands as a Hurdle for Teens
Perceptions of mental illness are stopping adolescents from seeking help. New research tries to find why stigma is so rampant.

Taking Exit 5150 on the 101
Last December Eric Victorino of the band The Limousines stood on the precipice of life and death. This summer he's begun to use his voice for more than just singing songs.

Miss President: NAMI Welcomes Keris Myrick
This July, Keris Myrick became the newly elected president of the NAMI Board of Directors.

A Good Life: Early Treatment and Eggplant Rollatini
Sometimes all you need is a little love, a little time and some good home cooking.

Book Review: Better Than Normal by Dr. Dale Archer
Are traits we view as detrimental actually strengths in disguise?

Helping Young Adults Overcome Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
A recent study shows that one in four college students experienced alcohol abuse or dependence in the last year—and one in four also showed signs of depression.

From Psychosis to Functionality with NAMI's Help
Jacquese Armstrong had lived in a state of psychosis and suicide ideation for 25 years. Five years ago, she found NAMI and her life started to change.

At the Intersection of Racism and Stigma
Jessica Gimeno won't let mental illness or physical illnesses prevent her from putting on her boxing gloves to face the day.


Purple Hearts for PTSD: Report Calls for Change in Military Culture
NAMI released a special report today, Parity for Patriots: The Mental Health Needs of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families.

Supreme Court Decision on Health Care Law
The Supreme Court's decision means that the American people can continue to move forward to build a health care system that covers everyone.

Does Race Matter When It Comes to Treating Depression?
A new study shows that when it comes to the treatment of depression, whites are prescribed antidepressants more often than other groups.

Friday Night at the Movies (for Less Than 40 Cents)
This year at NAMI's National Convention, three tremendous films about mental illness—Pensar Eterno, Kings Park and OC87—are being featured.

Tough Choices: Treating Mental Illness in Children
When it comes to diagnosis and treatment of a child, lack of research and stigma play major roles.

Book Review: The Dark Side of Innocence
A memoir of a childhood growing up with an undiagnosed and untreated case of bipolar disorder.

NAMI Testifies on Dangers of Solitary Confinement and Mental Illness
Individuals with severe psychiatric symptoms placed into solitary confinement in prisons is "akin to pouring gasoline on a fire."

Remembering Britni: One Step at a Time
Becky Wright lost her sister-in-law to suicide nearly a year ago. What did she to do show her how much she meant to her? Run a marathon.

Sowing Seeds of Hope
In Yolo County, Calif., sunflowers are being turned into a symbol of strength for individuals living with mental illness.

A Bridge across Religious Borders
A new collaborative has been created in California to ensure faith-based communities get the support and resources they need.

The Best Father I Know, Any Day of the Year
Living with schizophrenia isn't easy, but one father refuses to let it get in the way of him being there for—and loving—his kids.

Gay Pride Month: Coming Out for Mental Health
In June, communities around the country are observing Gay Pride Month. Mental health challenges often face many teens who come out.

Man's Best Friend Lives Up to the Name
When medication isn't enough, sometimes non-traditional methods of treatment are the answer. Psychiatric service dogs are quickly becoming the most popular choice.

Author Linea Johnson Talks Suicide, Bipolar and Recovery
Linea Johnson discusses her revealing memoir, co-written with her mother, that recalls her battle with suicide, mental illness and finding balance.

“Oh No, I’ve Just Been Diagnosed With a Mental Illness...”
Poet Yashi Brown has been hospitalized more than twice for bipolar disorder. She talks about what helps keep her resilient every day.

Book Review: Polarized: A Bipolar Memoir by Patricia Frisch
The personal story of a woman with bipolar disorder who overcame life's obstacles, forgave the people who betrayed her and received her Ph.D. along the way.

Rally for Patriots: Come to Seattle
On June 28, NAMI supporters will come together to honor the brave men and women who have served our country.


Unlikely Allies in the Fight for Mental Health Services
What needs to be in place in every community to ensure people living with mental illness get the right treatment.

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet—Or Would It?
Members of the military are calling for the name posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be changed in hopes of encouraging troops to seek help for mental health issues.

Senate Approves Bill to Strike ‘Lunatic’ from Federal Law
In an effort to eliminate stigma surrounding mental illness, the Senate unanimously passed a bill to eliminate the use of the word "lunatic" from federal law. This is a significant and symbolic victory for mental health advocates.

Never Give Up Hope: Joplin and NAMI Volunteers Everywhere
One year after a massive tornado devastated Joplin, Mo., we remember those who lost their lives and thank the NAMI volunteers everywhere who are helping strengthen their communities.

Caffeine Shown to Induce Anxiety and, in Larger Doses, Maybe More
A new case report suggests too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, insomnia and, in one case, even suicide attempts.

Book Review: Milt Greek's Blueprint for Recovery
The author offers first-hand experience dealing with recovery, the stresses of medication and social factors of living with mental illness.

50 Years of Data Confirms Benefit of Antipsychotics
A new analysis of studies published in the last half-century found that the use of antipsychotics for individuals living with schizophrenia is valuable, but that there are still many risks.

Veteran Success and Survival Depends on Advocacy
The month of May has been designated by Congress as Military Appreciation Month. NAMI's Military Council is hard at work raising awareness and getting help for veterans.

Breaking the Cycle: Leaving the Hospital
An innovative program in Georgia helps people reclaim their lives in the community.

The Sopranos Joey Pants Talks Depression and Recovery
In his new memoir, Joe Pantoliano takes aim at the stigma attached to mental illness by writing candidly about his struggle with depression and addiction.

A Mother’s Message of Reconciliation and Restoration
Mental illness can impact anyone. When it does it can strain relationships. Unfortunately, one of the most strained relationships is between a mother and a child. Restoring that relationship is key.

Through Rain, Sleet and Snow, NAMI Walks On
Wearing a host of silly hats, elementary school students in Ohio braved the cold and helped raised awareness for NAMI Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties during their seventh annual walk.

Closing the Gap for Children's Mental Health
More than half of all mental illnesses begin by age 14. Decreasing the time between the onset of symptoms and moment of intervention is extremely important.

Beacon of Light: My Path to Becoming a NAMI Leader
Jinneh Dyson, one of the youngest NAMI Affiliate executive directors to date, shares her story about "becoming NAMI."

My Road to Recovery: Learning to Understand My Illness
For Kara Germia, accepting her diagnosis of bipolar disorder wasn't easy, but with the support of family, friends and her therapist, the road became a little easier to travel.

Raise Your Voice and Cast Your Vote
With 2012 being an election year, it's important to familiarize yourself with the issues around mental health care in the U.S.

A Tough Matchup: Aubrey Huff Faces Anxiety
This past week San Francisco Giants player Aubrey Huff was placed on the 15-day disabled list with an anxiety disorder. Huff’s acknowledgement of his struggles brings attention to an important issue that affects millions of people.

Family Caregivers and the Gift of Hope and Healing
Caregivers who are active in NAMI’s Family-to-Family education program gathered recently to participate in a video project aimed at capturing the essence of their experiences.


Welcoming Youth and Their Families at Church
Youth living with mental illness and their families shouldn't have to face barriers to participation in worship services, educational programming and opportunities available through local churches.

Having an Impact: Reporter Meg Kissinger and Her Brother Jake
The Association of Health Care Journalists presented its top award this past weekend to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a series published earlier this year, titled “Imminent Danger.” The series probed the issue of involuntary commitment for mental illness.

Does the White House Read the Washington Post?
It’s been four years since the mental health parity act was enacted. Why hasn’t the Obama administration implemented it yet?

It Is What It Is
My son was 8 years old the first time a doctor told me he had a psychotic illness ... I knew the meaning of the word psychotic, but I could not imagine it describing my son.

Go Away Evil: Global Mental Health and Traditional Healers
Most developing countries spend less than 1% of their health budgets on mental health and most go untreated.


Airlines and Mental Health: Issues to Think About
NAMI released the following statement concerning the recent incidents aboard American Airlines and JetBlue flights...

Health Care Reform, the Supreme Court and Implications for People Living with Mental Illness
The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the Affordable Care Act...

The Afghanistan Tragedy is clear that the system of identification, diagnosis and intervention for ongoing invisible wounds of soldiers serving not what it should be.

Language, Stigma and Political Correctness: How We Talk about Mental Illness
One of the best strategies in fighting stigma is to turn protest into dialogue.

e-Advocate: March 2012
Read the latest content of this month's e-Advocate including the new Stories of Recovery, Voices of Hope featuring stories of recovery from our readers.

The New Normal:
Claire Danes, Homeland and Hollywood’s New Take on Mental Illness - Showtime’s original series is one of the first TV shows to feature a female protagonist living with bipolar disorder.

Improving Lives, Improving America
Almost everyone’s life has been touched in some way by mental illness. The face of mental illness is not the face of some stranger.


The First Lady of Mental Health
"We have to get the word out that mental illnesses can be diagnosed and treated, and almost everyone suffering from mental illness can live more normal lives."

Budget Debates: Let's Look at the Ground Level
Much of the debate leading into the fall’s elections will be over what programs should be cut and how much taxes should be raised...

American Idol: Singing Against Stigma
It takes courage for a person to talk about living with a mental illness. That’s especially the case if you are a teenager on American Idol.


NAMIWalks Makes Mental Illness Awareness a Community Issue
"From the very beginning the challenge was always the need to educate the public about mental illness."

The Message of Martin Luther King, Jr. Resonates in NAMI
They hoped to “…inspire people to know that there is hope for a global community working and acting together for a better world."

Election Mental Health Advocacy: Opportunity and Action
2012 will be a pivotal year for mental health care in America. Do your part to enhance your candidates’ understanding of mental illness.

The Arizona Tragedy: One Year Later
In the aftermath of the attack, 50 percent of Americans saw it as the result of failure in the mental healthcare system.



Dec. 30: Staying Informed! Mental Health News From Around The Country
The most up-to-date information on mental illness from around the country on the NAMI Twitter page.

An Exciting Year Lights the Way for a Bright Future
Too many people with mental illness both young and old, including many returning military and their families, do not get the right help in the right place at the right time.

Dec. 23: Staying Informed! Mental Health News From Around The Country
The most up-to-date information on mental illness from around the country on the NAMI Twitter page.

Dealing with Winter's Downside? Light Therapy for Dark Days
The shorter daylight at this time of year can affect those with seasonal affective disorder.

2012 NAMI National Convention
Register for the convention before Dec. 31st to save. Remember to book your hotel and travel arrangements early.

Dec. 16: Staying Informed! Mental Health News From Around The Country
The most up-to-date information on mental illness from around the country on the NAMI Twitter page.

Books: For the 12 Days of Christmas
Books can make great holiday gifts. Here are a few around which there’s been some “buzz” in 2011.

NAMI to House and Senate Appropriations Committees:
Fully fund this essential Reserve and National Guard mental health program in the Department of Defense's Appropriations bill.

NAMI’s Family Guide
Learn about integrated care and how you can improve the quality of care your child receives.

Dec. 9: Staying Informed! Mental Health News From Around The Country
The most up-to-date information on mental illness from around the country on the NAMI Twitter page.

Children in Foster Care and Psychotropic Medications … Monitoring is not enough
Monitoring the use of psychotropic medications for children in foster care isn't enough.

Dec. 2: Staying Informed! Mental Health News From Around The Country
The most up-to-date information on mental illness from around the country on the NAMI Twitter page.


Countdown to Recovery: Voices of Hope
As part of our Countdown to Recovery campaign we are spreading stories of hope throughout the holiday season.

Organization Provides Resources and Support to Native Americans
Native American Heritage Month: Rain Cloud provides resources for the Native American community in New Mexico.

Staying Informed! Mental Health News from Around the Country
the most up-to-date information on mental illness from around the country on the NAMI Twitter page.

The Deepening Crisis in Mental Health Funding
There is no easy way of saying it. After more than four years of budget cutting in many states, the mental health safety net is seriously frayed.

State Mental Health Cuts: The Continuing Crisis
The latest report from NAMI shows the nation’s mental health crisis is continuing to deepen.

Veterans and Mental Health: We Owe Them Better
On Veterans Day we must commit to doing more over the long haul. That will be the true measure of honoring the men and women of our military.

Podcast: NAMI Interviews General William “Buck” Kernan, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Joint Forces Command, Ret. – Serving Today’s Veterans, Military and Families.

Making Strides in the Spanish-language Community
I was familiar with NAMI’s education programs but had not experienced firsthand the truly life changing impact they had on people’s lives.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Allen Hill & his family face the challenges of PTSD. A two-hour special co-sponsored by actress Glenn Close’s Bring Change 2 Mind campaign.


NAMI Blog: Connecting NAMI with the World
Increasing the influence of our social community is significant as we strive to build better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Nami Blog: Early Intervention
A two year research study of the NAMI Basics program indicates that NAMI basics produces “significant improvement” in families’ communication and coping skills.

NAMI Blog: States at Risk
SAMHSA has released state by state estimates of mental illness. Now let’s follow the money.

First Episodes of Psychosis
What it is, What to do, Ways to live: New content on Psychosis and the 2011 First Episode Survey Report.

Providing the Steps to Recovery from First Episode Psychoses
I was troubled to find that there was an average of a nine year delay in getting the correct diagnosis...


Ticket to Work
Mental Illness Awareness week promotes employment efforts for all Americans, including those living with mental illness.

Scientific Research: In the News
Medical science usually advances slowly. What seems logical now may be built upon or overturned in the next decade—or even 20 years later.

Mental Health Cuts: The "Super Committee" Debate
Congressional leaders targeting Medicaid, critical safety net programs, mental health research and more.

The NAMI Advocate: Read All About It
The Advocate magazine is starting to arrive in the mail boxes of NAMI members this week.

NAMI Statement: The Nevada IHOP Tragedy; Questions to Ask
Michael Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of NAMI has issued this statement on this week’s tragedy in Nevada.

Youth Shouldn’t Struggle in Silence
Identify youth who need help early so they can be connected to school- and community-based services and supports when they first need it.

NAMI’s News Desk: People-Watching
Running NAMI’s “news desk” is a challenge, I get to monitor where and how NAMI is making a difference.


Behind Bars Without Help
The new head of Michigan’s Department of Corrections expressed concerns about how the department’s resources are used to provide mental health to inmates.

NAMI Survey: College Mental Health Services and Supports
Are you or is your child a recent or current college student living with a mental health condition? NAMI wants to hear from you!

Off to College
NAMI Staff member recalls her experience in college handling mental illness and finding help on her own.

Joint statement on behalf of NAMI Orange County, NAMI California and the national organization:
"What happened in Fullerton could happen to any American in any community ..."

The Voice and Ears of NAMI
By suggesting ideas from their own experience, HelpLine members can connect with callers and change the entire tone of a call.


A NAMI Summer
A NAMI Communications intern tells all about her experience working with various projects and being a part of the NAMI mission.

New PTSD Resources
Updated brochure and web site for individuals and families facing posttraumatic stress disorder.

2011 NAMI National Convention Highlights
Daily coverage, photos and videos of the the 2011 NAMI National Convention.


New Study on Family-to-Family: It’s All about People
A new study has found that the Family-to-Family program “significantly” improves coping and problem-solving abilities of family members.

The Top 10 Movies about Mental Illness
We asked, the fans answered: What movies made the biggest impact on you when it came to films that put mental illness in the spotlight?

Standing Up for Mental Illness
A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand—you cannot have one, without the other.


Calling All Legal Beagles
by Bob Carolla, NAMI director of media relations

Overcoming it all to fulfill a dream
by Janet Ohlsen

Survey on the Family Experience in Primary Care
Survey asked parents and caregivers about their experiences with mental health care with their child's primary care physician and staff.

The Beaver
The new motion picture The Beaver stars Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. The film explores the complexity of personal challenges that many encounter as part of this human condition.

Recovery and Wellness for GLBTQ Ethnic Minorities?
By Philip Qualo, STAR Center Program Manager

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
This day is dedicated to all the young lives that have been impacted by mental, emotional or behavioral health challenges.


NAMI and the Pulitzer Prize
by Bob Carolla, NAMI director of media relations

All About Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that affects 2.4 million American adults over the age of 18.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Puts Mental Illness In Spotlight
When the actress revealed that she lives with bipolar II disorder many people began asking questions about mental illness.


State Mental Health Cuts A National Crisis
Two thirds of states have cut mental health care in the last three years—even though need has increased.

NAMI spoke with Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster
about her upcoming comedy-drama The Beaver, which deals with depression.

Coping Strategies for Grandparent Caregivers
Grandparents play an important role when mental illness affects the family


About 25 percent of people who are homeless
also live with a serious mental illness.

When tragedies involving mental illness occur,
it is essential to understand the nature of mental illness and to find out what went wrong.


BP Magazine's Winter Issue
Relationships strained to the breaking point are the trailing ghosts of bipolar disorder. But that doesn’t mean repairing friendships and family ties is out of reach.

What's your identity?
Discovering who you are is part of recovery.

Start the New Year off right
Sign up for NAMI education and support groups today.



Start the New Year off right
by registering for NAMI education and support groups

For Native American Heritage Month
NAMI Board Member discusses mental health care, culture and spirituality.


NAMI Scientific Research Award
NAMI will honor Dr. Robert M. Post, M.D. at a special invitation only event.

Changing the World One Mind at a Time
After her daughter was diagnosed with mental illness, Bonnie Kinschner's family sought to raise awareness of the role of spirituality in recovery.

Maj. Gen. David Blackledge
spoke with NAMI about his own experience with Posttraumatic Stress and the military's current efforts to address mental health issues.


Grammy Award-winner Susan McKeown
holds a free concert featuring her new album at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

All About ADHD
A new comprehensive and interactive online resource center for information relating to Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Building a Grassroots Program
Leaders from NAMI's Latino community are creating a new faith-based outreach program.

Changing Times: Mental Health Awareness in the Jewish Community
A look into the issue of mental illness in the Jewish community


BP Oil Spill Fund Should Cover Mental Health Claims
NAMI Warns Administrator Kenneth Feinberg that Exclusion Would Be 'Neither Fair nor Equitable'

U.S. Army Report: Record-High Suicides
While military suicides reach historic highs, commanders are failing to address soldiers’ mental health needs.


NAMI Blasts BP: Oil Company Ignores Louisiana's Call for $10 Million to Meet Mental Health Crisis

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2010
Since 1990 MIAW has become a NAMI tradition, bringing together mental health advocates across to focus on a common goal.


The Latest from the NAMI Advocate e-newsletter
Beautiful Minds, Meeting Up for Recovery, NAMIWalks, NAMI Blog, NAMI Bookshelf and more...

Daily Coverage of the 2010 NAMI National Convention
The 2010 NAMI National Convention kicks off in the Washington, D.C. Check here daily for comprehensive coverage.

Eve Oliphant
In memoriam of Eve Oliphant who recently passed away at the age of 90.

Press Charges or Press for Change? The Criminalization of Mental Illness
The treatment system in America that is meant to fix the people itself desperately needs to be fixed.

Gulf Oil Spill: Mental Health Care Resource Guide for Families and Individuals Living with Mental Illness
Support for Gulf Coast residents.

2010 Census
Your participation helps determine federal funding for hospitals, emergency services, job training and more.

World Suicide Prevention Day
This week's blog post discusses Kurt Vonnegut, despair and saving lives


Honors for NAMI Medical Director
Ken Duckworth, M.D. receives the 2010 APA Patient Advocacy Award and is featured on CNN Health and Huffington Post.

NAMI NYC Metro Walk fights stigma, inspires hope for recovery.

NAMI Tells Congress: Act Now
Fund more scientific research, offset massive state budget cuts and an end backlog of Social Security disability claims.

When Medicine Got It Wrong Documentary
NAMI's story is told in When Medicine Got It Wrong, a moving documentary shown on many PBS stations nationwide.


Hope for Youth With Mental Illness at School
by Dana Markey, Program Manager, NAMI Child and Adolescent Action Center Launch Party Features Musician William Fitzsimmons
Hear an exclusive remix of "Goodmorning" and win an autographed CD!

NAMIWalks Goes to Iraq
An US Army platoon in Iraq will hold a 5K run to coincide with NAMIWalks San Diego event.

NAMI Founder Harriet Shetler’s Legacy
Statement by Michael J. Fitzpatrick, NAMI executive director

BringChange2Mind Campaign Joins NAMIWalks
Glenn Close partners with NAMI to raise funds for mental illness recovery.


Mental Health Budget Crisis
Budget cuts aren’t just about data. In real, human terms, lives are at risk.

Pat Quinn's Story
Pat tells a story a story of hope and recovery and how he was able to gain control of his illness and of his life.

NAMI Launches Social Networking Site for Young Adults -- A new online community for young adults living with mental illness to provide support, make friends and more.

NAMI launches Hearts and Minds
NAMI has launched a new health education program to promote sound "mind and body" health practices among individuals who live with serious mental illness.

Teen Stress Linked to Depression and Obesity
A new study suggests that early diagnosis and treatment of teen depression could help control obesity.


Job Loss Linked to Serious Health Risks
Research suggests that layoffs may increase risk for illness.


Research Revolution
An editorial in the international scientific journal Nature calls for a major revolution in mental illness research this decade.

Metabolic Tests Ignored in Medicaid Patients
Most patients taking antipsychotic medications are not screened.

State Mental Health Budget Crisis
State budget cuts are creating an unprecedented crisis in mental health systems across the country.

Haiti Earthquake: How You Can Help
"NAMI understands the trauma experienced by victims and family members," says Mike Fitzpatrick, NAMI Executive Director.

Disparities in Major Depression Treatment
Half of Americans living with major depression do not receive treatment, more so with Mexican and African Americans.



Medicare Drug Benefit Update: 2010 Plan Year Enrollment Begins
Open enrollment period for the Medicare Part D drug benefit for 2010 has started. Learn more about the coverage that goes into effect on Jan 1.

Portrait of American Caregivers
According to a new report, nearly one-third of the American adult population serves as a family caregiver.


Psychiatric Neurosurgery
The New York Times reports on the hopes and concerns surrounding new brain surgery techniques.

NAMI Beginnings Magazine
The Fall 2009 issue of NAMI Beginnings is now available for download. It focuses on integrating mental health and primary care.

Unprecedented Army Suicide Rate
The 2009 Army suicide rate is expected top last year’s record high.

Senate Unveils Health Care Bill
Senate Democrats have unveiled their $849 billion health care bill. Learn more today!

Help Expand Access to Affordable Housing
NAMI is currently supporting two major housing initiatives in Congress. Learn more and take action today!

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Webinar
An informative discussion in honor of Native American Heritage Month 2009.

Mental Health on Campus
Recent national surveys indicate that an unprecedented number of college students are requesting psychiatric help.


NAMI Calls for Increase in NIH Funding
"Medical research is the source of hope for people living with serious mental illness," says Michael Fitzpatrick, NAMI Executive Director.

New Resource Available
"A Mental Health and Community Integration Guide for GLBTQI Individuals: What You Need to Know," is a 12-page booklet covering a range of key issues in mental health recovery.

Economy's Toll on Mental Health
New National Survey Finds Jobless Individuals Four Times as Likely To Report Serious Problems

NAMI Launches New PSA Campaign
NAMI's PSA initiative encourages people to connect with each other through NAMI to help themselves and others affected by mental illness.


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
People living with obsessive-compulsive disorder share their experiences.

The President's Speech & Mental Health Care
NAMI responds to President Obama's remarks on health care to the Joint Session of Congress.


Hand in Hand
esperanza Magazine examines how depression in one spouse can complicate the challenges of marriage, and how couples can thrive when they work together to manage the illness.

Health Care Reform
President Obama expresses his desire to include mental health care as part of health care reform during a New Hampshire town hall meeting.

NAMI Meets with President Obama at White House
NAMI Executive Director Michael Fitzpatrick joined a group of representatives from the disability community for an historic meeting.

Bipolar Goes to Hollywood!
Read bp Magazine’s latest cover story on how Hollywood is stepping up to educate viewers by showing more responsible portrayals of people with bipolar.


Death Penalty and Mental Illness
Families of Victims Speak out at National Convention; “Double Tragedies” Report Released


Restraint and Seclusion in Schools
NAMI has participated in a White House meeting to discuss government action on a report detailing shocking restraint and seclusion practices in schools.


The Soloist: A Call to Action
NAMI launches a new Web site as part of a social action campaign with Participant Media surrounding the release of The Soloist.


Grading the States 2009
NAMI's new report, Grading the States 2009, assesses the nation's public mental health care system for adults. The national average grade is a D.

Working Through It: How to cope when you’re on the job
If only you could, as rock legend Neil Young suggests, "leave your troubles at the door," then depression would be neatly deposited on the office doormat. The reality is that people who are depressed at home most likely will be depressed at work. Read more about depression on the job from esperanza! magazine.

Confidentiality: Can what they don't know hurt you?
We live in an era where privacy and confidentiality are touted above all else - and not just in mental health issues. There must also be a balance between protection and common sense.


NAMI NYC Unveils Innovative Site
NAMI New York City Metro introduces an online resource to help New Yorkers navigate the city's complex mental health system.


HOUSE T-Shirts Benefit NAMI
Hit television drama debuts a new t-shirt to support NAMI.

Nominate an Exemplary Psychiatrist
The Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards program allows NAMI members and affiliates in every state, city, and community throughout the country to honor publicly the wonderful contributions that many psychiatrists make to improving the lives of people with psychiatric disorders. Learn more and make your nomination today.

Inaugural Invitation
President-elect Barack Obama to honor NAMI's Matt Kuntz in Whistle Stop Tour.

Free Teleconference Training
Participate in a free teleconference training, "Promoting Acceptance and Social Inclusion for People with Mental Health Problems in the Workplace." This will be held on Tuesday, January 27. Learn more and register today.

A new study reports that Medicare enrollees with parity insurance are more likely to receive timely outpatient care.



Support NAMI!
There are many ways to contribute in support of NAMI's programs this holiday season- and many include significant tax benefits.

Mariel Hemingway: Learning From Her Legacy
Mariel Hemingway is all about balance. Learn about the way she handles balance in her life from the premiere issue of Esperanza, a new magazine focused on anxiety and depression.

Cultural Healing
A growing immigrant population highlights a need for improved, culturally competent mental health services in the United States.

Health and Wellness
People with severe mental illness die on average 25 years earlier than the general population.


Children and Mental Illness
Nebraska law exposes mental health system in crisis.

Scientific Research
Scientists publish new theory on the link between parents, genes, and mental illness.

National Stress Out Week
During National Stress Øut Week, take time to de-stress and discover the difference between everyday stress and an anxiety disorder. Learn more from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

Veterans Day
NAMI releases a new PTSD brochure, intended to help individuals experiencing symptoms or diagnosed with the illness.


Election 2008: Vote November 4!
Be an informed voter. Learn the positions of candidates and parties before you vote.

Economic Crisis and Mental Health
International financial crisis increases mental health problems.

Victory on Parity
NAMI applauds bipartisan mental illness insurance parity bill.


Hurricane Disaster Relief
NAMI has established a special fund to help individuals and families affected by serious mental illnesses in Lousiana and Texas.

Missing Persons
NAMI has resources available for people searching for loved ones with mental illness who are missing persons.


Take This Survey
NAMI is grading states in 2009 on their public mental health services and invites you to help by taking an online survey.

New genetic findings may mean "new era" in understanding the disease.


BlueCross BlueShield Spotlights Mental Health
new public education multimedia series at Be Smart. Be Well. features personal stories of mental illness.

Bipolar Disorder
Listen to the stories of men and women living with bipolar disorder.

New York Outrage
Hospital attendants ignored dying woman with mental illness.


Covering the Uninsured
State healthcare reforms fail to address mental illness and substance use disorders.

NAMI blog
Latest post: NAMI's executive director Mike Fitzpatrick on the language we use for issues affecting our community.

New NAMI Report
Twice as many Americans live with schizophrenia as HIV/AIDS, but most people are unfamiliar with the disease.


MTV profiles young people living with schizophrenia.

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
Raising awareness about effective programs designed to address the needs of children and adolescents with mental health treatment needs. It provides an opportunity to spotlight how children’s mental health initiatives promote positive youth development, recovery, and increased resiliency.

NAMI’s Singin’ Scientist: Teaching the World to Sing
Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. has been named by TIME Magazine as one of "the world’s 100 most influential people."


Women and Depression
NAMI releases a new brochure, Women and Depression, about the many dimensions of major depression in women.

Genetic Testing
Congress is moving to prohibit employment and insurance bias.

Wounds of War
A study showed that almost 300,000 in the armed forces were affected by mental illness in 2008.

Restrictive drug policies cause more harm than good.


Bipolar Disorder
NAMI members share personal stories on ABC's Good Morning America.

Mental Health Insurance
The House of Representatives passes a parity bill, but tough negotiations lie ahead.


Bipolar Disorder Tests
Researchers are closer to identifying blood testing for diagnosis of bipolar disorder

Northern Illinois University
Tragedy renews the call for mental health reforms

NAMI Celebrates Black History Month 2008
NAMI is proud to have a wealth of resources available on African American issues in mental health and is proud to announce our new African American Faith-Based Initiative.

Fighting Stigma
NAMI parents speak out about mental illness on NBC’s TODAY Show.

"I Always Felt Different"
Students speak out about their experiences living with ADHD.


Read actress Patty Duke’s guest entry.

Media Ethics
Backlash: stop “diagnosing” Britney Spears.

Cultural Issues in Depression
Primary care clinicians are learning to appreciate cultural issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of depression in minorities thanks to a new collaboration between APA and NAMI.

Election 2008
Presidential candidates answer questionnaire on mental healthcare.

Depression and Diabetes
A new study suggests a link between chronic depression and Type 2 diabetes.



'Tis the Season for Giving
NAMI offers several ways to contribute in support of our programs - and many of these ways have significant tax benefits for you.

Prison Suicide Crisis
Massachusetts state prison investigation exposes deadly pattern of abuse and neglect of inmates with mental illness.

Military Attitudes Towards Mental Illness
In 2007 NAMI protested the U.S. Army’s treatment of 1st Lieutenant Elizabeth Whiteside, who was going to be court-martialed endangering another soldier and turning a gun on herself in a suicide attempt during a psychiatric breakdown.


Studies suggest an increased risk due to infections during pregnancy.

Veterans Resource Center Launched
Online Veterans Resource Center to help support active duty military personnel, veterans and their families facing serious mental illnesses.

The Continuing Crisis
Mental health problems from Hurricane Katrina are devastating the region.


Lilly Reintegration Awards
NAMI receives a national award for advocacy in helping people with severe mental illnesses.

Spotlight on NAMI Education Programs
The Psychiatric Times reports on NAMI’s successful and expanding education programs.

Gulf States and Hurricane Katrina
Funding problems are part of Hurricane Katrina’s continuing legacy.

House Fails to Override SCHIP Veto
The US House fell 13 votes short of overriding the SCHIP veto.

Mental Illness Awareness Week
MIAW 2007 will be observed nationwide Oct. 7-13. Learn more.


Honor Your Heroes!
The 2008 "Welcome Back Awards" recognize individuals who have made great strides in battling depression, or improved the lives of those struggling with the illness. Nominations are being accepted through Nov. 12.

A Major Victory
The U.S. Senate passes legislation for equitable mental health insurance coverage.

Cancer and Mental Illness
Researchers suggest that mental health problems can affect cancer patients more than physical pain.

Youth Suicides Increase
Two new studies report an unprecedented rise in the number of suicides among children.

Mental Health in Developing Countries
Health experts call on poor nations to offer more mental health services.


Virginia Tech Tragedy
A stunning report to Virginia’s governor has national implications.

PTSD Increase in Gulf Coast
The results of a new survey suggest that more Hurricane Katrina survivors are considering suicide or exhibiting symptoms of PTSD.

U. S. Army Suicide Report
The Army reports the highest suicide rate in 26 years.


Drug Use Linked to Risk of Mental Illness
A new study reports on possible link between marijuana use and psychosis.

Hurricane Katrina
Two years later, New Orleans still faces a failing health care system. Children especially are at risk.

Congressional Update
The first major step toward passing insurance parity has been taken in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Mental Illness & Death Penalty
The Supreme Court has blocked the execution of a Texas man who suffers from severe mental illness.

Veterans: A Critical Concern
Mental healthcare reform vital within Veteran's Administration system.

NAMI Honors Media
Awards presented at national convention to journalists, author, filmmaker.

Virginia Tech, Stigma Concerns Open NAMI Convention
Leaders discuss impact of national issues on future of mental health system.

Building Our Movement, Building Our Future
2007 NAMI convention opens this week in San Diego.

President's Virginia Tech Report
The U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services has released the "Report to the President on Issues Raised by the Virginia Tech Tragedy."

NAMI Applauds "Network of Care"
NAMI supports the Network of Care and its innovative approach to wellness and recovery through user-friendly online tools.

NAMI Honors Exemplary Psychiatrists
18 physicians are honored with "Exemplary Psychiatrists Awards" at the APA annual meeting.


Schizophrenia Conference
The World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders, The Schizophrenia Society of Canada and the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario present The 2007 International Conference "Lighting the Path: Hope in Action." Join them Sept. 27-30, 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

NAMI Celebrates Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have the lowest rate of mental health care use among all cultural and ethnic groups, and face formidable barriers in receiving treatment. Learn more about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and mental health.

NAMI's Own Receives Welcome Back Award
Sylvia Axelrod is honored for her tireless work in breaking down the stigma of depression.

Fighting Stigma on Campus
Read the personal story of a college student and how she uses her own life to teach others about mental illness.

National Childrens Mental Health Awareness Day
NAMI, a founding partner of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, joined Howie Mandel, other distinguished spokespersons and national advocacy groups on May 8th to raise awareness about children’s mental health.

Nancy Grace Promotes NAMI
The Grand Marshall of the NAMI NYC Walks program will be appearing as a guest on the Nancy Grace show on Friday evening.


HOUSE calls for NAMI
The hit television drama HOUSE is helping NAMI raise funds and awareness for mental illness.

Virginia Tech Tragedy: Responses and Resources
NAMI extends sympathy to those who lost loved ones and offers resources for those coping in the aftermath.

Virginia Tech Tragedy
NAMI extends sympathy to families who lost loved ones and distinguishes mental illness from violence.

Antidepressants and Kids
A new review concludes that the benefits of antidepressant medications for children and teens appear to be much greater than the risks.

Managing Mental Illness
Free on-line video and workbook focus on diet, exercise, and smoking cessation.

Intensive Psychotherapy Effective in Bipolar Treatment
NIMH study shows intensive psychotherapy more effective than brief "collaborative care."


New study on bipolar disorder released
Study from the New England Journal of Medicine on the effect of antidepressants on bipolar disorder.

In Our Own Voice
National Public Radio shares a voice of courage, wisdom and hope that helps everyone to understand mental illness.

Research Sheds Light on Genetic Factors in Schizophrenia
New gene study finds link between immune system and schizophrenia.

Learn more about Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and the treatments and support available for this medical illness.

NAMI Releases New Booklet
NAMI has released "A Family Guide to Mental Health: What You Need to Know," oriented especially to African-American families.

Mental Health in the Military
Soldiers come home to face poor conditions or treatment.

Schizophrenia Drug Studies
The latest studies show that "one size does not fit all" and medication alone is not enough for effective treatment.


Men and Depression
A Newsweek cover story focuses on 6 million men with depression.

HELP Committee Says Yes
The Senate HELP Committee voted in favor of parity paving the way for a vote in the full Senate.

Pass Parity Now
Congress may soon vote to end discrimination against mental illness in health insurance.


Order Books and Help NAMI
Visit New Harbinger directly from the NAMI Web site and you will receive 15% discount on your entire order and NAMI will receive a percentage of all your purchases, if you make them within 30 minutes!

NAMI to Increase Support Groups
NAMI will significantly expand its support group program for people with mental illnesses to all 50 states and Puerto Rico by 2009.

NAMI Calls for Federal Investigation
Neglect, abuse and poor medical care in Georgia's state hospital system. State leaders call for reforms.

Mental Illness Screening
The New England Journal of Medicine clarifies misconceptions about screening teenagers for mental illness.

Learn more about NAMI's free 12-week Family Education Program taught by trained NAMI volunteers in 48 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Families call this course life-changing!

Key Victories
Ohio and New York have joined a majority of states with mental health parity laws.



Best Books, Movies and TV of '06
Year provides an array of positive portrayals of the issues related to mental illness.

Help for the Holidays
New brochure offers tips for persons with mental illnesses, their families and friends, and their faith communities.

FDA Hearing on Suicide Risk
Higher risk is found among adult users of antidepressants ages 18-25.

Mental Illness and College
New York Times reports on two families with children in college with mental illness and how NAMI on Campus has been part of their recovery.

New Mothers and Mental Illness
Denmark study finds that new mothers have higher risks of psychiatric illness in the 3 months following childbirth.

Anti-Stigma Campaign Launched
New public service announcements targeted to 18-25 year olds are designed to decrease the negative attitudes that surround mental illness.

Schizophrenia Research
NIMH study of schizophrenia drugs requires "new thinking" in research, not restrictions based on cost.


NAMI Mourns Loss
Best-selling author Bebe Moore Campbell passes away. NAMI reflects on her life and contributions.

Adult Home Standards
A fire in Missouri kills 10 people and raises new concern over residential standards for people with mental illnesses.

Why Are You Thankful?
On, "1 Average Joe USA" is thankful for his wife and three children who "lift me up when I am way down."

A National Problem
Florida provides a case study of everything wrong about treating mental illness in prisons and jails.

Improved BPD Treatment
Many professionals have considered Borderline Personality Disorder to be almost untreatable. Read about a promising new treatment.

Hurricane Katrina: Mental Illness
One year later, survivors testify about psychological devastation, including 300% increase in suicide.

Suicide among African Americans
A new study that could help explode the myth that black suicides are rare was recently released by the Univ. of Michigan.

Depression Drug Study
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again—but choosing the right medication at the very start is important.

NAMI is teaming with a new, on-line community, HOTSOUP.COM, as part of an experiment to transform national debate into constructive dialogue.


Halloween Stigma
In a front-page story, The Chicago Tribune has focused national attention to NAMI's grassroots protests of haunted "insane asylums."

Childhood Struggles
Follow Haley Abaspour and her family as they struggle with childhood mental illness.

NAMI Honors Researcher
For his research on Bipolar Disorder, Dr. Charles L. Bowden received a $50,000 award NAMI at the Second Annual NAMI Research Gala.

Medical Bill Woes
New Study finds one in four American households had trouble paying their medical bills during the past 12 months.

Telemedicine Expands Access to Treatment
Video communication may fill a gap in areas where psychiatrists are few and far between.

New vs. Old Medications
A new study of antipsychotic drugs used in treating schizophrenia has major implications for national and state policies.

Playing to win: Creating your wellness team
Whether you have a fabulous insurance plan, or are coping in a public system, you—the consumer—are the leader of your wellness team. Your team might include a wide range of individuals for body, mind, and spirit.


The Future of Drug Safety
The Institute of Medicine releases a report recommending more money, people and power to enable the FDA to achieve its mission.

Survey of Caregivers
The disruption of a family member's treatment for mental illness can have harsh financial, physical and emotional consequences for families.

Depression is Real
NAMI and six non-profit organizations have joined together to launch a public education campaign to tell Americans the truth about depression.

Get Involved
NAMI leader speaks out on a model of care for crisis psychiatric services. Learn more and write your own letter today.

Mental Illness of Prison Inmates Worse Than Past Estimates
A Dept. of Justice Report shows that the prevalence of mental illness is 2 to 3 times greater than anyone imagined.


Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later
The region has barely recovered. This is especially true for people with serious mental illnesses. Access to care was poor even before the disaster.

Update on Suicide Hotline
As of September 25, 2006, SAMHSA is maintaining 1-800-SUICIDE.

New Study Shows Relief from Depression in Hours
For people with treatment resistant depression, there’s reason for new hope.


NAMI Travel
Turn your vacations into donations with NAMI Travel. Every time you book travel on our travel Web site, NAMI will receive a portion of the commissions. Learn more.

Andrea Yates Verdict
Justice has been served by the finding of a Texas jury that Andrea Yates is "not guilty by reason of insanity."

Report Uncovers Discrimination in Government Relief Efforts
People with mental illness in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina suffered discrimination in evacuation efforts.

"Depression: The First 48 Hours"
You’ve just been diagnosed with depression … Now what? Deborah Gray shares her best tips for coping and taking control of your health.

New Depression Survey Results
Individuals with depression and limited access to treatment incurred an average of nearly three times the annual out-of-pocket costs.

Summit Results in Action Plan
NAMI's landmark Multicultural Strategic Summit charts course to eliminate disparities in healthcare.


NAMI Honors the CBS Television Network
CBS Cares is being honored for running public service announcements on depression during primetime.

CNN features Depression
On Thursday, June 22nd CNN's American Morning featured NAMI member Jaye Lombard as she shared her story of recovery from depression.

Eliminating Disparities: Multicultural Strategic Summit
The Summit is part of NAMI's 2006 Annual Convention, June 28 to July 2. The Summit will bring together leaders from across the nation to address the lack of access to care and the disparities in treatment faced by multicultural communities.

Children of Depressed Parents
A new study has found that children of depressed parents are at higher risk for psychiatric and medical problems.


NAMI E-Newsletters
NAMI offers e-newsletters on a variety of subjects. One such newsletter is the StateHouse Spotlight that tracks emerging state public policy trends and provides the latest in tools and resources for state-level advocacy. Sign in and sign up today!

Ask the Experts Webcast
Kaiser Family Foundation will be holding a live webcast on Thursday, June 1st, on mental health care.

NAMI Honors Exemplary Psychiatrists
Sixteen Psychiatrists were honored for their work in disaster psychiatry by NAMI at the APA meeting in Toronto.

NAMI Members Honored
Two NAMI members were recently honored with Welcome Back Awards for their work in helping reshape the mental health system.

News Alert: Mike Wallace on CBS
On Sunday, May 21st, 60 Minutes will highlight Mike Wallace's career with a poignant discussion about his struggle with depression.

Public Still Lacks Mental Health Knowledge
A recent survey found a significant lack of knowledge and understanding of mental illness.

Cover the Uninsured Week
During May 1-7, 2006 thousands of activities will take place across the United States to tell Congress that health coverage for Americans must be their top priority. Find out how you can get involved!


Remember Mom & Support NAMI
Mother's Day is just a little over two weeks away, so we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that by doing your shopping through you can help NAMI improve the lives of people living with serious mental illnesses.


Ask the Psychiatric Pharmacist
NAMI has partnered with the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists to bring you "Ask the Psychiatric Pharmacist." Read about the long-term effects of medication from this ongoing series.

Nation's Mental Healthcare System Gets "D" Grade
The United States gets a D grade in helping adults with serious mental illnesses, according to the first state-by-state report on the nation's mental healthcare system in more than 15 years.


An Alternative to Incarceration
Mental Health Courts provide an alternative to incarceration. Read more about these specialized courts.

Study Looks at Treatment-Resistant Depression
Initial results from NIMH study measure effectiveness of depression treatment.

When a Person with Mental Illness is Arrested: How to Help
Read this handbook as to what procedures to follow when a person with mental illness is arrested.



Get Better Coverage
Read a new guide for companies on how to craft effective healthcare contracts that cover both mental health and general healthcare.

Give the Gift of Hope
Throughout the year, NAMI works to improve the lives of people living with mental illness. But we cannot do it without your help. NAMI offers several ways to contribute in support of our programs that bring hope to individuals and families -- and many of these ways have significant tax benefits for you. So give the gift of hope this holiday season.

NAMI Responds to Miami Shooting
NAMI calls upon the Federal Air Marshal Service to ensure officers are prepared to respond to individuals with mental illness.

1st National Survey of School Mental Health Released
One-fifth of students receive some type of school-supported mental health services during the school year.


New Website Launched
Leading mental health organizations have joined together to create a central resource on Medicare’s new prescription drug benefit.


CATIE raises more questions than answers
Tools available to help understand the study, its implications, and the unanswered questions that remain.

Remembering Wayne Fenton
The NAMI family is shocked and deeply saddened by the the tragic death of Dr. Wayne Fenton.


National Depression Survey Released
Results of a new national survey reveal a disparity between what people with depression say they know about their illness and how they manage it.

covering kids & families
NAMI's partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation aims to inform families of eligibility for state health programs including Medicaid.


Roadmap for Mental Health Reform
Sixteen national organizations release "Emergency Response: A Roadmap for Federal Action on America’s Mental Health Crisis."

Voice Award Winners
In Los Angeles the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Department recognized film, TV and radio writers and producers who have created positive, accurate and dignified portrayals of people with mental health problems.

Federal Mental Health Action Agenda
Seven federal level cabinet departments announce collaborative effort to provide opportunity for recovery.

Multicultural Manuals Now Available
The Multicultural Action Center is proud to announce the publication of 2 new manuals! The Asian American Outreach Resource Manual and Working with Congregations to Reach African American Families with Mental Illness are online now!


Response to Tom Cruise's Today Show Interview
The mental health community has responded to Tom Cruise's interview with facts about mental illness.

Transforming the Mental Health System
Davis calls for bold leadership to implement President’s New Freedom Commission report.

Spotlight on Asian American and Pacific Islander Mental Health
NAMI brings together consumers, family members, researchers and providers for special seminar.

New Study Released
A new NIMH funded study, titled "Mental Illness Exacts Heavy Toll, Beginning in Youth" shows the need for early intervention.


Get Connected!
NAMI's newest e-newsletter, The NAMI Connection, provides lively news, feature stories and useful information to help keep you in touch.

Taking Aim Together
A new study underscores the need for consumers and psychiatrists to talk about what they want from treatment. Schizophrenia Digest takes a look at this important issue and investigates ways in which consumers are psychiatrists are working together.

Taking Aim Together
A new study underscores the need for consumers and psychiatrists to talk about what they want from treatment. Schizophrenia Digest takes a look at this important issue and investigates ways in which consumers are psychiatrists are working together.


National Cover the Uninsured Week
NAMI is proud to be a national sponsor of Cover the Uninsured Week, May 1-8, dedicated to bringing attention to the plight of the uninsured.


Georgia Graduates First CIT Officers
The first of 3000 officers to receive Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to respond to individuals with mental illness have graduated.

States Push Parity Forward
Washington State has made mental health parity law while Iowa continues to push it forward through the legislature.


Keeping Families Together Act
Legislation aimed at ending custody relinquishment to secure access to much needed health care has been reintroduced in Congress.

Breaking the Silence of Stigma
NAMI's own Stella March was recently featured in Schizophrenia Digest for her years of work coordinating the StigmaBusters program.


Clint Black Concert for NAMI
Country music superstar Clint Black recently held a benefit concert for NAMI and NAMI Tennessee entitled "A Time for Hope."

Prescription Drug Assistance
Many pharmaceutical companies offer medication assistance programs to low-income individuals and families. Find out more and how you can contact the manufacturer.

The Rewards of Employment
For Ed Wohlford, a consumer in Florida, the rewards of his work surpass his paycheck.



Hearts & Minds
Mental health is only part of staying healthy. Physical fitness can help improve lives and life spans.

CIT Continues to Expand
Crisis Intervention Teams are expanding into nearly every state. Georgia is now seeing teams for the very first time.

Campus Services Expanding
USA Today reports about the expansion of mental health services on campus and student willingness to access such services.

Advances in Brain Imaging
A recent study shows significant differences between the brains of healthy individuals and those with bipolar disorder.


Coping With Winter Depression
Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real mood disorder that affects many people. Learn more about it and how to cope with it this winter.

New Jersey's First Family Champions Mental Health
New Acting Governor Richard J. Codey and wife, Mary Jo, make mental health reform a priority in the state.

Shop with Amazon and Support NAMI!
For almost anything you purchase from, NAMI will automatically receive a percentage of the total sale. Find out more about this simple way to support NAMI.

Californians Pass Proposition 63
Voters approve a new one percent tax on incomes over $1 million to fund mental health programs and services in the state.

Peer-to-Peer in Mexico
The Spanish translation of NAMI's Peer-to-Peer Recovery Education Course is underway. A recent training in Mexico got things started.


Election Day Poll Access
Concerns are being raised about on-site challenges against people with mental disabilities who need assistance at polling places.

Depression on Campus
As depression on college campuses becomes more common, Dr. Richard Kadison gives advice on the campus mental health crisis.

Suicide Prevention Act Signed
On Thursday, October 21, President Bush signed the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act for suicide prevention.

FDA Announces Black Box Warning
A warning label will now be placed on all anti-depressants that are prescribed to children. This warning does not evaluate all the risks.

"Out of the Shadow"
This documentary, created by Susan Smiley, about her mother's battle with schizophrenia and her trials with the public mental health system is now being shown in several locations across the U.S.

VA Needs More Detailed Info on PTSD Says GAO
In a report issued on 9/20/04 the GAO recommended that the VA determine the total number of veterans receiving VA PTSD services and provide facility-specific information to VA medical facilities and Vet centers.


NAMI Blasts CBS & Dr. Phil
NAMI charges CBS Television with gross irresponsibility and potential endangerment of the lives of children with mental illness.

Treating Kids with Depression
New FDA warnings about the use of anti-depressant medications for children leave parents, caregivers wondering about options.

NAMI & Election 2004
The 2004 Presidential Election is critical to NAMI's policy initiatives. Read about the issues at stake and how you can be involved.

New Magazine Launched at NAMI Convention
Reaching out to 2.5 million adults and the parents of an estimated one million children in the United States with bipolar disorder, a new magazine, bp,was launched September 8th at NAMI’s 25th Annual Convention.

NAMI Distinguished Service Award
On Sept 9, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton received NAMI's highest honor for her leadership in criminal justice reform.

Today Show Features "Women and Depression"
Running concurrently with our 25th Anniversary Convention in Washington, D.C. this week, NBC's Today Show is airing a series on "Women and Depression" which includes an interview with Karen Gormandy, a literary agent and NAMI New York City leader.

Women and Depression
Running concurrently with our 25th Anniversary Convention this week, NBC's Today Show is airing a series on "Women and Depression."

Jane Pauley Reveals Bipolar Disorder
In a candid interview on Dateline NBC with Stone Phillips, Jane Pauley reveals her battle with bipolar disorder. Learn more about bipolar.

HBO Real Sports Interview
On dates throughout September, HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel will include an exclusive interview with former NFL lineman Alonzo Spellman, about his struggle with bipolar disorder.


Jane Pauley Reveals Bipolar Disorder
Airing on Dateline NBC Wednesday, Jane Pauley talks with Stone Phillips about her public and private life and her diagnosis with bipolar disorder.

African American Symposium
The NAMI Multicultural Outreach Center’s Third Annual Mental Health Care Symposium: "African Americans: Facing Mental Illness & Experiencing Recovery." This event will be held on September 8, 2004 at the Washington Hilton and Towers Hotel as part of NAMI’s 25th Anniversary Convention.

New Study Released
The Journal of American Medical Assoc. released a study on Fluoxetine, and CBT treatment in adolescents with depression.


Treatment Instead of Detention
The Senate Government Affairs Committee holds hearing and issues report on children being held in juvenile detention centers.


NAMI Faces: Ramiro's Story
From abuse, addiction and jail to a better life. Read this powerful account of one man's journey along the path to mental illness recovery.


A Dangerous Place
The WashingtonPost reports on the troubling situation and neglect within assisted living facilities.

Subscribe to NAMI Beginnings
In recognition of children's mental health week, the NAMI Child & Adolescent Action Center invites you to subscribe to NAMI Beginnings, a magazine dedicated to the young minds of America. Subscribe to this free magazine about early onset mental illnesses.


NPRI Releases Fact Sheets
As part of the Campaign for the Mind of America, the NAMI Policy Research Institute created 6 fact sheets on vital social issues, aiming to encourage legislators to aid those with mental illness and ease the economic burden of these social problems.


Get Involved: Fight Stigma!
Read the latest StigmaBusters alert and learn how you can take action to fight the stigma of mental illness. Action items include a new music album entitled "Schizophrenic" and an update about the Silver Ribbon Stamp Campaign.


Hearts & Minds Program Launched
Hearts & Minds consists of a 13 minute inspirational videotape and 26 page booklet focusing on cardiac health in people who live with mental illness. Hearts & Minds is designed to help people change what they can change in order to attain good physical health.


Campaign Launched in West Virginia
NAMI-WV and more than thirty partner organizations are kicking off West Virginia Mental/Behavioral Health Awareness Day today.

Child & Adolescent Action Center
Families know all too well that we are failing children and adolescents with mental illnesses. The antiquated and fragmented systems of care designed to serve the needs of these youth have repeatedly failed them, despite the fact that a growing number of young people are diagnosed with serious mental illnesses. Increasingly, families have turned to NAMI for information and assistance on how to obtain critically needed care for their children.

Support the "Silver Ribbon" Stamp!
In late January, the Postal Service will consider a long-standing proposal for a first class "Silver Ribbon" Brain Disability Awareness postage stamp to help eliminate stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illnesses. Your support is needed now!

Tips for Getting the Most of your Prescription Visits
Reading the discussion groups lately, we see a lot of issues around getting the most out of visits with your M.D or other prescribing health care professional. We've compiled a few tips for working effectively with your prescriber.

Acceso Hispano
NAMI MIO's Coalition Partner the Self Reliance Foundation produced a special issue of their newsletter focusing on Mental Illness and the Latino Community.

NAMI's Stand on Criminalization
NAMI believes in treatment, not punishment when dealing with individuals with mental illness. Programs such as Crisis Intervention Teams, PACT, Peer Support, and others help reduce the incidences that people with mental illness come into contact with our criminal justice system. Learn more about NAMI's Stand on Criminalization.

Stop Arkansas Execution Now!
Charles Singleton, a man with severe, longstanding schizophrenia, is scheduled for execution on Tuesday, January 6 at 8:00 pm.

Restoration Project Promotes Recovery
Learn about an innovative approach to offering vocational rehabilitation services and supports for persons living with mental illness. Established in 1992, The Restoration Project in Boston, Massachusetts uses furniture restoration to teach people living with mental illness work skills. It also provides a solid foundation for individuals to recover.



This New Year, Support NAMI's Campaign for the Mind of America
It is time to act together to achieve the promise of recovery that is within our grasp. By giving to NAMI’s Mind of America Foundation and its Campaign for the Mind of America today, you will be helping advocates and community leaders achieve the goal that all Americans receive the best mental health care and treatments available.

Remember NAMI in Your Workplace Giving Plans (CFC #0538)
You may have the opportunity to participate in your company's workplace giving program -- through the Combined Federal Campaign, Community Health Charities, the United Way, or a State or Local Government employee campaign. Workplace giving programs allow you to direct a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of your paycheck to spread your gift over the entire year.

Appreciated Stock is a Wise Choice for Giving a Charitable Gift to NAMI!
Gifts of appreciated securities can save you taxes in two ways - you receive a charitable deduction and you avoid the capital gains tax on the gift. Find out how you can donate your stock to NAMI this year-end.

Still Searching for that Perfect Holiday Gift?
Honor a special person in your life with a gift to NAMI this holiday season. It’s a wonderful way for individuals, organizations, businesses or groups to celebrate the holidays and pay tribute a colleague, friend, or loved one.

With a quick click, you can give a gift in honor of that special someone right now!

U.S. Psychologists to Route Prescriptions through Canadian Drs.
Psychologists plan to have Canadian doctors review cases and countersign prescriptions for mental health drugs

A Tribute to Life
Your memorial gift to NAMI is a personal remembrance that offers the gift of hope for the future. This Holiday season, give a gift that honors the life and memory of a loved one. Give a Memorial Donation to NAMI today. Or, if you would like to create a special memorial fund, please contact Marie Wyffels in NAMI's Development Office via email at or call toll-free (800) 950-NAMI.

Join NAMI’s Leadership Alliance!
This year-end, your generous gift to NAMI of $500 or more will make you a member of NAMI’s exclusive Leadership Alliance Giving Club, providing you with many special benefits. Find out more …

Double or Triple your Donation!
What is a Matching Gift? An easy way to double – even triple – the value of your contribution to NAMI! Thousands of companies of all sizes and in all industries have Matching Gift programs that "match" their employees' contributions to their favorite charities. This holiday season, why not put those company dollars to work for the cause most important to you?

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
In the December 3, 2003 issue of The Wall Street Journal online, Jonathan Clements shares, "How to Give Your Nest Egg to Charity and Get a Return." In case you did not know, NAMI offers these special types of annuity funds through its Gift and Estate Planning Office.


Peer-Education Project Gives Hope Where None Existed
There is a lot to learn about coming through serious mental illness, and some of it you can't possibly know unless you have experienced it personally. That's why education taught by peers who have experienced coping with brain disorders is so valuable to others who need to know more.

Self-Help Guide Available from SAMHSA
SAMHSA has made available a self-help guide entitled Developing A Recovery And Wellness Lifestyle: A Self-Help Guide. This Guide contains information and strategies found to be helpful in relieving and preventing troubling feelings and symptoms. Learn more about this guide and how you can get a copy.

Review of The Role of the Family in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
The Role of the Family in Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a workbook intended as a teaching tool for professionals who work with severely mentally ill people. It has elicited a different reaction in each of the three reviewers. All agree that it is useful and written by professionals revered in their field.

Handbook for Hiring People with Disabilities Now Available
The US Department of Education and the US Chamber of Commerce have released a guidebook to acquaint business leaders with programs and resources available to them to assist them with hiring people with disabilities.

NAMI Launches National Campaign
Law enforcement, education, business, and health care leaders join forces. State campaigns to go in Florida, Iowa, W. Virginia, Maine, Kentucky, and Mass.

Campaign Partners for Recovery Join Forces
What is unprecedented about NAMI's Campaign for the Mind of America are the partnerships in the fields of law enforcement, education, business and health care.

These professionals understand that untreated mental illness affects every community. It keeps teachers from teaching, demands inappropriate time and attention from law enforcement, costs businesses in lost productivity, and increases the cost of health care for all.

NAMI Establishes Campus Affiliates
Mental illness on college campuses has become an increasingly prevalent issue, as the pressures of college life hit at a time of increased susceptibility.

NAMI Family-to-Family Program and Provider Education Course Going Strong in Canada
Read an account of the success of these remarkable NAMI peer programs, featured in the current Newsletter of the World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders (WFSAD)


Nature Lessons: A Novel
Author Lynette Brasfield is hard at work on her second novel. Her first novel Nature Lessons received NAMI’s Outstanding Literature Award earlier this year. It is about a woman who returns to Brasfield’s native South Africa following the end of apartheid to search for her missing mother—and the truths about her family history.

Faith Community as Aid to Recovery
Bob Mills from North Carolina writes about the faith community as an aid to recovery. He also shares his story of stigma and the differences in how people treat those with understood "physical diseases" versus those with mental illness.


Center to Address Discrimination and Stigma launched
The Resource Center to Address Discrimination and Stigma Associated with Mental Illness (ADS Center) provides practical assistance to individuals, States, and public and private organizations in the design, implementation, and operation of programs and initiatives to reduce discrimination and stigma.

National Public Radio Runs Series that Highlights Childrens Mental Health
NPR's Morning Edition just completed a 4 part series on Children's Mental Health Issues. Part One covers diagnosis of mental illnesses in children being on the rise. Part Two focuses on one family whose young son has bipolar disorder. Part Three focuses on the severe symptoms of childhood bipolar disorder. Part Four focuses on ADHD

Consumer Leadership Opportunity
NAMI Consumer Council calls for dialogue to identify consensus goals that promote recovery.


NAMI-New Hampshire Guide for Older Adults and Caregivers
Read NAMI-New Hampshire's Guidebook for Older Adults with mental illness and their caregivers.

Topics covered include: Wellness and Healthy Living, types of available treatments, and coping with challenging behaviors.

Read "Storm in my Brain"
The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance have written a wonderful booklet for children on childhood bipolar disorder and depression.

Breaking The Silence: Teaching School Kids About Mental Illness
Learn more about this educational package which teaches upper elementary, middle school and high school students about serious mental illness.


Mental Health Courts to the Rescue: An Innovation That's Working
Across the country, jails and prisons have emerged as de-facto psychiatric treatment facilities, although they are ill-equipped to meet this responsibility. Now a potential solution has emerged: Mental Health Courts.

NAMI Releases new TRIAD Report
Data shows that people with mental illness in America are paying a high price for failures of the mental health system and continuing public stigma.

Peer-to-Peer Recovery Education Course
Programs like this reflect the goals of the President's New Freedom Commission report to empower consumers to help chart the course for their own recovery. Find out more.

ACT-TA Center
Learn more about P/ACT, an effective evidence-based approach to treating people with the most disabling psychiatric illnesses.


NAMI Announces 2003 Media Awards
NAMI honors editors, producers, reporters, writers or actors who address mental illness with accuracy, fairness, and compassion.


Thousands will hit the streets again this weekend to raise funds, awareness for mental illness as NAMIWALKS 2003 rolls on.

NAMI Honors 'Hope on the Street'
Documentary features profile of Ramiro Guevara, NAMI's new anti-stigma director.


Peer-to-Peer Recovery Education Course
We've been expanding this year and are now in 19 states and affiliates, with more to come! Find out more about this consumer program and why it is in such high demand!

Texans speak out on mental health budget crisis
Five-part TV news series in Austin shines light on stigma in the Lone Star state.

NAMI Provider Education
Find out about the NAMI Provider Education Program, with families and consumers teaching a 10-week course to line staff in public mental health agencies.

Terrorism & War: Surgeon General Issues Alert
"..there's no greater mental health issue facing us as a nation than the effects of terrorism and war." -- Richard Carmona

Physicians Unveil Plan for Saving Mental Health System
American Psychiatric Association proposes a far-reaching blueprint for reform.

Real Men. Real Depression.
New national campaign sends the message: Real men get depression, too.


New Project to Collect Data for Advocacy Asks: What is Necessary for Recovery?
The U.S. Surgeon General and the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health agree that now, more than ever, there are historic possibilities for consumer recovery.