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Jane Pauley Reveals Bipolar Disorder in Dateline NBC Interview

Recently Jane Pauley, former Today Show and Dateline NBC host, revealed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In her new autobiography, "Skywriting," and in an interview on Dateline NBC, Pauley discussed her illness and the treatment that she has received.

During her interview with Stone Phillips on Dateline NBC, which aired September 1, 2004, Pauley frankly discussed the symptoms that lead to her diagnosis with bipolar disorder and her stay at a psychiatric facility. Describing a seemingly benign series of events, Pauley revealed that a case of hives and a resulting prescription of steroids led to her diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Manic episodes brought on by the steroids eventually turned to depression once the course of steroids was complete. Anti-depressants helped but manic episodes and feelings of being "revved" continued. Following the impulse purchase of a house and the revelation of suicidal thoughts, Pauley's doctor recommended a psychiatric stay.

Pauley movingly described being under suicide watch and the toll her undiagnosed illness had on her family. Eventually Pauley's illness was stabilized with lithium and she has since resumed what she terms a "normal life" including hosting a new talk show, The Jane Pauley Show.

A part of Dateline NBC’s web site coverage included information on NAMI and our Information Helpline number was placed on their website. NAMI is here to assist you in finding information and resources. You can learn more about specific illnessestreatments and support.