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Stratton Honored for Leadership in Criminal Justice Reform

On Sept 9, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton received NAMI’s Distinguished Service Award, NAMI’s highest honor, at the 25th Anniversary for leadership in promoting alternatives to incarceration for individuals with mental illnesses in the criminal justice system and serving as an advocate for humane treatment and better services.

Diversion of non-violent offenders with mental illnesses who run afoul of the criminal justice system from incarceration to treatment is a major topic of discussion at this week’s NAMI convention, including a focus on mental health courts and the  potential costs to communities of the current system of criminalization.

Raised in Asia, the daughter of missionaries, Justice Stratton was profiled and interviewed in the NAMI Advocate. To the delight of many NAMI members, she has nonetheless noted that one her most cherished awards is one from the Stampede Girls Goat-Tying Contest in college.

In related news, on September 8, 2004, Salt Lake City  KSL-TV Channel 5  began broadcasting a series about Matheson County, Utah’s mental health court.

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