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Hearts & Minds promotes Health Living

Recently NAMI launched a new consumer education program entitled Hearts & Minds. This new program is aimed at raising awareness about diet, diabetes, exercise, and smoking. Each of these things are important in the lives of individuals with mental illness due to side effects of various medications that help alleviate symptoms of mental illness. NAMI’s Hearts & Minds provides shopping list templates, recipes and a food diary. You can read more about NAMI’s Hearts and Minds program and even download a pdf of the program booklet.

On December 21st the Los Angeles Times reported on a new exercise program being piloted in Keene, New Hampshire called "In Shape." This program utilizes physical fitness, plus weight management and behavior modification, to help improve lives and life spans. The program has shown so much potential that the U.S. Government will be sending a mental health professional to Keene to evaluate the program and the program is also partially funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. All participants in the In Shape program are matched up with a mentor and the outtings range from visits to the YMCA, dance and yoga studios, an indoor pool and wooded trails for hiking.

You can read the full article in the LA Times online (opens in a new window and requires one time free registration).  You can also learn more about the In Shape program from the Monadnock Family Services.

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