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In Our Own Voice

Every Monday, National Public Radio broadcast a short audio essay from a listener, in a featured   called   “This I Believe.”  People may talk about friendship, barbeques, faith or technology - whatever beliefs they hold most dear.  Last week,  spoke about what he has learned from living with depression.  "I believe the purpose of suffering is to strengthen us and help us understand the suffering of others," he told NPR’s radio audience.

To hear Andy’s story, or find out how to submit your own story, visit NPR.

NAMI members living with mental illnesses also speak out through NAMI’s In Our Own Voice (IOOV) program. In Southern California, Ann Cummings, shared her story, saying about recovery: "Although I don't have those hopes and dreams I had before, I am creating new ones." 

Learn more about IOOV, in which public education is achieved by sharing personal stories with local community audiences. The program supports both recovery and advocacy.