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Childhood Struggles

October 24, 2006

Ten year old Haley Abaspour has had mental problems as long as her family can remember.  It is just recently that they have a diagnosis for her and they have been getting her the help she needs.  Her problems range from childhood bipolar disorder to obsessive compulsive disorder.  

This article is a first hand report on the struggles her family has gone through as a result of her illness.  The reporter, Pam Belluck, spent an extended period of time with Haley and her family to get the full picture of what their lives are like on a daily basis. 

This article has been on the NY Times most viewed articles since it was published on Sunday.  The article is the first in a series that will be running in the New York Times.

Read the full article from the New York Times.  (sign in/free registration required, opens in a new browser window).