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Turn Your Vacations into Donations

NAMI is pleased to announce a service designed to save you money while at the same time helping to improve the lives of people living with serious mental illnesses.

NAMI has its own travel Web site

Everything you need is right here. You get access to the same airlines, hotels and rental car companies, cruises, and vacation packages you find on all the other major travel Web sites, and, best of all...

you get some of the lowest travel prices on the Internet

Here's How it Works:

Did you know that every time you use a travel Web site like Expedia®, the travel companies pay big commissions for your reservation?

Well, now when you book travel on our Web site, NAMI will get 60% of those commissions

You get great travel rates and you help funnel dollars from the travel companies into NAMI. With your help and other NAMI supporters like you...

we can raise thousands of dollars for NAMI to help people living with mental illness!

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Finally, please bookmark our new Web site. That way you'll be able to use it anytime you have travel needs.