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Veterans and Military Tribute Honor Roll

Make a donation online now, and you will have the opportunity to add your name to the list below of those who are supporting better access to better mental health care resources for veterans, active duty service members, and their families, along with other NAMI programs.

You may make your gift in tribute to a veteran, a fallen warrior, active duty service member, or other loved one, and include a message of support for display below.

Name Amount In Tribute To Message
$50.00 Charles Gerald Peagler MD The Peagler family honors their husband/dad, who served in World War II and all the veterans . We are here to say we do not like war, but we continue to support our troops, including those who serve today.
Sally Weber $50.00 Joseph P. Weber
$100.00 For all the men and women who have served this country - we thank you.
Aileen Gonzales $20.00 Robert Gonzales He served in the Korean War. Miss you, Bob
Bob & Peggy Owen $35.00 Col. Robert C. Owen
$10.00 Bill Smith Thank you for your service!
Dale Thompson $20.00 In memory of Ray Mareck & Clyde Williams Thank you, NAMI, for all you do.
Michele Batteiger and Denise Cooper $50.00 George G. Cooper Jr. Our Dad was a veteran of WWII and served in the Philippines, he died last year May 29, 2011 at 86 of Alzheimer's. We Thank him for his service and miss we him every day.
Deborah Stinson $10.00 Ross Edward Stinson My dearest Ross my best friend - I miss you every day.
S. Linda Robinson $10.00
Bob and Kathy Smith-Brooks $50.00 Stanley R. Smith
Karen Gissin $25.00 Our Military From one veteran to another - I honor all those who have served this great country.
Joan James Hager $35.00 Francis D Lyons Thinking of you this memorial day, and how you fought for us so that we had freedom here at home. Love,your family
$35.00 My hero, my husband
$35.00 Don Davidson and Troy Davidson
Louise Flynn $20.00 Daniel Oldewage To my Uncle Dan who survived two years in a Korean prison camp. To my son Michael, brother Wm. Cloud, Jr., father Wm. Cloud (deceased) & Uncle Bob Oldewage (deceased). All of them Heroes!
Ilene Chapman $35.00 Herbert W Mitchel My uncle survived the Baatan death march at age 17. He later became a secret service agent for Pres Kennedy. He died last year. He was my hero. His name was Herbert W Mitchel
Karen Chandler $35.00 Clinton Carl Brown To my son who is currently deployed in the Navy in the Persian Gulf. God Bless him and my brothers and father and great grandfather who all served.
Karen Etheridge $25.00 Michael Wayne Cole Thank you. I appreciate what you did for all of us.
$10.00 We will always remember you and your service and sacrifices for our country. Terry Keister
maria knight $20.00 sole V.Salazar ptsd
Carlos & Joyce Parra $25.00 All the veterans at the Greenleaf Homes in Salisbu In honor of ALL veterans, and especially the veterans at the Greenleaf Homes in Salisbury,NC
Karen & Howard Gochberg $100.00
anonymous $35.00 our vets thank you for your sacrifice to our country
Marshall Epstein $35.00 Henry Frederick Epstein To a WW2 veteran who was WIA and MIA. I still miss you father. RIP at Arlington Cemetary you deserve to be there.
Marie Hobart and Bill Kadish $100.00 Ben Hobart, Alan Kadish You give so much for us all. Thank you.
Nina & Greg Finch $50.00 Please know that we care about you and your families. You are what makes this country great.
Sister in Christ $10.00 all U.S. men & women that served in the military. Thank you for making us a stronger and safer America.
Sherry Foley $25.00 William J. Foley For my hero! A POW of the Korean War and for all active members of the military, veterans and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. With love & deepest gratitude.
$50.00 Michael Roach In gratitude for the USMC and CPL Michael Roach
Marion Hewitt $25.00 Allen Sullivan
The Doyle Morrison Family $100.00 Paul Emmett Doyle To all our US Military men and women: Your sacrifice and service are MOST appreciated by all of us. THANK YOU.
Tim and Dianne Dec $1,000.00 Lt. Theodore Dec and Capt. Dave Overley For those in my family and all those who have served and sacrificed for our country.
$25.00 thank you and we're here to support you and your family at home.
Atlanta Office Furniture, Inc. $50.00 Thank you for your service to our country.
Mary Ann Lepore $35.00 GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Stephen Jones $10.00 Hunt B Jones, MD
Chris Runco $100.00 All the veterans of Iraq God bless all those who served our country, and now suffer the after effects. May they find recovery that is swift and strong.
Mr & Mrs Plent $50.00 Andrew M. Plent God Bless those suffering from mental illness Prayers for healing
ghostrider 281 $10.00 pall quill this is for you pall..miss you
$20.00 All Veterans and Active Duty Service Members I send my love. I ask God that you feel love and that dark days become bright. Seek healing. Joy will come.
Amy Isabella Chalker $20.00 Lucas Kenneth Bird For your continued strength, courage, and determination in the face of everything. I love you.
Mary Ross and Katherine Koester $25.00 United States Veterans With deep gratitude to those having served in the Dominican Republic, Desert Storm and to ALL veterans who have served their country.
Donald L Engler Sr. $10.00 All Vets who served and who are serving Thank you for your serves
Janice Porter $35.00 All who gave so much. To all the Women and Men who gave so much for us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
$10.00 Arthur Cavallo for my uncle a veteran of WWII
nan miller $35.00 In deep appreciation for your dedication to this country and for the sacrifices made by you and your family. Live a full and healthy life!
Marie Prichard $35.00 Thomas E. Prichard In loving memory of my husband, Tom, who proudly served two tours of duty with the US Navy submarine fleet and died as a result of his service connected disabilities. My heartiest Thank You to all of our veterans and active military and their families.
Nancie Potter Wamser $35.00 Injured war veterans and their families Thank you, Chris, Larry, Mary, Dennis, Richard, Kevin, and Dad.
Terry Hall Keister $10.00 Diagnoses of mental illness are the other battle fields the veterans may face. NAMI, MHS, Inc. the VA and others groups provide help for those who need it.
Constance Hill - Granddaughter $10.00 Robert L. Hill Love you Grandpa. Miss you too.
Jeff Cronlund $25.00 Chris Cronlund God Bless America. For Freedoms we take for granted. Thank You all service men and women of Armned Forces.
J Sherk $10.00 With thanks for your service.
Angela Heller $35.00 To all our children who have given their lives for our freedom.
Leah Sullivan $20.00 From darkness, light!
Carla Larissa Fallberg $20.11 Carla Fallberg
Susan Whitley-Clark $20.00 Howard, Dad, Uncle Bob, Marty and Rob With love and gratitude to my husband Howard, my father, my Uncle Bob, my cousins Rob & Marty and to all who have served.
Marlene Cartaina $10.00 You are in our hearts and prayers.
SFC Leonesio, USArmy Retired $20.00
Beverly & George Carling $20.00 All Verterans who have served past and present A salute for your selfless dedication to protect our nation and make the world a better place.
$10.00 God Bless America.
$35.00 Those Who Serve Because for many, the battle doesn't end in the war zone.
Anonymous $20.00 All our vererans
Ian and Faith Gerstel $35.00 1st Sgt David S. Hungerford In honor of my brother David Hungerford- Korea and Viet Nam veteran-rest in peace
Kathy & Bob Feldman $100.00 Brave Soldiers Who Protect Our Precious Freedom Thank You to all the men and women soldiers who so bravely protect the precious freedom of the United States of America.
$35.00 Matthew V. Geich To Matthew for honorable service in the Navy
Charlene Carpenter $25.00 Tyler Otero Thanks to my son-in-law Tyler Otero and my daughter, Rachel (Army wife) for service to our country.
Roxanne Ivey / Poets for Positive Change $5.00 My Niece Heather, Devoted Military Wife & Mother With special prayers for female vets and service members recovering from sexual assault--you are not alone.
Robert Monroe $15.00 Mary A Monroe To Everyone Who Served:Thank You
$10.00 Love and prayers, especially for Michael Faegan, my next door neighbor, died in Vietnam, in 1968, 19 years old.
Victoria A. Smith $12.00 Wilson Smith, Jr. Wilson Smith, Jr. was a veteran of WWII. I am proud of his sacrifices for our country.
Michael Andersson $5.00 Ed Hospedale Thank you so much Ed for being a NAMI Connection facilitator and easing the pain and suffering from PTSD that so many veterans must endure.
Dorothy Clift $25.00 Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans My love and support to those vets struggling with the bad memories of their service. Thank you and best of luck now that you are home.
son $25.00 Arthur Fredrick Hultin After 20 successful missions shot down, 6 mos. in POW prison till end of WWII when sent home. Would have been promoted from Lieutenant to Captain.
Barbara H. Allen $20.00 Robert E. Allen, Jr. World War II Vet and Korean War Disabled Vet
Joan and Richard Ratty $50.00
Nina Finch $35.00 Thank you for our service.
$50.00 All Veterans-Past, present, and future Thank you all for the right to remain free.
Diana Rosagllio $10.00 Arther (Smitty) James Smith RMC This is for my father who served in Vietnam. His job was to patrol a U-boat up and down the Mei Cong Delta. To keep the vegetation down, agent orange was sprayed along the shores so as not to be ambushed so easily. He died at the young age of 56 in a veterans facility. He was NEVER compensated. I and my brother both served. I am now mentally disabled.
Jeannie Thomason Brewer $35.00 Samuel Aaron Brewer III
J. Altman $100.00 To all who serve and keep us safe,thank you.
Carlos Delgado SGT.US Army (Ret.) $20.00 1stsfd DELTA and Rangers in Somalia 1993 To all who serve in the name of freedom, and all my fellow Vets who suffer from PTSD. Together We Go Foward Sir Wiston Churchhill WWII
Aileen Gonzales $35.00 Bob Gonzales My husband Bob who served in the Korean War. He loved his country. And for all the service men now service. God bless them all.
$20.00 Ruth Rose Korte
Mary Bryan $35.00 Joe, Bill, and Ed Martin Dad (Joe) served on the Ranger, an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Uncle Ed was a paratrooper during the London Blitz. And Uncle Bill was only 19 when shrapnel at Anzio left him a paraplegic until his passing in 1984. All three served, lived, and died with honor.
Tom, Madeleine, and David Breen $50.00 Robert P. Breen and Robert C. Lucas
Cynthia L'Abbate Darby $20.00 Joseph Paul L'Abbate
Ron Potts $10.00 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you veteran for your honorable service.
Anonymous $100.00
Celia B. Fisher $100.00 Norman H. Burg In honor of those who serve and struggle
$100.00 Thank you and God Bless all of you
Paige Johnson $25.00 All veterans from WWII to present day middle East Thank you for your sacrifice and service to this country.
Alexis, Cord, Brannagh, & Brogan $50.00 Russ Nussbaum Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you!!
Walt McClure $50.00
Shoup family of Boise, Idaho $100.00 For Anne, who passionately believes in NAMI; and for Mom, who passionately believes in veterans' causes. Merry Christmas!
Jodi Cronic $50.00 Steve Osborne
Stacy G $50.00 Katherine V Warrick To the best sister, comforter, listener, protector, mentor, friend, and guardian angel that someone could ever pray for. Thank you so much, for what you have done for me and the Marine Corps everyday. You are the embodiment of what our society and culture should be, and a living definition of Semper Fi.
Betsey Davis, Daughter $100.00 Thomas Nannery, Vietnam Veteran I am making a donation in my father's name today. I wanted to give him something that would have significance to a veteran who experienced things that many of us will never understand. I hope this donation reflects what the Christmas season is about-- helping and caring about others as Christ cares for us. There is no shame in getting help. Wishing you all peace of heart and mind and that you be kept safe and sound this holiday season.
Laura F. Garcia $35.00 Paul Andre' Bedard (my bipolar son) Help stamp out the stigma to which we sufferers of neurobiological brain disorders are subjected. God bless all our veterans!
Marian Gold $50.00
Joyce A. Grace $300.00 A heartfelt thank you to all veterans who have helped to keep our country free.
J.S. Currence $35.00 To all those brave Veterans before me.
Jean Gatto $20.00 William Mounsey Thanks, Daddy, from your daughter, your grandchildren, and my good pal Gail. We'll never forget you.
Gail Evans Tilton $25.00 Ellis E. Tilton We honor the service of all our veterans.
Lori Perry $100.00
Valerie League"God's Grace Ministries" $5.00 All my family members who have served in many wars This is in memory of all of my relatives whom have served in the military. To the families who have lost a loved one or watched one suffer from the destructive tactics performed on our men and women while in the military. May they know that one person prays for them daily in thanks for my FREEDOM and for all they taught me for being a PROUD AMERICAN. That is something that no one can ever take away.
Marissa Whitlock $15.00 Frank, William and Ryan Many men in my family have served in the military. My older brother Sgt. Ryan Whitlock, fought in the Iraq war and was deployed twice. He was a Marine for seven years. My Pappy William B. Valentine, who is 85 years old, fought in World War II in the Navy and I love to hear all his stories. My other Grandpa Frank Whitlock, also fought in World War II in the Army. He lost his eye due to shrapnel and he died before I was born. I love them all dearly.
John M. Bradley III $100.00 For those who never got a second chance. I got a second chance. I remember many with whom I served in Vietnam who didn't, because they got zipped into bags, or spiritually crushed by the experience. What they did needs remembering, and we need to remind our neighbors and friends from time to time what freedom costs, and what freedom means. Enjoy your shopping and fun on Veterans Day, but reflect for a moment that a dead soldier or wounded Marine's sacrifices gave you the freedom to do it.
Merrill and Richard Evans $100.00 All of our heroes in the armed services Wishing health and happiness for all veterans
$5.00 Women Veterans and Men Veterans Much support and gratitude to these Women and Men Veterans,from someone who understands the enormous challenge of mental illness.Im also Mentally ILL I also am a Veteran 75-78! Much support and graditude.
Sherri C. Yeatts $20.00 May you all be richly blessed.
Tommy Garrett $5.00
Scott and Sherri Littell $35.00 David Littell World War II Veteran RIP Dad
Terry Phelps $50.00 David Hepler My dear friend, served honorably in Vietnam, & suffered terribly the results of Agent orange before passing. He was always there for me & I think of him everyday.
Andrea L. Pulcini $35.00 Phillip Pulcini In honor of my grandfather, Phillip Pulcini, who served in WWII and to all the other veterans out there who are returning from war fighting against countries that would bring us back to the middle ages where people are treated as chattle to be beaten and raped, not lifted up as the powerful beings that we are. For countries who believe in honor, kindness, and respect for human life and the great spirit which is all of us working together.
Gloria Smith $25.00 Elmer J Sparagna Thanks Dad
Raymond D. Brown $35.00 Thank you from a Marine Corps Veteran
Jack Horner $20.00 I cannot do enough for the brave men and women who fight for our country. It is time for the Government to do the right thing and bring them home!
Brenda and Jim Loree $35.00 America owes you everything, especially respect, treatment and assistance to return to a "regular" and rewarding life.
PL Osborne $5.00
Paul Harrell Family $50.00 Carl W. Dickens, 1926-2004 Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, or will do to protect our freedom
Linda Senat $100.00
Michelle Shamon $50.00 My son, Evan Shamon, Iraqi vet In honor of all vets foreign and domestic who struggle with mental illness. You are not alone!
WENDY ROXANNE GORDON $35.00 Much support and gratitude to these vets, from someone who understands the enormous challenge of mental illness.
Michele Russell $50.00 Charles F. Mathews To Remember a true American.
Karen Gissin $25.00 All those who have served and are now serving. Honoring those who have served and those who still serve our country with deep gratitude.
Elaine Marshall $10.00 Bill Hutt Thank you for your service and your willingness to fight for us.
$10.00 Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication :) It is GREATLY appreciated!!!
Grandpa and Grandma $200.00 Kortney R Jensen To honor the memory of our dear grandson Kort. 1982 ~ 2010 Highly decorated veteran of Operation Iraq Freedom.
Alexis & Cord $50.00 Russ Nussbaum To a proud Marine and Vietnam vet, thank you for your service and Happy Father's Day! Love, Your daughter and son-in-law
Lori Ashworth $50.00 All Veterans
Tonia L. Croce $20.00 Harris Gederman To my grandfather who served in the WWII Navy. God Rest His Soul.
Gary & Pat Herr $20.00 In honor of our nephew Sgt.William Herr Thank you, Bill, for your service to our nation in your many tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Jeff Hall and Carol Goodwin $25.00 Boyd and Ruby Hall Boyd and Ruby both served in WWII, Boyd in the Navy and Ruby in the Women's Marine Corps. Ruby aided Veterans throughout the rest of her life through active volunteering for Toys for Tots and at a local VA hospital, where she supported many soldiers who suffered from PTSD.
$10.00 David J. Krupp In honor of my father, a veteran of WWII, who has only recently begun to tell me stories of his service.
Bridget Bailey $35.00 My Papa In honor and memory of Bernard M. Bailey a veteran of WWII who fought his way through his own demons, became a self made man, and was an endless support to his family through their own struggles with mental illnesses. We love you and hope that someday through programs like this your story may inspire and motivate our veterans the way it has for us.
Marilynn Hlabse Clement $10.00 Henry F. Hlabse 65 years ago my late father received an Honorable Discharge and a Good Conduct Medal when he was discharged early with PTSD. Now we need to work on ALL wounded veterans being awarded a Purple Heart. A life- changing injury is just that - whether it is physical or mental.
Karen Wall Garrison $50.00 Lance Corporal Matthew R. Garrison God bless our troops and their families. Pray for Peace.
Ashley Roth $35.00 SGT Paul Miller United States Army In honor of all the soldiers who have risked their lives to fight for our freedom. Thank you for all of your courage and dedication! May God bless the soldiers still fighting the war to this day. My prayers are with all the veterans who are struggling with mental illness.
Ronne Mickey,Ph.D. $10.00 You are heroic beyond words and deserve the very best life has to offer
marilyn rankin coll $25.00 Thank you for protecting us and our allies. I hope that you will be safe and healthy.
Nancy J. Brickman $50.00
$35.00 All Veterans
Pamela Dunham $35.00 Ignatius Ferry, MJ & CA Ferry, Mark B. Dunham WWI, WWII, Oepration Desert Storm. Thank you for your service, Dear Ones.
The Redwine Family $35.00 Roger Greer Thank you for your service; sorry for the emotional toll and physical and mental stress of service.
Emily Ann $50.00 Supporting mental health awareness for our veterans
$50.00 Charlie Monsanto Sr In honor of the memory of Charlie Monsanto Sr who is loved dearly by his son
Alison M. Lake $35.00
$35.00 Thank you and God Bless You. You are our heros.
Shonda Mullins $20.00 Current and past enlisted men & women Thank you.
Nancy Palmer $35.00 James Burke & Willim Palmer In memory of my father who suffered PTSD after WWII and my husband a Vietnam vet.
Theodore T. Herhold $100.00
A and D $10.00 Papa Many thanks for your service and all the troops you have helped.
Lynne Ellen Baltzer $20.00 Paul E. Baltzer Jr. WWII & Korean Conflict Veteran Having a veteran as my father, from a young age I realized the sacrifices members of the Armed Services & their families make. My father knew he would be going to war when he enlisted, I greatly admire the courage and love of country that takes.
Stanley Dawson $50.00 Our veterans deserve the best rehabilitation that we can give them.
Juliet Cueva $50.00 ALL THAT HAVE SERVED Freedom is NOT free! we owe our own mental health to all veterans:) Thank you so very much
Carol Sellers $50.00 Jeffrey
Nancy R. Neilsen $15.00 Robert L. Neilsen In memory of my dad, Robert L. Neilsen who served when there was no NAMI
Martha $35.00 My Dads, both of them Veterans Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made. I am sorry you must suffer for your good deeds. You are honorable and gracious men and women. I hope I can help in some small way. God Bless.
Marla K. Chudy $35.00 Harry Sample Jr.
Eileen V. Lynch $10.00
Michele Rubenstein $35.00 Charlie Dodd Thank you and God bless you to all veterans.
$35.00 God bless you for your sacrifice for our country.
His grateful wife $10.00 Ronald C. Henson, Navy, Vietnam
Sue Lamoureux - your 'Sue baby' $10.00 Joseph Patrick "PAT" Lamoureux My husband, 70% PTSD rating, is fighting for his life in the criminal justice system. I am glad to know that there are so many who support our Veterans. May common sense and justice prevail for my husband in this horrible tragedy that occurred. Please pray for him.
Melissa and Josh Stein $35.00 All of the men and women who serve our country Thank you to all of the individuals who serve with honor. Our nation has a duty to see that ALL health care needs of our veterans are met.
Fern Ingber & Alan Epley $50.00 Our heroic service men and women We are very grateful for the tremendous sacrifices you and your families have made for all Americans. With great respect and appreciation!
$35.00 You served, you and your families sacrificed--and I am free. Thank you.
Patticake $35.00 Louis Ramondetta GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR VETERANS
Kathleen Ehmsen $10.00 Thank you for your service and the support of your family and friends.
Tonya Collins $20.00 Thanks for your service to our country!!!!!!
Your Son, Joseph $25.00 Allan O Pfander. Flew 100 night mission Burma. Distinguished flying Cross, and other mentals.Strong community and family member despite struggles with PTSD most of his life. Thanks.
Kenneth A. Ingber $50.00
Cheryl Santos (daughter) $25.00 Hal Frank Remspear (1949-1952) I appreciate so much the sacrifice that my dad and others in the military make/made to protect our freedom. Thanks Dad.
Naomi Nemtzow and Peter Casanave $35.00
Mrs. Linda Jean Hardy $35.00 Willie (Billy) Hardy and Julie Ann Brown You are a blessing to our family. You have run the race with "Grace" and stayed on course. This contribution is in memory of you. THANK GOD FOR YOU. Proverbs 3:5-6 & Philippians 4:13
Camille M. Callahan $35.00 Iva Chambers Dear Iva, Thanks so much for your many years of extraordinary advocacy on behalf of veterans with serious mental illnesses -- with NAMI, the VA, and wherever needed. You are a true role model! Camille
Amy Andrews $35.00 Bruce L. Andrews Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thank you for working to create peace for others in their lives and in our world. What greater gift could you give to your children than peace? I love you so very much!
Grandpa & Grandma Biggs $50.00 Kort and Laura Jensen Thanks for Kort (who served two TOD in Iraq, coming home injured close to the end of his second TOD, and to Laura, his wife, who served one TOD in Iraq. Thanks to both of you for your unselfish gift to God and Country. You are our hero's. Kort came home with PTSD, TBI, neck and back injuries and radiation exposure. The recovery process is long and slow. Kort is a decorated war veteran.
The family of William Robinson $100.00 NAMI and all who support it Thank you, NAMI for all that you do to help families understand and keep them together.
nancy d sison $35.00 raymundo devera sison its nice to join this nami to connect for support. i've been diagnosed 4 years ago with bipolar disorder. this is nice to meet people with the bipolar disorder. thank you
Maribeth Pettigrew $35.00 Ellis Dwayne Pettigrew To my husband, a Vietnam veteran who is a walking testament to the adage that "Freedom isn't Free". I love him still.
Paula A. Jones $25.00 Recovery is Reaching for the Impossible and Msking It Possible"
NAMI Beaufort County Consumer Council $18.00 Jack Bunch, John A. GreenIII, Donald R. Polla In honor of our soldiers, with much appreciation.
Billie E. Dolan $35.00 Mr. Bill J. Bloomer Daddy, Thank you for fighting for our country and we love you! Billie, Lissie and Lorie
Wendy Hansen $35.00 Hans T. and Kyle Hansen I am the wife, mother, daughter and sister of veterans and while serving in the military is difficult for families it's much harder for the soldier. May we all work together to help veterans overcome the issues they face both physical or psychological. Let us honor them with our love, understanding and commitment to help those who have borne the burden. Kyle, I love you to the moon and stars. Mom
$20.00 Thank you and the families who you love for giving of yourselves! We think of and pray for you all often. THANK YOU!!
Edward Alexander $35.00 Dr. Richard T. Alexander, Jr. In honor and memory of our World War II heros
Tom Parker $35.00 "In God We Trust". . .and we entrusted you also. Thank you so much!
Donna Hendershot $10.00 With much thanks, love and appreciation to our soldiers
The Redwine Family $35.00 Roger Greer We honor the service and sacrifice of all our veterans, especially the one we know personally.
$35.00 Tyler Cortner Tyler has had two tours in Iraq and one in Afganistan.
David's mother Janet Hodge-Burke $35.00 David Anthony Delldonna In Tribute to my son David Delldonna's tour of duty with the Airforce.
Trish Rodriguez $20.00 John Patrick Oppelaar The bravery you exhibit in your life is still an inspiration to me.
$35.00 Thank you for the sacrifice you have made.
Jeanne Venhaus Stein $25.00 Lawrence Venhaus Thank you for all your courage and dedication!
Dorothy Connolly $35.00 Michael F. Connolly With my prayers for all veterans, past and present. We all owe so much to you for your service to protect our freedom. Thank You !
Edie $50.00 Andrew Connelly In honor of my hero: Andrew Connelly, 75th Infantry (Ranger) Thank you for always fighting to overcome and for being my husband and friend. I love you.
Mim Walden, MS, LP $35.00 Mim Walden, MS, LP
Mr.& Mrs. Kennth Wayne Stackhouse $5.00 John Milton Roescher III
Jeannie Campbell $100.00 With gratitude to all veterans
Peter Nelson $10.00 Todd Chamberlain I'm proud to be the uncle of one of defenders of freedom. Please do your duty and come home safely. God bless.
Richard and Kristi Berryessa $35.00 Joseph Hannaford/ David....... Thank You for your service to our country.
Richard Satkin $50.00
Mom & Dad $35.00 Pip - Active Air Force & Elf - Vet Navy For our son's both of whom suffer from mental illness. One son is active duty and the other son was meded out because of major depression. Runs in the family, their father has it too.
Loving Daughter Barbara $18.00 1st Lieutenant Marvin Shapiro WWII Army Air Corps B24 Navigator flew 40 missions in Pacific theatre. Distinguished Flying Cross X3, Air Medal,Bronze Star awarded. 1920-2008 Avid Obama Supporter.
marija $25.00 tsw and purple from MoodGarden Thank you both for your service to our country. Our veterans deserve much better mental health care than they are receiving now!
Beth Rotchford $35.00 R.F. Cranston WWI Thank you for your Service to our Country
$100.00 We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for everyone serving in our armed forces. Thank you so very much!!!
$100.00 We our a tremendous debt of gratitude for everyone serving in our armed forces. Thank you so very much!!!
Seana Rafferty-Hanson $50.00 Thank you for your service. We owe you the support you need when you return home, or even on the front-lines. May you be well, may you be happy (as much as possible).
Gabe Miller $35.00 God bless you and thanks.
Charmaine Ugalde $35.00 In honor of the brave men and women who served. Deep appreciation for your service. May our Veterans who return home with mental health issues find the support they need.
Kathryn E. Starr and family $25.00 all our Service men and women I pray daily for the safety of our service men and women, especially those in the line of duty. May God bless you all and your loved ones left behind.
Tom and Deb $50.00 Chet McCullen All our thanks and good wishes to our veterans. Tom and Deb Russo
Val $50.00 Lt. Hannah Jolley Comerford My mom served proudly as a Lieutenant in the Woman’s Army Corp. during WWII.
Your Loving wife Jessica Churches $10.00 LCPL Jeffery S. Churches Thank you to every Soldier who fight for my freedom and comfort of security. Your work is not in vein. Semper Fi.
Rev. Bob Dell $15.00 Steven M. Dell
Karen Desmarais $35.00 Ira Steadman For all of our men and women.
Jeanne B. Curtin $50.00 Herman "Bud" Bisnett Thank you to all of the service men and women who sacrifice so much to keep our nation safe. God bless you all.
Allison Gwin $50.00
$25.00 Proud to support NAMI in supporting our Veterans.
$10.00 Thank you.
Lynn Tyson $35.00 Col. Philip Horton In honor of my husband, Col. Philip Horton who is a Psychiatrist serving in the Army in Bagdad. His untiring dedication and commitment to providing mental health coverage to our troops inspires me daily.
Sprout $25.00 Adolph Schultz To my father, who was a gracious man of many talents and gave his all to his country, I miss him dearly.
Pam Reitman $15.00
John M. Caldwell $10.00 Don Nichols Thank you for your sacrificial service and dedication to our country. I also was want to thank you for everything you do to support others living with mental illness. May God bless you and grant you peace!
Holly Erskine $20.00 To all men and women who serve our country You are our true heroes. Thank you for all you have sacrificed. Hoping you and your families find meaning, togetherness, and most of all, inner peace.
Barbara Muselli $50.00 Stephen and Jessie Woods I miss you every day. Thanks for your love and sacrifice.
Will Norrid $5.00 Steve Brannon, James Wood, Phillip Wells Fight on brothers and sisters
Debbie H $10.00 Bruce Faris Thanks for all you safe...and God Bless!!
Debbie H $10.00 Ralph O Faris Thank you and God Bless!!
The wife of a dedicated professional $17.00 My husband, a 30-year navy veteran This contribution is in honor of my husband. He gave 30 years of his life to the military but was unable to seek treatment for depression because of his job. Unacceptable!
Ann Russell $50.00 Rob Russell, Nam Vet, GySgt Robert Russell USMC In honor of my husband, Rob, disabled with PTSD and my son Robert, deployed 3 times in the last 4 years. May we find support and good treatment for our veterans and servicepeople.
Charlene Young $50.00 Thank you for your contributions.
$35.00 Alan Rubenstein God bless our soldiers.
Pamela Kretovics $35.00 Nicholas Ryder Appreciation of your time,stamina and committment to keeping our country safe and our freedom alive is greatly appreciated. My prayers are with you and our troops.
Ashley Adams $20.00 Eddie Kimbrell I am very proud of you, my love.
The Dougster $3.00 Katie Staples and her co-workers at the NYCMEO, and those who they found.
The Dougster $3.00 Kim Combs and all the fine folks there at HQ, DLA.
Gormans $20.00 All our military men & women Thank you for your courage and are forever in our prayers.
$5.00 All Veteran who suffer with PTSD Thank you for the service you've given our country & the many sacrifices you've made. In our 4th of July celebration, we will be remembering you.
Alice Kero Wood $20.00 Elden Kero and Albert Wood My dad was a proud WWII veteran. Albert is a Vietnam veteran. I am proud to be related to them and thank them for being there for our country.
$25.00 To my Dad, Marine Corp, Vietnam War, and all who have served before and after him. God bless America!
Duyren and Sabine Smith $50.00
All who serve $50.00 ALL who suffer with mental illness Good Bless You ALL.
Liz Smith $100.00 Lt. Colonel E. Palmer Taylor and Uncle Bob Chapin In memory of my father, Palmer Taylor, and also in memory of my uncle, Bob, who lost his life in WWII.
Jeanette Koron $20.00 All of our men & women who serve our nation.
$50.00 To all our Veterans, Thank You. We owe you more than you know and hopefully you receive the help you deserve when you return home from a war the United States should have never gotten you involved in.
$25.00 For those who risked there life for all of us
Merry Nethery & Joseph Pettit $50.00 Ken Matthews, US Marine We are still troubled that you were turned away by the VA when you needed help most. We all should have done better and we still think of you. We hope that your troubled mind and heart are finally at peace. We also hope that other Vets get the help that was denied to you. We all owe you more than can ever be repaid. We pray that your children will realize that you loved them, and that you only left this world because you were ill and broken over a command that you had to make.
Randall Vincent Williams $5.00
Karen M. Gissin $50.00 In sincere appreciation to all those who have served, and those who serve today - thank you for your service to our country.
Karen M. Gissin $50.00 In sincere appreciation to all those who have served, and those who serve today - thank you for your service to our country.
$50.00 In sincere appreciation to all those who have served, and those who serve today - thank you for your service to our country.
$18.00 with gratitude and love
Taz Vietnam Brotherhood & PGR $10.00 Eric Hall USMC You touched my life my brother now stand down job well done. Will stand for you with HONOR & RESPECT on 06/27/08 at ANC RIP Marine
Catherine Colon $35.00 Russell W. Anderson, Jr. Thank you for your repeated deployments to Iraq. I know the sacrifice it was for you and what it cost. You are a soldier first and foremost. You have reached out to your comrades. God Bless.
$35.00 paul joseph oliver My son Paul served in the USMC from 2001 to 2005. He was in Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. He was on the front lines- a "grunt". Please let us honor our Vets and thank them at every opportunity we can. Let us hound the VA system to treat our Marines in a timely manner. Please push for legislation to get all the help these 'Brothers' need!
Shelley Merryfield $35.00 All Who Serve You are not alone.
Mr. & Mrs. Graunke $20.00 Gus Hollis Jr. In honor of Gus Hollis who is serving with the Army in Iraq and his family at Ft. Lewis.
Arlene Krohmal $35.00 U.S. Army 1st Lt. Ashley Laine Henderson Huff Ashley was killed by a suicide bomber in Mosul, Iraq on Sept. 19, 2006 at the age of 23. Peace
Bill Murphy $100.00 To all our Armed Forces.We love you aOur P;ease come home safe.We love you all
Peggy Siegle $35.00 All who have experienced the mental anguish of war Thank you for your service. We honor you all and hope that you will one day be at peace.
Ron and Lynda Honberg $100.00 Kurt M. Honberg In honor and loving memory of Kurt M. Honberg, who bravely served in the 10th Mountain Division in World War II.
The Bailey Family $35.00 All veterans of the Bailey Family Peace and safety for the new generation
Micah Johnston $50.00 Aaron, Nick, and Pappy Johnston To all those fallen in defense of this country and those still standing in their stead.
Zainab Dalia Shurbaji $10.00 Let's support our veterans! A great number of them come back with emotional disturbances, and some even come back with depression and other psychological illnesses!
Mary Beth Sprague, HMC $35.00 My Fellow Veterans In tribute to all who served including my dad Bill, brother Bill and son John. To Patty, a Viet Nam vet who paid the ultimate price.
daughter $35.00 George R Hawke, US Navy WWII
James P. Dailey $50.00 Thomas J. Dailey Thanks for your dedicated service in WWII.
Suzanne & Jay Clifford $100.00 Ed Demko Uncle Ed, We are proud of you and love you very much! Suzanne, Jay and the boys
The Coolbreeze $25.00 Frances John Muthig , Jr In loving memory of my dear friend and comrade in arms . First Batallion Fifth Marine Regiment and Second Batallion Seventh Marine Regiment. Republic of VIETNAM 1966.
Robert E. Dybala $35.00 My brothers; Dan, tony, David, and Tim To all who have served and are serving in the Armed Forces.
Barbara Wunder Hynes $50.00 Sheldon H. Wunder I have known too many veterans who were scarred by war. I continually pray for peace and an end to all war and suffering. May our brave and honorable veterans receive all the care they need. Peace be with you.
Karen and Howard Gochberg $100.00
Dr. Katharine V Raleigh $15.00 Mr. James Augustus cole Thank you
Michelle Webb $25.00 Harold Reed In remembrance of WWII vets, including my grandfather, Harold Reed and great-uncle "Johnny" Reed. I miss you, I love you, and I thank you for your sacrifice!
USAF Disabled Veteran w/Bipolar $50.00 U.S. Military & Disabled Veterans It is with great pride that I honor the military, veterans and their families. Thank you NAMI for your much needed support.
Gini Lee Haffner $50.00 Brian Keith Haffner In memory of my son, Brian, who proudly served in the Navy during Desert Shield/Storm. Brian lost his life to bipolar disorder a few years later. I have dedicated my life to NAMI in his honor.
Yvonne Heim $50.00 All Special Forces Veterans Thanks for making all the scarifices that continue to keep this country safe; both in times of peace and war, you all are quiet professionals.
Al and Pat Rousseau $50.00 WARREN STERLING In honor of, and with gratitude to, Warren Sterling,who so bravely served in the Vietnam War. We are proud to have you as our friend.
helen martin ippolito $35.00 Antonio Ippolito For his service fighting in the Phillipines during WW11. Suffered from "shell shock" without receiving proper treatment.
Clara Sharp $20.00 I don't know anyone personally who is serving in this war. It breaks my heart that you are making such sacrifices, to come home forgotten. War has to be horrific. This is a great neglect. You need the concern and support of your country. I know your mental health suffers, and increases by being treated disrespectfully. I want to do what I can to help you know that people care and want to be here for you, just as you've been there for us.
Katrina Gay $50.00 Bob Heinrich (Uncle Bob) and George Speicher (Mr. H) In honor of my Uncle Bob and my friend, George, who both gallantly served our country in the Vietnam War. Thank you.
Jinger Carlo $35.00 Guillermo "Bill" Carlo In honor of your unselfish service to your country and to your service to people in need of your kindness.
Hunny :~) $50.00 All the military people, past and present To all the men and women who have fought and still are fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others. Also to my grandpa, Gene McCann who is a WWII technical sgt in the Air Force. He is one of the last remining Warbirds.
Hunny :~) $50.00 All the military people, past and present To all the men and women who have fought and still are fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others. Also to my grandpa, Gene McCann who was is a WWII technical sgt in the Air Force. He is one of the last remining Warbirds.
Louisa Ippolito, neice $50.00 Tony Ippolito, Abingdon, Ill. For my uncle who received almost no treatment for "shell shock" in World War II and all those who came before him and will follow after him. We never do enough.
Laurie A. Hee $35.00 Edward Weist, Henry Hee, Joseph Hee, & George Hee Thanks to all servicemen and women, including both my grandfathers, my dad, my uncles, my cousin, and my cousin-in-law. My thoughts and prayers are with those serving now for a speedy & safe return home.
Deb Wiseman $10.00 Richard A. West
$50.00 Thank you and God bless you for your service!
Emily Vandegriff and Walt Stover $25.00 Alvin Vandegriff and W.M. Stover For our Dads, both WWII vets. Thank you.
Kathy Goltry $35.00 Russell A. Goltry In memory of a veteran and for those who follow him
$10.00 Thanks for protecting our country.
Tom and Deb Russo $50.00 Chet McCullen and all our soldiers Thanks to the families of our country's soldiers
Diane M. Sandoval $35.00 Thank you for serving the people of the United States.
Joe Friend $35.00
$50.00 Thank you for your service to our country. Have faith in the future.
C.A. Walker, CAPT, USN (Ret) $100.00 PFC Michael Segich, USA (Ret) In honor of a very brave Soldier, who continually shows me what it means to have faith and to be courageous.
Kate Farinholt & Michael Ward $100.00 Gig, Royal, Jon and others. We honor NAMI-Metro Baltimore (and other) veterans who have made our lives so much richer.
Dennis & Gladys Johnson $35.00 Thank you and God bless each of you.
Betsy Connor Bowen $100.00 Croswell Bowen Croswell Bowen entered WW II in 1943 as an American Field Service ambulance driver and war photographer. He was wounded at the Battle of Tobruk and contracted polio in a field hospital. He walked thereafter with a limp, but the mental scars of war, though less visible, challenged him deeply. He was a loving father to three daughters and a son. He went on to a distinguished career as a writer. He expressed his pacifist views on war in an unpublished memoir, "Journal of A War Photographer."
Joe Sisk $26.00 Baba
$20.00 William J Stallman Thank you, we owed you more.
Lorna Simon $35.00 Nicholas J. Simon
Loretta Ray $25.00 David M. Smith and David M. Smith, II For father and son who served so valiantly during the Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War.
George & Mary Iadipaolo $100.00 Jerry Iadipaolo,(Korea) Alford Smart USMC Vietnam Thess men served their country gallantly. We thank all our military for our freedom, in the past and in the present. We have heartfelt compassion to those vets that came back with PTSD etc.
Valerie P. Saxon $25.00 Robert Hill Powers In tribute and memory of my father and other WWII veterans as well as in honor of the veterans of all other wars, particularly those who are suffering.
Mike Fitzpatrick $50.00 James J. Fitzpatrick III In honor of all veterans and their families. Thank you for your service.
Bob Carolla $35.00 James Ferraro In honor of Cousin Jimmy, who was gravely wounded in the Pacific during WWII, and then learned that his brother Pat had been killed in North Africa. He was a kind, hard- working man, devoted to family. Thank you to him and all of the "Greatest Generation," and all veterans who have come afterwards.
Peggy McGuigan Sisk $25.00 John Robert McGuigan Thanks for all you have done for our country.
Mary Gibson $35.00 Jim Garrett Jim contributed many, many hours in VISN 17 working on behalf of veterans with servious mental illnesses and their families. He was a hero to many, many people. He will be greatly missed.
Sarah and Tony Kaminskas $35.00 Robert John Eckert Freely you gave so that we may live free today. God bless you.
Glenn B. Koons $20.00 Steve Partinoble For service to his country and for all veterans everywhere!
Rick Cagan $50.00
Keris Myrick $35.00 Dr. Howard A. Myrick (Ret. Army) In recognition of my father, Dr. Howard Myrick and his years of service as well as all the veterans and their families
Maggie Scheie-Lurie $25.00 Especially in support of veterans who return home with mental health issues
Sue Medford $50.00 Reginald Medford In honor of all veterans and their families. Thank you!
Erin Bingham & Lt David DiMenna $35.00 10th Mountain Division In honor, tribute, and support of the soldiers and their families who bravely serve this country.
Kerry Oliva $20.00 Thank you for serving our country and keeping us safe! We are grateful for your service and dedication.
Lynn Borton $35.00 David Kern, whom we loved In loving memory of Sondra's David
Shirl $50.00 My Dad & Mac
Anna Goodwin $25.00 Greg Paulline In honor of Greg Paulline, a Vietnam War veteran who continues to serve by advocating for mental health support of Vets.
Dick Gay (Uncle Dick) $20.00 Joshua Stanley, USArmy, Ft. Drum Joshua Stanley, your Uncle and Aunt are proud of you for the service you offer to your country. God Bless.
Watkins Hamlett $35.00 Walter Hamlett, Sr. In honor of all veterans and service members who live with mental illness.

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