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Consumer Opportunities in PACT Initiatives


PACT = Program of Assertive Community Treatment

  • The NAMI Consumer Council Representative or Alternate is encouraged to be a member of the NAMI Statewide PACT Steering Committee.

  • The NAMI Consumer Council Representative or Alternate and other consumers are encouraged to be members of any State Government and Advocate Multi-organization PACT Initiative Committee.

  • Consumers are members of the Advisory Group/Oversight Committee for local PACT teams. Usually 51% of the 10 to 15 committee members are consumers or family members.

  • Consumers should be on the committee(s) that select the providers that will do the PACT team when a state or county mental health authority, or a managed care company, issues a request for proposals (RFP) and provider agencies compete to get the PACT team.

  • Consumers can be staff on PACT teams. Any staff position can be held by a qualified person who is recovering from a severe mental illness. The National PACT Standards require each PACT team to employ at least one consumer as a peer specialist.