National Alliance on Mental Illness
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Worship Services

Published Worship Service Resources:

Caring for the Soul
R'fuat HaNefesh
A Mental Health Resource and Study Guide
Edited by Richard F. Address
Union of American Hebrew Congregations Press

This study guide is meant to be used by lay and professional leadership within congregations to create a variety of educational programs. It includes a selection of relevant sacred texts, traditional and modern readings for use in services and support groups, sample sermons, services and programs, background information on mental illnesses, related Reform responses and UAHC resolutions, and other resources for congregations and individuals."

It Is Well With My Soul
A collection of songs, scriptures, prayers, devotions, readings , and poems for African Americans
who are challenged by mental illness.
Available from Pathways to Promise

Worship Services (Interfaith Services)
Edited by Jennifer Shifrin
Available from Pathways to Promise

Additional Resources:

An inclusive church is like a stained glass window

Homily by Catholic Deacon Tom Lambert

Lighting of Candles

This effective candlelight service was written by Nancy Lee Head, Retired Program Director for the NAMI Washington, DC affiliate.  It was used initially for the closing Interfaith Service at the 2005 NAMI National Convention.

"Interfaith Message" by Cathy Hyler

Those of us that attended the Closing Interfaith Service at the 2001 NAMI National Convention still remember Cathy's beautiful message.

"Homily" by Brandon Fitch

This very special homily was given by Brandon W. Fitch of the state of Ohio at the Interfaith Worship Service at the 2002 NAMI National Convention held in Cincinnati.

Interfaith Worship Service

Materials to conduct an interfaith worship service.

Interfaith Worship Service - NAMI New York

This effective interfaith service was written by George Trgaskis, Ed.D., chairman of FaithNet New York.

A Christian Worship Service

We must avoid talking to just the "choir."  We must talk with the entire congregation.  The stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness will not be brought to an end until we succeed in widening our audience.

Interfaith Bulletin Insert and Responsive Reading

View a sample bulletin insert and responsive reading to be used in interfaith services.

Sermon Possibilities by Rev. Day and Chaplain Briotte

Mental illness needs more exposure before our entire congregations.