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GABY's Bio
Hello, I'm spanish lady who has sister with mental ill she has 40 years old and is only one year old than me .. understand her was a long long way but finaly one day I see her with love and make my best to help her I now about Nami long time and I proud of them and all new articules as spanish version

My wish in this one day I like to make a home for metal ill in Mexico, free and with a lot country side and look the sea that lady like my sister can have help doctors and take care and feed animals in a country stile make cakes and long walks and lern how to face this ill and be free!

she was lost one day and I found her very ill and I promest to her never be alone my mom and I take care of her and she is improved a lot, with medication but after stay in hospital for more 3 years .

when she was very very ill I wish I have some want to took about and I know is a lot people out side and have lot questions and fears

my best for every body and hope one day I can said that we win and control this ill, and not the oposite.