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Kolt4JC's Bio
Bio Picture Hi there!!

If you're reading this, My Biography page, then it's safe for me say to you, "I've never known anything to be or, anyone to be more important than YOUR Mental Health!!"

I have never met anyone who objects to that statement...but we, as a compassionate population of people, still have too many people squirm away from and avoid their own inner objections to hearing how fundamental Mental Health is.

My personal journey towards Mental Health, began when I realized how dangerously trecherous human duality can be, to my Mental, Physical and Emotional Health.

A series of harmful words and deeds imobilized my thinking, feeling or expressing myself to others, temporarily stunting the growth and maturation on my sound and loving mind.

Yet from the snake-pit of paranoia, to my current state of recovery, I share the faith, hope and love we all seek.

It really is within us and all around us.

Recovery Activist for You and Yours:
Minister Charles Lee, Jr. - CMPS, SpA

Thanks again for reading about my journey.
...see you soon, on message boards every where!

(Updated 2010/09/25)