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June 2008: Vol. 3, Issue 6

Feature Story: NAMI Board Adopts Policy on Less Lethal Weapons

Contributor: Ron Honberg

In March, 2008, the NAMI Board of Directors adopted a new policy on the "Application of Less Lethal Weapons by Law Enforcement Officers."  The policy emphasizes that CEDs should be permitted only when responding officers conclude "that an immediate threat of death or serious injury exists, which cannot be contained by lesser means, and/or is likely to be hazardous to the officer(s), the individual (they are responding to), or a third party."  CEDs are not an appropriate substitute for alternative de-escalation techniques, nor should they be used "as a means of intimidation or inappropriate coercion."This policy was adopted by the Board after receiving extensive input from a variety of sources, including NAMI’s grassroots membership, the NAMI Consumer Council, representatives of the law enforcement community, and others. (more… )

Advocacy Spotlight: New Council of State Governments Report: The Essential Elements of a Specialized Law Enforcement-Based Program

This month, the Council of State Government’s Justice Center, in partnership with the Police Executive Research Forum, released its new report, "Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: The Essential Elements of a Specialized Law Enforcement-Based Program." The report is intended to serve as a guide for communities planning to implement law-enforcement-based responses to people with mental illness in crisis, including CIT. (more… )

News and Announcements

Georgia CIT to be Awarded International Association of Chiefs of Police Human Rights Award  

New York Panel Recommends Improvements to Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems

2008 CIT National Conference Update

NAMI Honors Florida Criminal Justice Advocates

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