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We're Getting Close! Call Your Senator NOW to Tip the Balance on FMAP Funding.

Last night, another opportunity to extend higher federal Medicaid matching funds (FMAP) failed, but it's getting closer.

Only four more votes are needed to bring the H.R. 4218, the American Jobs, Closing Tax Loopholes, and Preventing Outsourcing Act, to the Senate floor.

Contact your Senator today. It's time for them to pass this bill.

To write your U.S. Senator, visit NAMI's Legislative Action Center.

To call your U.S. Senator, phone the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Without this bill's six-month extension of higher FMAP matching funds, your state will lose millions of dollars in Medicaid funding for needed mental health services. If passed, this bill will bring funds ranging from $33.4 million in Wyoming to $385.6 million in Wisconsin to $3,272.9 million in New York.

View how your U.S. Senators voted on June 17th.

If your Senator voted for this bill, let him or her know you are counting on their support and urge them to influence their colleagues. If your Senator voted no, let him or her know that people who live with mental illness need their vote.

Make a difference in the lives of people with mental illness — contact Congress today.