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House to Act on Parity Bill

March 3, 2008

Later this week, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to take up its version of the mental illness insurance parity bill (HR 1424).  The bill would require health plans to cover treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders on par with all health benefits.  In addition, the bill contains a provision requiring health plans to cover all mental health and substance abuse disorders in the APA’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) if any mental health or substance abuse coverage is offered.


Contact Congress today! Tell your representatives that mental illness are real illnesses; treatment works -- if you can get it; and there is no justification for unequal insurance coverage for mental illness.

Equitable coverage of mental illness treatment has been a top legislative priority for NAMI for nearly 20 years.  NAMI strongly supports the separate Senate bill (S 558) that passed in September and is now urging quick action to resolve the differences between the bills so that a bill acceptable to all sides and the President can be passed and signed into law this year. 

Congress cannot allow this historic opportunity to enact insurance parity to slip away.  Now is the time to come to an agreement that can get through the House, the Senate and be signed by President Bush.  Congress must act in 2008!

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