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The Infinite Mind One-Hour
Special on "Terror: Trauma and Healing"

For Immediate Release, September 19, 2001
Contact: Marie Wyffels

America has never seen a tragedy the scope of which we witnessed last week. Beyond the loss of life and destruction in New York and Washington, the psychological impact of the terrorist acts are overwhelming and profound, affecting the entire country.

This week, The Infinite Mind public radio program presents a special one-hour report on "Terror: Trauma and Healing." The show examines the psychology of terror and the effect on people across the U.S. The program features top clinicians who have studied terror attacks, callers, and experts in treating the effects of terrorism. It offers helpful, practical information about how all Americans can "fight back" against an enemy who seeks to find his way inside us.

The Infinite Mind is hosted by Dr. Fred Goodwin, former director of the National Institute of Mental Health.

Guests on the program include:

  • Dr. Carol North, a psychiatrist and leading expert on long and short-term reaction to trauma and disaster, who is conducting a longitudinal research study focusing on the survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing;
  • Dr. Doris Brothers, Ph.D., a psychologist and the co-author - with Richard B. Ulman - of "The Shattered Self - A Psychoanalytic Study of Trauma";
  • Anne Marie Albano, child psychologist and director of the Anxiety and Mood Disorders Clinical Research Service at the Child Study Center of New York University School of Medicine, who talks about the impact on children;
  • U.S. Senator and mental health advocate Pete Domenici on the national scope of the mental health problem;
  • The show features commentary by John Hockenberry.
The Infinite Mind is the weekly, public radio series on the art and science of the human mind. It is produced by the Peabody Award-winning Lichtenstein Creative Media, creators of the highly acclaimed Voices of an Illness series.

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