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NAMI and Federal Health Care Reform

June 11, 2009

President Obama and leaders in Congress are moving forward to draft legislation to reform our nation’s health care system and move toward universal coverage.  This critical national debate involves drafting complex legislation that is expected to move through Congress this summer and possibly to the White House this coming fall.

To keep you informed about NAMI’s positions on various health care reform proposals, as well as our efforts to protect and improve coverage for people with mental illnesses in this process, we have created a new website with information about our goals and the proposals we support in the health care reform debate. All of this information can be found on line at  

As a national organization representing consumers and families, NAMI supports the overarching goals articulated by President Obama and congressional leaders:

  • universal coverage,
  • cost containment,
  • quality improvement, and
  • protecting existing coverage for those who have it.

Beyond these principles, NAMI is also supporting a range of specific priorities to address the needs of children and adults living with serious mental illness.  As part of this process, NAMI has submitted detailed recommendations to Congress and is supporting a range of discreet legislative proposals that are expected to be a part of the debate in Congress.

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