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Advocacy Urgently Needed in Support of Health Care Reform!

June 26, 2009

Separate House and Senate Committees are now moving forward on comprehensive health reform legislation.  With Congress scheduled to begin its week-long July 4th recess this afternoon, it is now a critical time for advocates to contact their House member and Senators to urge support for reform that will expand coverage, control costs and meet the needs of children and adults living serious mental illness.

Act Now!

Contact your Senators and House member to urge support for a strong health reform bill.  Please consider doing any or all of the following:

1. Call Congress.  You can reach all Congressional offices by calling (toll-free) 866-210-3678.  Urge all members of Congress to support health reform that:

  • Expands coverage to the uninsured,
  • Brings costs under control, and
  • Includes full coverage of mental illness treatment on the same terms and conditions as all other medical conditions. 

2. Send a letter to your House member and Senators.

3. Reach out While Legislators are at Home. During the Independence Day recess, reach out to members of Congress at July 4th parades and picnics, radio call-in shows, town hall meetings and other public appearances to press for support of health reform legislation.

Learn More

What is NAMI’s position on health reform?

NAMI supports President Obama’s goals for health care reform including: 

  • Universal coverage,
  • Cost containment,
  • Quality improvement, and
  • Protecting existing coverage for those who have it.

Beyond these principles, NAMI is also supporting a range of specific priorities to address the needs of children and adults living with serious mental illness.  As part of this process, NAMI has submitted detailed recommendations to Congress and is supporting a range of discreet legislative proposals that are expected to be a part of debate in Congress.

Read NAMI’s principles for health reform.

View additional information on health reform on the NAMI website, including comments submitted on the separate House and Senate bills, as well as letters of support from NAMI on the House "Tri-Committee" bill and the Senate HELP Committee bill.