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Psychotoxic Drugs: Legal and Illegal

Jean K. Bouricius

Apr 1996

Psychotoxic Drugs: Legal and Illegal is a new booklet by Jean K. Bouricius, a member of the AMI of Western Massachusetts, the organization that published her work. In her introduction, Bouricius writes, "Because a very large proportion of persons with serious or persistent mental illness also have problems with substance abuse, it is important that the patients, and those who care about them, understand as much as possible about the effects of the abused substances and about possible treatments....This booklet has been prepared to provide some of the basic information about the major substances of abuse and how they can interact with mental illnesses and with medications. The possible treatments discussed are primarily those involving medications." Bouricius has also completed the third edition of Psychoactive Drugs and Their Effects on Mentally Ill Persons, which will be published shortly by NAMI. To purchase Psychotoxic Drugs, send $2.00 for the booklet plus $1.30 for mailing (as many as three booklets can be mailed for that price) to AMI WM, Inc., 717 Main Street, Agawam, MA 01001.