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Congress to Vote on Funding for Medicaid and NIH Research

September 26, 2008

The House and Senate are expected to vote as early as today on an economic stimulus package that includes $19.6 billion in funding for states to make up for expected shortfalls in Medicaid and $1.2 billion in funding for medical research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  NAMI strongly supports this economic stimulus package and urges all House members and Senators to vote yes on it.  The current economic slowdown is already resulting in budget shortfalls at the state level and Medicaid funding is extremely vulnerable to deep cuts at the state level in 2009.  It is important to note that economic stimulus is separate from the larger $700 billion bill to stabilize U.S. financial markets. 

Act Now!

Advocates are strongly encouraged to contact Congress urge support for the economic stimulus package.  Of particular importance are provisions in the legislation:

  • Providing each state with a 4% boost in federal matching funds under Medicaid (known as FMAP), and
  • Allocating an additional $1.2 billion for NIH medical research (including NIMH) to make up for lost   purchasing power at NIH over the past five years of flat budgets and allow NIH to award at least 3,300 new research project grants.

All House and Senate offices can be reached by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 1-888-460-0813.