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NAMI Perspectives on the Justice System

Learn about the perspectives of individuals involved in the justice system, their family members and the criminal justice professionals that partner with NAMI.

Recovery in the Justice System: An Interview with Tracy Love

Wellness educator Tracy Love lived with mental health conditions for 20 years before being diagnosed. She had to go to jail before she got help.  More…

A Son in the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital: An Interview with Jayette Lansbury    

Jayette Lansbury’s son pled insanity to a crime and has been in a secure psychiatric hospital for fifteen years, longer than the prison term he would have served if convicted. More... 

A Cop’s Story of Courage and Hope

Retired police officer Eric Weaver battled PTSD, suicide and other mental illnesses. He says, “Officers are only people. People that are asked to do a very tough job, but people nonetheless.” More...

Working with Public Defenders: A Q&A with Stephen Bush

When an individual living with mental illness is arrested, often his or her only advocate in the justice system is the public defender. NAMI’s new resource helps individuals and families understand the role of the public defender and answers common questions about how family members can work with public defenders more effectively. More...