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Tell Your Senators to Support SCHIP!

House Passes SCHIP-Medicare Package, Push Needed in Senate to Support Children’s Mental Health!

By a vote of 225 to 204, the House yesterday cleared legislation (HR 3162) reauthorizing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and making important improvements to the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  NAMI strongly supports the House bill passed yesterday and urges advocates to support the separate Senate bill that is currently under debate. 

Act Now!

The Senate is considering a similar SCHIP bill – it is important that we urge the Senate to pass this bill without any weakening amendments. A special toll-free number has been set up this week to the Capitol Switchboard for advocates wishing to call their members of Congress – 800-828-0498. Or click here to email your Senators.

When you contact your Senators, to remind them to oppose all weakening amendments.  Without weakening amendments, this SCHIP legislation can: 

  • Provide new resources to help states reach more eligible low-income uninsured children, and
  • Ensure that private SCHIP plans equitably cover treatment for mental illness.

Urge your Senators to support uninsured children with mental illness and improve mental health benefits under both Medicare and Medicaid! Vote Yes on S 1893!

How Did Your House member Vote on HR 3162?

You can view the roll call vote taken on the House bill by clicking here. Advocates are encouraged to thank those House members that supported strengthening the SCHIP program and adding critical new protections for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries living with mental illness. 

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