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Funding for Mental Illness Research and Services, Housing and Homelessness At Risk

December 4, 2007

Later this week congressional leaders are expected to bring forward a final fiscal year 2008 funding bill that includes 11 separate funding bills covering a broad range of domestic discretionary agencies and programs.  This strategy of an “omnibus” $484 billion spending bill is intended to avoid a Presidential veto.  At stake are increases for a range of NAMI priorities including mental illness research and services, as well as housing homelessness programs.

This “omnibus” spending bill would split the overall $21.2 billion difference between the Congress and President regarding the overall amount of the non-defense FY 2008 discretionary budget.  This means that the “omnibus” spending bill would boost overall funding by $10.6 billion above the President’s request.  This could place at risk a range of increases that Congress had previously approved for critical priorities such as mental illness research and services. 


Contact Congress today to urge them to press congressional leaders to ensure that any FY 2008 “omnibus” spending bill protect critical priorities for people with mental illnesses. Many priorities are at stake, including funding for the National Institutes of Mental Health, youth suicide prevention, funding to clear the Social Security backlog, and assistance for homeless veterans with mental illness.

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