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What is CIT?

CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) programs are local initiatives designed to improve the way law enforcement and the community respond to people experiencing mental health crises. They are built on strong partnerships between law enforcement, mental health provider agencies and individuals and families affected by mental illness.

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NAMI Affiliates Play a Key Role in the Success of CIT

As NAMI members have helped start hundreds of CIT programs in communities nationwide, they have learned a lot about what makes a successful CIT program, and the key role NAMI Affiliates can play. Read More »

Start Planning Now for the CIT International Conference

The 2014 CIT International Conference will be October 13-15 in Monterey, Ca. The conference brings together law enforcement, mental health providers, NAMI members and others working on CIT programs around the country and the world. Registration and the call for workshop proposals are open. The deadline to submit a proposal is April 30th. Read More »

Saving Lives, Changing Communities

Following the shooting death of a man living with mental illness, NAMI Memphis leaders Helen Adamo and Ann Dino asked the Memphis police to find a better way to help people in mental health crisis. Their advocacy sparked a movement. Read More »

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Voices of CIT

Learn about CIT from the source: officers, individuals and families affected by CIT.

Ask A Cop: What Should I Say When I Call 911 for a Loved One?

No one wants to call the police in a crisis. If you have to, it's important to be prepared and know what to say to help ensure a safe outcome.

Cause for Celebration: 25 Years of Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT)

A Q&A Interview with Sam Cochran and Randy Dupont. Twenty-five years after the first CIT program started in Memphis, its founders reflect on CIT’s monumental growth and the challenges the movement faces now.

Turning Hardship Into Hope

Mental health crises landed Paton Blough in jail. Now, he uses his story of recovery to help police officers understand psychosis and help people get the treatment they need.

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Implementing CIT in Your Community

Getting Started

What you need to know about CIT and getting a program started in your community. Including guides, toolkits and FAQs. 

CIT for

A comprehensive guide to implementing CIT for Youth provides detailed information, worksheets and templates for local communities.

Find a Program

The University of Memphis CIT Center's national directory can help you find a CIT program with their State and County program map.

Partner Organizations

University of Memphis CIT Center

The International Association of Chiefs of Police

CIT International

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